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15 things you should not do in the Airplane.

Everyone has their annoying habits, but some let them show

way more when flying than others do. Even when you try to

be the perfect airplane passenger, you still can’t seem to

satisfy everyone. And the poor flight attendants have to

deal with some of the most obnoxious people, yet still seem

to be condescending to the passengers at times.

Aside from simple annoying ticks to avoid on the airplane,

there’s also certain things people should avoid doing on the

airplane for their own health. Airplanes are close quarters,

and can be very dangerous to pass germs and other bacteria

from passenger to passenger. It’s also not the safest thing

for our bodies to be lunged so high off the ground and

flown so quickly through the air. Changing time zones can

seriously mess with our sleep cycles and our mental health.

In order to have the best possible flying experience, here

are 15 things you should definitely not do when flying on an



15. Try To Cut The Line.

We get it, you’re the most important person in the world

and have to be at the most important place at the most

important time. But we all are. No matter if you’re going to

be late for a meeting or miss a connecting flight, it’s never

cool to cut in line. Everyone paid a lot of money to get to a

specific location, so being that guy who has to get there

before everyone else is totally lame. Whether it’s cutting

through security, or being in the back of the plane and

trying to exit first, cutting people off only makes things

hectic. There’s a certain flow to the art of flying, and any

misstep in that process can really delay things for everyone.

Being a few minutes behind never hurt anyone, but cutting

a bunch of grumpy people off certainly has.


14. Drink Carbonated Beverages

Certain airplanes offer up complimentary beverages. Who

doesn’t love free stuff especially when they put out a huge

chunk of change to get a spot on the plane? But you might

want to think twice before having some soda on the plane.

Extra pressure means your body is already having a little

trouble functioning normally in altitudes you’re not used

to. Drinking carbonated beverages might make that worse. In

fact, when our bodies fly, the gas inside is already

expanding by 25 percent. If you’ve ever found yourself

wondering why your stomach hurts so bad on a plane when

you didn’t even eat or drink anything, this is why. You

might not feel the effects right away on the plane, but

you’ll definitely feel the bloat at some point, and you don’t

want anything preventing a great time on your vacation.


13. Pass Gas

Like going to pee, some things can’t be stopped, like

passing gas. But not only will you have to sit on the plane

in your own gaseous cloud of fart smell, but those around

you have to as well. Holding in your farts can actually cause

damage, especially as we discussed your bloating will already

be increased. But being mindful of this before your flight

will definitely help. Avoid anything that might normally

make you a little extra gassy, like beans and vegetables. It

also never hurts to carry along different medicines that

might help relieve stomach gas, and it would also make you

feel better as well! If you still find yourself being unable

to hold in your flatulence, it never hurts to let loose in the

bathroom. You might still stink up the place and cause

annoyance to your neighbors, but they’ll still appreciate the



12. Play Your Music Loud

Music can be the most relaxing tool a person can use to

ease their anxieties. Planes and the process of traveling can

be very anxiety-inducing, so it makes total sense for a

person to want to listen to music while flying. But doing

that on the loudest volume possible is very annoying. Other

people could be trying to sleep, read, or listen to their own

headphones and loud music could be interfering. It’s also

important to have music a little low, in case the flight

attendants or pilots have to make an announcement.

Airplanes are loud enough as it is with all of the high

pressure and crying children, so keeping any extra noise

silent is definitely ideal.


11. Let Your Kids Go Wild

Kids are just little adults, so flying for them sucks, too.

Sometimes flying is the only option, so parents have to

bring their kids on the plane even though they know it

might be hard to control their screaming and yelling. It’s

totally understandable that your kid is going to cry on a

plane and there’s not much you can do about it. But there

are plenty of parents who still choose to ignore their

screaming or wild kids who are kicking the back of your

chair. Even though you can’t always control and predict

what kids are going to do, it’s still important to do your

best and at least pretend you’re trying to keep your kid

cool. Also, it never hurts to spoil them just for a couple

hours for the sake of the passengers. Extra snacks and toys

are much more desired than yelling kids the entire time.


10. Move Other People’s Things

There’s only so much space on an airplane, which is why

you’re limited to what you can bring on board. Sometimes

maybe your suitcase won’t fit unless you push someone

else’s suitcase to the side and shove yours next to it.

That’s understandable, and sometimes it happens, but

taking the liberty to just move it around is not the ideal

way to handle the situation. Instead, try and find a better

spot, or better yet, ask the owner of the bag to possibly

move their bag or rearrange it so you both can fit your bags

comfortably in the overhead bin. If the person is a total

jerk and doesn’t do anything, then maybe it’s ok to just

shove it aside and put your bag where it needs to be. You

tried at least! And if you do everything you can to make

your bag fit and it still doesn’t, maybe rethink bringing

that bag next time you fly.


9. Not Shower Before

It’s important to be as comfortable as possible to fly. The

perfect attire includes wearing your comfiest clothes and

keeping totally relaxed. But being too relaxed might not be

ideal. Keeping it casual is expected, but it’s still a nice

courtesy to shower before flying. Not only will it help those

around you be more comfortable so they don’t have to smell

you, but it’s better for you in the long run as well. Flying

can cause people to be extra uncomfortable, which might

include a little extra sweat, so no need to add to the dirty.

Also, flying so closely to others can make you very

susceptible to other bacteria floating around, so being sure

to be as clean as possible helps to ensure there aren’t any

extra germs floating around.


