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(+18) The Business Retreat – Episode 3

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If not for the several belts that were beautifully strapped across the clothe in clever exquisite design, I would bet that her Tips and possibly Kittycat would have been easily spotted…
Of course, those couldn’t do too much covering anyway and thus left the insides of her Bosom, belly and thighs for glamorous viewing!

It wasn’t even clear if she had any panty on just as everyone could see that there were no brazier under the gown given her bare cleavage! While it was already awkward to be on sleeveless without jackets at a meeting like this one, having it near-transparent was just simply outlandish! How her attire was supposed to fall into the ‘corporate dress niche’ puzzled me. But then, she was the Branch Head of our Port Harcourt Office and that just about settled it! As for the six other young women from her branch, they were individually a touch of seduction beyond what was conventionally ‘decent’ in one way or the other. Some of them wore micro-mini skirt-suits with dangerous slits on them while the rest had audacious blouse-necklines under office jackets. For the one I found rather interesting, her rather long Tips were just about the only things holding up the top she was wearing over her voluptuous Bosom!

These ladies were indeed centers of attention for anyone present! However, for all their seeming impiety and indecency, they simply were no match for the Abuja ladies in any way or form! Of course the PH boss was alone in her league and looked ‘worse’ than everyone else; but then, the Abuja ladies simply reeked of outrageous lewdness! They had the longest flowing hairs, longest nails, highest heels/pumps, deepest cleavages, biggest backsides and of course the most eye-catching swings-of-the-Buttocks!

Their clothes were more like mere shreds of fabric and could only do so little given how inadequate they simply were! Areolas were left exposed and sights of bare and luscious mid-thighs became commonplace! I just had to pity the men around at that point as no true attempt at remaining sane, was likely possible within such an environment. Even though nobody could be directly accused of going utterly Unclad, it was more than obvious that the ‘corporate signage’ hanging over our dress-code, was about the only thing restrictive of a group of ladies, desperately looking to walk about the meeting hall, stark Unclad!


That aside, I actually didn’t immediately spot Anthony – my Onitsha branch crush, just after stepping into the hall that morning. From the arrangement of seats and tables, I could see that his branch were being assigned to sit directly across the vestibule and would face the table set aside for the CEO and his team. The rest of the tables for other branches were now kept on both sides of these former two in what was a circular arrangement. It has always been the traditional seat/table arrangement there at the August Retreat even though for the first time in its history, the table customarily kept for my branch, was now being given to the Onitsha branch crew. Thankfully though, my table was the next after theirs and when Anthony eventually showed up, he only sat a seat or two away from my reach; how good that felt! Ultimately, It wasn’t long before proceedings officially commenced for the day with everybody seated. Of course all eyes were on Ms. Rosemary (that’s the name of the Port Harcourt boss as I later found out) who by now looked completely odd within the hall! You could easily wonder how on earth she ever thought she won’t appear bizarrely anomalous amongst us all! Even after the Vice CEO – Mr. Martin, had begun moderating the meeting like he had always done in the past, the men still consistently kept their focus on Ms. Rosemary and would go on to trail her body at every movement she made! It didn’t seem to affect her poise though as she appeared as serious and ‘professional’ as ever. In fact, she looked like she was enjoying the attention and it seemed difficult to understand how not, especially with the way most of the flesh on her Bosom were being alluringly sampled across her bust line!

