Must Read: Home Advantage (18+) Episode 12

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it was about a month since I started the tutorial, but all attempts to try to get Princess to hear me out proved abortive. Udenme on the other hand wouldn’t say a word to me, even when we almost collided at the passage leading to my flat.

I was at home one fateful morning when I noticed a long van just outside the building. Mr Chinedu and family were moving out. Part of me was happy. The other part was not. I guessed the part that was more concerned about my mom missing her best friend in the neighbourhood. What about my little sister? She was going to miss her best friend too, Grace. Well, a Yoruba proverb said, ‘’twenty kids can’t play for twenty years’’.

I assisted in the packing of things to the van. I got a chance, perhaps the last one to speak with Udenme.

‘’It’s a good thing I won’t be seeing your wicked face again.’’ She said poking me on the chest. We both chuckled.




‘’I know, and I’m sorry.’’ I

‘’It’s okay. I’ll will miss you regardless’’

‘’Same here’’. I concluded.

We embraced and continued with the packing.
I was sure the people around us would’ve wondered what that was for, as we barely speak in public. They left later that day.
I got a call the next day which was a Sunday evening from Princess. Wow! The last time she was on my Incoming Calls History was thirty days ago.

‘’Can i see you? I’m at Chinenye ‘s house?’’ she asked softly. ‘’okay’’. I responded without showing how agog I was hearing her sweet voice.

We met at our usual spot.

Princess: ’I thought you moved too

Me: move to where?

Princess: To wherever your Calabar girlfriend moved to

Me: no I didn’t move, and she is not my girlfriend’’

Princess: I know

Me: You do?

Princess: Yeah. I just couldn’t help being with you while she was just five feet away from your flat.

Me: Does that mean we’re good, now that she is a thousand feet away?

Princess: I guess.

I grinned. I drew her closer and we kissed like we were never going to see each other again.

We wrote our exams and we were both admitted in the same institution. Our love story continued.

As for Udenme, I just took home advantage of her. I regretted that.



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