​Why its wrong to say “If u can’t handle me at my worse, you don’t deserve me at my best”

In this article, i will love to say some realities, and some wrong common sayings by people.
I love to talk on the power of correction, seeing what isn’t right and trying your best to correct yourself as soon and possible as you can, really helps a lot in balancing a relationship and make it last longer.

We are not perfect, fine, we all know that, but at least taking your time to correct some bad behavior of yours really gives your partner a mind set to support you in achieving that.

But now a days many people do say,

“If u can’t handle me at my worse, you don’t deserve me at my best”…

I do tell them, even though we are not perfect, at the same time you all still need to work on the bad side of yourself, because If your best is getting longer to come, meaning if the best of your life you are talking about is not something your partner sees coming,  and your worse is unbearable, I don’t blame people leaving you, yes i wont blame or question them leaving you, blame yourself for not working on your self, nobody wishes to have a partner of worst attitude, its a fact and a reality we all need to see and think of, inasmuch you don’t want that for yourself, definitely your partner wont love that as well.

So get up, think deep, check yourself, ask yourself some questions, why are people leaving me, why am i being gilted, then if you see one or two things you can work on, don’t hesitate to begin correcting them, and sooner or later you will see that, you will have someone who will love you and stay by you, because seeing process of change is better than no change at all.


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