Nonetheless, Mr. Martin did a good job with his moderating role. And made everyone laugh a lot using his amazing sense of humour. Himself and the CEO were joint owners of the organization and they always appeared a perfect combination any day. It was also around this time that I began having a clearer understanding as to why the ladies from Abuja opted to arrange the tables in the manner they did. I started noticing that these ladies were somewhat attracted to the crew from Onitsha who were of course all males! I observed how they repeatedly shot glances at them and tended to grin anytime the dudes in question looked their way. This was the case starting from their Head of Statistics (Ms. Dami; who was admittedly very beautiful) down to the last of them. It was kind of understandable though, as these guys from Onitsha were sturdily built with terrific rippling muscles all over their bodies! It was as though they were carved out of stone with their arms and torsos looking unbelievably large. Even on suits and tie-shirts, they still couldn’t be seen without knowing they do put in a lot of work at the gym. They were simply hunk enough to cause any girl’s Kittycat to moisten up at instant sight!
Anyway, the only reason I seemed not to bother too much was because Anthony didn’t appear to be equally interested in the ladies in question. As the meeting progressed, he kept exchanging glances and smiles with me instead. He was indeed lovely and I couldn’t help but wish we were from the same branch. Each time Mr. Martin made a hilarious comment, I would look his way and we would eventually share a laugh together. I also thought the other girls noticed the connection between us because they did seem not to look his way too much over time. All to my relief of course. They began looking equally unfortunate with the rest of Anthony’s colleagues too because I kind of felt the hunk dudes were more interested in the girls from Port Harcourt than they were with them the Abuja ladies. It was indeed ludicrous given that the Abuja chics were unarguably the most beautiful and seducing among all the girls present.

The PH ladies were not helping matters too because it soon started becoming clear that they loved the attention they were getting and used every opportunity to tease the living daylight out of the Onitsha brownies! Anytime they had a little chance to stand or walk around, they wouldn’t do so without failing to complicate everybody’s thoughts with their ever-gyrating backsides!


Anytime they had a little chance to stand or walk around, they wouldn’t do so without failing to complicate everybody’s thoughts with their ever-gyrating backsides!
Ms. Rosemary their boss, was getting a fair share of the focus too, just like always. Even though curious thoughts regarding who she was actually interested in wouldn’t let me make up my mind on her (given how she was now persistently looking at my branch’s secretary – Binta), she was being crowded with numerous eyes, nonetheless! Her rather awkward link up with Binta though, was one I was happy to keep an eye on as proceedings progressed. After all, there was a strong need for an explanation as to why she had more women than men in her branch at Port Harcourt.
As branch presentations finally got underway, I was more or less ascertaining to my thoughts that the connection from the previous year was beginning to develop once again and I could sense it sensually linking the groups up like it did back then. In fact before we would get done with the presentations, I had fairly concluded that in one way or the other, everybody already had a crush or interest within the meeting hall! Mine was my Anthony who at some point had to leave his seat to whisper into my ears in the name of seeking clarification on one of the comments my Branch Head made during his presentation.

I didn’t fail to notice how his right hand lingered on my thigh though a little longer than necessary, while his left practically massaged my shoulder! He was indeed dying for me just as I was for him! As for his colleagues, their interests were mostly on the young ladies from Port Harcourt as earlier observed. The girls were undeniably hot and seemed to want the ripped bodies of their admirers too!
The girls were undeniably hot and seemed to want the ripped bodies of their admirers too!
On the other side, my own colleagues were kind of split in their ‘groups of interest’. Both my bosses and the rest of the men on our crew seemed to equally have their eyes on the girls from Port Harcourt as well! In fact, I even caught my Branch Head in particular asking his vice across the table in hush tones if he knew much about the Head of Operations for the Port Harcourt office. She was likely catching his attention more than everyone else. How unfortunate were they though. The PH ladies didn’t appear to care about them and rarely gave them any look in; including the Head of Operations in question! They had been practically taken up by the big lads from Onitsha, or so it seemed! As for our girls – Binta, Kudirat and Bunmi, they had quite the big ambition. Binta and Bunmi had their hots for the company’s CEO and his Vice while the married Kudirat was looking like she was interested in the only guy from PH! Of course, it wasn’t news anymore that most of the girls on the Abuja crew (if not all), Fork the CEO and his second non-stop.