8. Drink Too Much Alcohol

Having an alcoholic beverage before flying can help relax and

ease nerves. The stress and pressure of traveling can be too

much sometimes, so having a little drink can help smooth

out the process. But too many alcoholic drinks can lead to a

disaster. Drinking at an airport is extremely expensive; it

can be hard to get a beer for less than $10. Feeling too

happy while drinking might lead to more and more beverages,

and before you know it, you could’ve bought a second round

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trip with the amount of your bar bill. Also, no one wants to

deal with a drunk person on a plane. It might make them

more talkative or harder to control, causing a terrible time

for everyone on the flight. Also, drinking too much causes

the bladder to be overactive, which is never ideal for an

airplane with a tiny bathroom.


7. Taking On And Off Your Seatbelt

Airplane seat belts are one of the most uncomfortable

parts. They never seem to be the right size, and you either

have too much extra slack or not enough. Sometimes you

even have to dig out the other part from the person sitting

next to you, leading to an uncomfortable exchange. Even on

the bumpiest of flights, it can seem like a seatbelt is

useless. But they’re still very important. It’s a pilot and

flight attendant’s job to ensure that you’re safely strapped

in, so being uncooperative is only adding extra difficulty to

those around you. It can be a nuisance to the person

sitting next to you, and even though it seems silly, could be

potentially harmful to your safety. Also, airplanes aren’t

the cleanest of places, and seat belts can be the dirtiest

part. Touching them too much, too, adds extra risk of

passing around bacteria, and we all know you don’t need any

more of that on an airplane.


6. Holding Your Bladder

When your seat partner is constantly getting up to use the

bathroom, it can be extremely annoying to those around

them. Especially if they are in the window seat of a three-

row airplane. Being that annoying person is never fun! Even

on the longest flights I try and hold my bladder so as to

not disturb those around me. But this is something that

you should definitely NOT DO. Holding in urine at any time is

never a good idea, especially on an airplane. Overflowing

your bladder could cause long term damage, even if it’s just

one time. On an airplane, there’s a much greater amount of

pressure, meaning that there’s extra pressure pushing down

on your tiny organ. If you still have a lot of time left in

the flight and you find yourself having to use the

bathroom, it’s better to just go, no matter how scared you

are of being annoying.


5. Be Rude To The Flight Attendants

Like any customer service worker, you should never be rude

to your flight attendant. Sometimes you can’t get what you

want on a flight, and sometimes it may seem like the flight

attendant’s fault, but trust me, it’s not. The flight

attendant’s job is to make sure you stay happy the entire

time. If you’re not, they have to deal with you, so, of

course, they’re not doing anything to make you upset. In

turn, you might have to deal with them later, so making

them dislike you at any point will not be to the benefit of

you at all. In fact, it’s recommended to make friends with

the flight attendant! Don’t overly go out of your way to

make conversation, as they still have a job to do and like

their quiet time as well. But it never hurts to ask how

their day is and go out of your way to say thank you for

what they’re doing. It’ll only help in the long run!


4. Take Your Shoes Off

This one should be self-explanatory for certain reasons.

Traveling for hours at a time while being stressed can cause

you to sweat twice as much. Extra sweat and already stinky

feet can lead to extra funk. No matter how uncomfortable

it may be, it’s best to just keep your shoes on the whole

time while flying. Besides just making a whole bunch of

stink for those around you, there’s another reason why you

should keep your shoes on. You guessed it: bacteria. Just

like a hotel, the floor can be one of the dirtiest surfaces

on an airplane. Carpet cleaning is expensive, and you can

bet the carpet on the airplanes aren’t getting cleaned

between their ten flights in a day. That means all of those

people walking up and down the aisle with their shoes on,

shoes that they stepped in dog poop in, are tracking

bacteria and germs all over that plane. Putting your bare

feet on the filth isn’t worth the risk.


3. Drink Coffee

Coffee is a necessity for some, but before flying, it may be

best to avoid that cup of joe. Or plan ahead to have time

for it to pass through your body before hopping on board.

Coffee can cause you to have to urinate or defecate sooner,

something that you definitely want to avoid before boarding

a plane. All the caffeine will also make you extra jittery.

Having all the extra energy might cause you to be even more

anxious while traveling. Even worse, too much coffee might

cause you to have a shaky leg, something that’s been

ruining flights since the airplane was invented. No one

appreciates your leg bouncing up and down, whether they’re

in front of you or next to you. Coffee is usually available

on board but should also be avoided if possible. Coffee is

made with plane tap water, which could contain, guess

what, bacteria! If you must have some sort of caffeine, it’s

probably best to try and take it well before the flight takes



2. Eat Fast Food

Airports are full of fast food joints and other restaurants.

Eating can be a great way to pass the time, especially on

the flight. However, you might want to think twice before

getting a huge greasy burger to take on board. The small

cabins cause smells to travel around more frequently. If you

bring on a big stinky fish sandwich and eat in the back,

even those in the front might be able to smell the stench

of the fish. Sometimes being in a rush you won’t have the

chance to eat, and sitting through a flight hungry might

make you extra miserable. But be sure to keep others on

the flight in mind when ordering off the menu. Avoid fish,

or anything with garlic and onions. And all the biggest fast

food joints can have the smelliest of foods. Plus if you’re

going to indulge in a big meal, why not just wait until

you’re off the plane so you can fully enjoy it


1. Have Sex

Joining the mile-high club is something only a select few

can say they’re a part of, but many still desire to join the

club. It’s best to try and avoid the idea altogether,

however, as it’s not as easy as it sounds. Airplane

bathrooms are cramped and small, so there’s not much room

to even think about doing it. Even if you and your partner

are tiny, you still don’t have enough time to even think

about enjoying it. All of the pressure of being quick might

just result in disappointment. Even though it’s an idea we’ll

never let go of, it’s best to just wait until you’re rich

enough to have your own private jet so you can enjoy all the

risky intimacy you can get. Just like your tasty meal, why

not at least wait until you’ve landed so you can fully enjoy

the experience?

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