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With one last look at Adaora,Ngozi opened the
door wide for her to enter.
Adaora took time observing the wide
parlour.She couldn’t remember when last she
was in that parlour.
She forced out a little smile on seeing their
father’s old picture hanging somewhere on the
wall with other frames.Ngozi had begged her
husband to allow her put it there so she can
always remember him with it.
Adaora reached for it and rubbed her hands
across it.She developed hatred for him when he
gave almost all he had to Ngozi and only but
few to her.

She turned her face to Ngozi who kept staring
at her and went back to where she was sitting.
Ngozi went in and soon emerged with a glass of
cold water for her.She lifted the glass of
water,stole a glance at Ngozi and gulped it
Ngozi was sitting on the large sofa while Adaora
sat on a separate one.Adaora retreated to
ponder in her heart whether to unravel the
heavy secret.She knew it wasn’t something
Ngozi would take easy with.
“I must start by apologising to you.I have done
you harm time without number out of envy.We
both know it all started after our father’s will
was revealed”Adaora began.
Ngozi nodded,waiting patiently for her to bring
up her daughter issue as she stressed out
earlier.What is it about Angela she wants to
“The reason why i am here is because of your
daughter”Adaora revealed again.
“Not Angela”Adaora answered.
“Then who? How many daughters do i
have?”Ngozi was loosing her patience.
“I know you have the right to even strangle me
to death or report me to the police if you
choose to be merciful but i have to say it.She
has suffered untold hardship with me.I derived
no joy from her suffering.I wished i could give
her the better life you would have given her but
instead,she work day and night,wearing herself
out inorder to get money to buy me drugs……”
“Who are you talking about?”Ngozi interrupted
“Many years ago,a baby girl was taken away
from you by some armed men.I had a hand in
it”Adaora dropped the bombshell.
Ngozi stood up on her feet with eyes as sharp
as the sun,coming close to her.
Adaora stood up too,not to fight her back if she
comes for a fight but to defend herself from her
if she does so.And just like she guessed,Ngozi
fell upon her like the falling olympus,tearing
and pulling at her clothes and hair.
Mr.uwa returned just then and beheld the
unholy sight.He quickly drew out his
wife.Adaora made no attempt of retaliation and
it came clear to him that Ngozi was the one
fighting her.Though she was the one shedding
“What is going on here?”He demanded,looked
at his wife for an explanation but when he saw
she wasn’t going to say anything,turned to
Adaora,wondered what might have prompted
her coming to his house in the first place.
Adaora composed herself together.Those
punches really gave her great pains.
“I need you to undestand and forgive
me,”Adaora drawled, “Your daughter’s maid is
your daughter but now,she is in a situation that
i cannot help her… but you can.You can stop
her from going to prison with your wealth and

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Ngozi felt her heart ache.Heat suddenly filled
her body.That young woman,her daughter?
The car pulled up in front of the police
station.Mr.uwa,his wife and Adaora came down
and went inside the station.
One of the policemen took them to Sonia,who
was surprised to see Angela’s parents there.She
thought they must have heard what she did.
Mrs.Ngozi held her face and looked into her
eyes.Those eyes looked exactly like Angela’s.Her
lips look exactly like her own lips.She fought the
threatening tears and locked Sonia in a thight
embrace,keeping her heart racing.
Angela couldn’t grab anything,her confusion
got to it’s climax.
“Mom what is happening?”She turned to
“Relax.We are going to make sure you come of
here.We are going to hold talks with the
necessary personnels.We are also going to
contact that lady behind all these”Mr.uwa
assured her.
“I shot her this morning”Sonia whispered to
“You shouldn’t have done that.You are not a
murderer”Mr.uwa broke the silence Sonia words
“Dont worry about anything.We are going to
see if she’s dead or alive”Ngozi held her close
again,leaving her in the wildest of
imaginations,”oh your hair looks ruffled”Ngozi
produced a comb from her handbag and ran it
severally over Sonia’s natural hair,making sure
some of the hair got caught in the comb.
After that,she left with her husband.
“Mom?”Sonia looked into her mother’s eyes for
some sort of explanation.
“One thing i want you to know is that i am only
human.but what i am doing now is for your own
good.Don’t worry,you would soon get to
understand”Adaora said,trying to hide the guilt
in her eyes.
As soon as Mr.uwa left the hospital with his
wife,he brought out his phone and dialled the
family doctor’s line.
“Helo sir”
“Doctor Ben.I am coming over. I need you to
run a DNA test for me”
“Alright sir”





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