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​Common Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them

Relationship problem and solutions

Arguments are to be expected

A relationship is about two people from separate lives

coming together to find a way to build a life together.

It comes with ups and downs, and things are not

always going to go smoothly.

Knowing the kinds of problems to expect in a

relationship and how to deal with them will make you

feel very confident and prepared. It will also make it

less likely for you to give up since you already expect

these challenges.

The major challenges faced by couples and how to solve

them are listed below.

Insecurity: When you choose somebody to share your

life with, it can be very unnerving when it seems that

person wants someone else. This is where jealousy sets

in. A little jealousy is normal, but when you become so

obsessed and insecure, you might end up ruining a good


What to do? You need to find the root cause of your

insecurity. Has your partner given you any reason to be

jealous? If this is the case, then it’s time to talk to

them. If you distrust them because of something they

have done in the past, let them know you are not over

it. If this is an insecurity you have all on your own,

perhaps because you have been hurt by someone else,

then it’s time to find a solution to that. Talk to

someone to clear out old issues.

Feeling unappreciated : When two people come

together, there will always be one person that feels

he/she is doing more for the relationship than their

partner. A 50:50 contribution sounds ideal, but this is

almost always impossible to achieve. Someone will

always be doing at least a little bit more. This might

cause them to feel unappreciated or taken for granted.

What to do: Realize that the both of you are doing

your very best and contributing all you can. If you feel

unappreciated, then bring it up to your partner, but

you should also acknowledge that your partner is doing

the best he/she can. Showing your own appreciation

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often can also encourage them to show theirs too.

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Money Problems: Another common reason for couples

argument and fights is money. No matter how much we

believe money should not be a main issue in every

relationship, it often is, especially when the couple is


What to do: Remember that you are both in the

relationship together. If money is tight, then it is

time for you both to brainstorm on how to make things

better. If it seems one person is lousy with money and

is not good at managing, then it is time to make sure

the right person handles the money. It is very

important for couples to communicate with problems

like these.

Cheating : The number one cause of a broken

relationship is infidelity. This will instantly cause a

relationship to fail, or at the very least, cause the

trust between the couples to be destroyed.

What to do: If you have been cheated on, it is time to

be honest with yourself. If you believe you can never

get over it, it is best to walk away or you will end up

destroying both yourself and your partner due to your

pain. If you feel you can forgive, then make sure you

have a discussion with your partner and get to the root

of why the cheating happened. Better still, enlist the

help of a counselor and work hard with your partner to

rebuild that trust.

Lack of Communication: No relationship will survive

without communication. You have to tell your partner

what you are feeling and you have to listen to them

when they tell you what they are feeling.

What to do: If communication is lacking, then one of

you has to bring it up. You might think things are fine

until you wake up one day and realize your partner is

now a stranger to you. Communicating ensures that you

are both always on the same page. You understand each

other’s dreams and challenges. This is the only way you

can grow together.


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