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10 Nigerian classic books that should be made into movies for children

Which Nigerian classic books would you love to see m
ade into movies for children? From “Without a Silver Spoon” to “The Drummer Boy,” check out our list.

At times, it might appear that the reading culture in Nigeria is dead, and it is more about “Spoongebob” for children of these days.

Great books provide wonderful source material for screenwriters and directors to develop into films. However, in Nigeria, some of our best Young-Adult and Children books of all time, have never been made into a movie.

There are several reasons for the absence of lots of book adaptations, including finance and the fear of not getting it right. Other times, a novel is simply deemed unfilmable by a filmmaker.

However, there are quite a number of books that has been published for kids that posses what it takes to finally mutate into a movie for kids.

We have put together 10 books that deserve to be made into a Nigerian movie.

1. “The Drummer Boy”

The book by Cyprian Ekwensi tells the story of a talented blind drummer boy and singer, who moves from place to place entertaining people with his performance.

Set in colonial times, the book also features interesting characters including Madam Bisi, Nurse Joe, Marshall, Fletcher and Ayike.

2. “Sugar Girl”

A book by Kola Onadipe, “Sugar Girl” tells the story of Ralia, a young girl who goes missing from home under mysterious and unfortunate circumstances. She goes through different ordeals in the hands of a witch, a hunter, and even went blind at a time.

The classic also featured characters including her best friendNku, Iya Uzo, and Uncle John.


3. “Bottled Leopard”

A book by Chukwuemeka Ike, the book tells the story of  Amobi, a first-year secondary school student, who is troubled by dreams of a leopard.

His parents who are worried by the illness, consult a famous native doctor who reveals the link between Amobi and the leopard from dreams.  Amobi undergoes series of frightening trials and tribulations before he comes to term with his illness and the leopard.

4. “The Passport of Mallam Ilia”

A book by Cyprian Ekwensi, “The Passport of Mallam Ilia,” is set in the Northern Nigeria before independence.

The book tells the story of Mallam Ilia’s quest to avenge the death of his beautiful wife Zarah at the hands of Mallam Usuman.

While Ilia was able to get his revenge, it was one that came at a very high price.

5. “Samankwe in the Strange Forest”

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“Samankwe in the Strange Forest” tells the story of a school boy, who decides to be an absentee for a day, simply because he feared the punishment that comes with being late to school.

The story focuses on his adventure in a strange forest alongside his friend Nikode. In the book, Samankwe drinks palm wine for the first time, mixes with highway robbers, gets shot by someone who mistook him for an antelope, gets arrested by the police.

6. “Mother’s Choice”

A book by Agbo Areo, the book focuses on Mrs. Ogidi, who is very anxious to provide quality education for her young son, Ade Junior.

At the age of 11 1/2 years, Junior is sent to a boarding-house grammar school in England. On his arrival in England, he gets into drugs and is shipped back to Nigeria.

7. “A Child with a Child”

A book by Clement Okosun, the book tells the story of a 17-year-old Enibo, who is a fifth-year student at Missionary High School in Igarra, Nigeria.

Enibo is afraid to tell her family or friends that she is pregnant, eventually deciding that suicide is her only available option.

8. “Without a Silver Spoon”

A book by Eddie Iroh, “Without a Silver Spoon” teaches honesty. It tells the story of Ure, a young boy who comes from a poor home.

He works as a houseboy to pay his fees, and towards the end of his primary school days, he is accused of stealing. The trust of his teacher and parents save him from the scandal.

9. “Koku Baboni”

A book by Kola Onadipe, “Koku Baboni” is a movie that focuses on a village’s practice of leaving one of a set of twins to die. It explores questions about human rights.

10. “An African Night Entertainment”

A story of desire and vengeance, the book by Ekwensi revolves around the longing of a wealthy man called Shehu for a child of his own.

Then there is a man called Abu Bakir, who is on a journey of revenge as he blames Shehu for luring away the woman he was to marry.

Which Nigerian classic books would you love to see made into movies for children?


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