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So I just couldn’t understand why anyone would be thinking of having a fling with them at all. But then, I knew that with the right quid, most girls will still fall in line, most especially as it did seem as though the CEO and his Vice were the ones who began giving them the eye in the first place! However, it only looked to complicate my understanding of Binta’s situation. Given what I was already suspecting about Ms. Rosemary’s intentions towards her, I thought it was going to be interesting to see how a male and a seeming female admirer would slug it out for our new secretary! As for that moment in time, it was the Vice CEO that was winning the lust battle, it appeared!
Ultimately, it soon looked very much like the Abuja ladies were the only ones without any true admirers. They were hot, yes. They dressed to kill, yes but for some inexplicable reasons, the boys in the room had other ideas. I particularly pitied their Head of Statistics. She was far more beautiful than the rest of the girls and had a lot more class to herself too. Of course she wasn’t any better in decency kinda and had a bit of an air of outpouring ego.
She was far more beautiful than the rest of the girls and had a lot more class to herself too.
But that couldn’t be cited as a reason for the lack of outright attention. Even when it appeared like she was going to fancy a fling or two with the only dude from Port Harcourt, it was our own Mrs. kudirat who eventually nipped the rather sweet-looking young man by the bud! The fact that he would rather give his attention to an already married woman instead of the pretty boss spoke volumes about the misfortune the girls from Abuja were facing. And it was difficult to explain why. Subsequently, as the presentations went on, it doubled as a platform for some of us to re-confirm the suspected chemistry going on between certain persons. Usually, the main presenter spoke and illustrated to his or her audience, while another two from the branch played the support role; running short errands and operating the projector. The Head at our Onitsha Office handled the session for his branch while the guy from Port Harcourt stood for his boss and branch. My boss was the one who handled the presentation for Lagos. His personal aide and Binta played the support. He lengthily spoke about the commendable rise in the number of schemes that had been handled by our branch within the past one year as well as the expansion in size of official crawlers under us. I felt it was generally a good presentation but never failed to detect how excessively absorbed both the Vice CEO – Mr. Martin and the Branch Head at our Port Harcourt Head office were throughout his speech! Of course their focus wasn’t on my boss, but on Binta who was the one flicking through the PowerPoint slides as the presentation went on. It was so bad for Mr. Martin that even after the presentation was over he still almost tripped up when coming up the stage again; simply because he yet couldn’t tear his eyes away from Binta’s swaying Buttocks, as she returned to her seat to sit! Thankfully, our lunch break couldn’t come any sooner!

The lunch break lasted for an hour and half and I exhausted most of it in my hotel room. I had initially spent a few minutes with Anthony just after the meeting was dismissed and we only separated when he explained that his crew would need him against their preparations for the up-coming interactive session. Preparations for my branch had been handled the previous day just after arrival so it wasn’t there to bug us anymore. It was unfortunate that I still couldn’t get some private time with Anthony but still looked forward to doing so soon. Friday games were already looking like a very good opportunity even though I wished I wouldn’t have to stay that long before doing so. Anyways, Anthony did take me by surprise later on, after we had returned for the evening session. When his branch was called out as the first to lead the discussions, he was the one they presented to do so, all to my greatest surprise! He never told me that he was going to be anchoring at any point when we talked briefly during the lunch break, and it was completely unexpected seeing him stand before all of us to lead the talk. Impressively, he did do a marvelous work; commanding his space and choice of words. He basically dwelt on the quite so few challenges their branch office had been witnessing in the last quarter. He made mention of the need to promote the usefulness of the firm’s services across the private sector emphasizing that just a few company owners knew anything about statistical data extraction and application. However, as he kept talking to us and invoking reasons for questions from his listeners, I was more interested in his looks and kept my eyes on his body through out! I ogled him as though I had never seen him before, moving my eyes from his Kittycat-moistening shinny head down to his shimmering shoes! He had changed into a shirt and tie during the break; dropping his very lovely blazers. This only made it a bit easier to spot the faint outline of his broad biceps! Before he would finish with his session and hand over to the moderator, I had already wet my panty considerably!
The next round of discussion, which was handled by my branch was more boring than it was interesting. Our Vice at Lagos lead the line and I wouldn’t comfortably swear that I never shut my eyes in unintended doze a couple of times during his appearance. I did hear a few of the things he said anyway, and they were quite accurate about our branch’s situation. We weren’t doing badly as such but were in a desperate need to relocate as our office couldn’t be expanded any further. I guess our Vice knew what he was saying but wasn’t saying it in a very charismatic way. But that didn’t stop the questions from coming though for he ended up receiving more questions than Anthony did. Mercifully, it turned out being a solid performance and my branch received an enviable size of applause at the end. Since the Abuja office was the Head Office itself, the only office now left to come forward was the Port Harcourt Office. The only male in their midst had been heavily involved in the morning presentations, so I wasn’t expecting him to be coming up again this time around. But then, I still wasn’t also expecting their boss – Ms. Rosemary, to do so either since she wasn’t ever known to handle presentations at all. Contrarily, and in a very usual way, I did get the surprise of my life when she suddenly stood and began walking up to the center stage as soon as the moderator called upon her branch to head another period of discussions! For a couple seconds, I remained taken aback! And it seemed as though most of the people in the hall were equally lost in the situation because I soon began hearing murmurs in hush tones as seats and legs screeched the tiled floor in predictable restlessness! It wasn’t clear though if those were only because of the surprise of seeing her come forward or actually partly directed at her very revealing outfit!


As she walked up to collect the mic she uninhibitedly presented us a lewd view of her scarcely covered backside! The admittedly sumptuous flesh of her wide buttocks and thighs were revealed in patches between the decorative belts, and as she walked, they took turns to expose more of themselves in folds! It was easy to understand why everybody had to take a moment out of their lives to gawk at her in killing desire! Most especially, the men! She was simply gorgeous, no matter how evidently seducing she did appear! When she did pick up the microphone eventually from the moderator who was openly running his eyes up and down her tempting body, she said her hi and in the most sultry of tones, began talking!
If anyone had told me she was as perfect with words as she eventually did show, I would have vehemently doubted it! But she was! She was simply a superb orator who knew how to colour her expressions. Thus raising the question of why she had never bothered giving their branch presentations herself for years now. Moreover, her ascent was great too and it was easy to be fixed onto how she spoke rather than what she spoke about. In a sense, she appeared the combination; being sweet to listen to if you were the type who loved the girl to be witty as well as slightly talkative, and being a walking S£x-pot if your definition of the perfect girl revolved around the bed, the body and the S£x! She was only on the verge of starting her discussion when I instantly got the feeling that the men were already in trouble for the remainder of her time! She was going to walk around in her astonishingly high pumps while talking and that would also mean more flesh will be sampled here and there! You would have to be a few inches away from her to clearly see the skin underneath her see-through gown quite alright but her movement, when coupled with an inter-play of light and shades, gave an on-looker a more than descriptive imagery of her body and shape! Anybody who watched her as she walked about speaking, could tell out the exact sizes of her thighs, the exact point where they began parting and of course her crotch position! Other distracting revelations like the location of the crack of her Buttocks (which occasionally showed), the position of her Kittycat mound and the exact shape and size of her breasts were the simplest of things to notice! It was that pornographic! Funny enough, both men and women present seemed to be jointly trapped in her seeming seduction. Everybody remained impeccably calm watching her as she rolled her hips from side to side in her strides, all in the name of holding a discussion. Myself inclusive; I would confess not paying any attention to anything she said for most of the minutes she spent talking.
However, It was something like witchcraft when Ms. Rosemary suddenly walked up to the little whiteboard behind her, picked up one of the board markers available, and began writing some figures down. For the first time in several minutes, I suddenly recalled she was even speaking to us. A quick re-link indicated that she was trying to show us how much statistical data she had lost in the previous 10 months, all because of the absence of quality data management technology at their branch. She was indirectly requesting for technology support. But I bet few people were interested in that at all because while she stretched herself to write with her lifted right arm, her already short gown jumped even further up into the lower part of her bare Buttocks!

To Be Continued…


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