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Gift and Promise found a comfortable spot and sat on the semi-white sand.

“What do you think?” She used her shoulder to nudge her.

“I agree, the air is fresher than the one in my bedroom.”

Gift started to laugh and Promise joined her.

Two young men walked up to them and asked if they wanted to buy drinks and roasted fish or chicken. They declined and watched them as they went after another potential customer.

Promise sighted a fair tall figure walking past them and recognition hit her. She sucked in a deep breath and squeezed one of her sister’s hand. Gift saw her sister’s ghostly expression and followed her gaze. Her brows came together in a frown when she saw Gbenga.

“Talk about the devil.”

“We shouldn’t have come here.”

Gift eyed her, “Kuramo beach is a public place.”

“You don’t understand,” her voice shook.

“Yes, I do. The fact that both of you frequent here often doesn’t mean that you have to avoid this place.”

She let go of her hand and folded hers.

“You need to replace your memories and build new ones, or else your past will forever hunt you.”

She eyed her, “It is easier said than done.”

“Regardless… “


They both turned towards the sound of her name. They saw Gbenga walking towards them.

“He has seen us,” she whispered.

“And so what? Do you want to run?”

She took a good look at her younger sister. She hoped she wouldn’t start a fight.

“Good afternoon ladies,” he greeted them, but his hazel eyes were fixed on Promise’s averted face.

Gift and her sister refused to respond.

He couldn’t believe that she was here. He knew they would run into each other once in a while, but it had not crossed his mind that it would be so soon.

“Can we help you?”

He glanced at Gift and noticed the way she was staring at him. She must have thought he was the devil himself for calling off the wedding. If only she knew the years of pain and anguish that laced his decision, she might not be quick to judge him.

“I believe you are not dumb. As you can see, you are disrupting our peaceful relaxation.”

She gapped at her in surprise. Her sister had a very big mouth and was quick to lash out at whoever crossed her part.

“Gift… ” She used her eyes to caution her, but, her sister was past caring.

He decided not to take offence, after all, the young lady was only coming to her sister’s aid. Who could blame her?

“Please, can I have a word with you?”

She looked back at him and saw the concern in his eyes.

“Why? Haven’t you caused enough harm?” Gift tried to get up, but, her sister held her back.

“Give us a minute,” Promise pleaded.

She glared at her and turned to eye him.


“As you wish,” she got up and walked away.

Gbenga shook his head, “Your sister is something else.”

“What do you want?”

He fell on his knees and sat opposite her.

“I need you to hear me out.”

“I am listening.”

“Thank you. Two years before I graduated from the university, my father started cheating on my mum.”

Her shocked gaze met his sad ones.

“Nobody knew, until I saw him at one of the girl’s hostel in my school, picking up babes with a few friends of his. I approached him and he told me point blank that it was known of my business. I was sad, distressed and confused.

“My father was a born-again Christian. He was a Deacon in church. He was a happily married man with four male children. What led him to such atrocities?”

“Hmmm…. ” She began to understand why he had issues with unfaithful married men.

“He came home one day with one of his mistresses and ordered us to move out of the main house and move into the boys’ quarters. We were upset, but, my mum decided not to fight him. She fought her battles on her knees in prayers.

“The mistress that moved in with my dad was a choir mistress in her church. She was a so-called born-again Christian. Yet, she lived a double life.”

“Wow!” She realized that he must have compared her to his father’s mistress.

“My father had an accident a year later. His mistress died instantly, but, he survived. He apologised us and asked for our forgiveness. He passed away some months later due to the infection that had taken over his wounds. I have issues with married men and the women who fall for their lies. I hope you can now understand why I cannot marry you and accept your past.”

Promise returned his gaze and wondered if he had truly forgiven his father and the mistress who took his mother’s place for sometime. No wonder he couldn’t accept her past.

“Your father made mistakes. His mistresses made mistakes. We all make mistakes. We are not perfect. As Christians, what counts is the fact that we decide to repent, re-dedicate our lives to God, endeavour to learn from our mistakes, and move on. God’s grace is sufficient for us all.”

He sighed heavily. He knew she was right, yet, these were issues he couldn’t come to terms with, regardless of what he had to let go.

She brushed a hand over his fair face and their eyes locked.

“It is okay. I understand where you are coming from. My prince charming is out there somewhere and your damsel in distress is also out there. We will find them soon.”

He smiled and blinked back the tears threatening to burst forth from his eyes.

“I enjoyed every moment we spent together. I believe we are still friends.”

He nodded in agreement.

“Take care of yourself, Gbenga Lewis,” she lifted herself and walked away, in search of her sister

On the 15th of September,

Promise stepped into TL

Communications company at


She approached the Front

Desk Officers, two ladies and

a guy, clad in navy blue suits.

She greeted them and asked

how to get to the Public

Relations office. One of the

ladies directed her to the

third floor.

She located the elevator and

joined the group of people

waiting to get in. On the third

floor, she scanned the

hallway and found a brown

door labeled ‘Public Relations

Office’. She knocked and went


She found herself in a large

room with five cubicles to her

left, an enclosed office in the

middle and a seating area

which was already occupied,

to her right. Eight pairs of

eyes stared back at her. She

approached them, greeted

and took the vacant seat.

Nobody responded, except

the creamy brown-skinned

guy sitting opposite her.

The door of the enclosed

office swung open and a light

skinned tall and plump woman

walked out.

“Good morning everybody. I

am Miss. Vivian Njemanze,

the Public Relations Manager.”

They stood up and chorused,

“Good morning ma.”

Promise swallowed the

laughter bubbling within her.

The way they greeted the

manager, it was similar to the

way school pupils welcomed

their class teacher.

She took a good look at the

woman and calculated her

age, summing it to around

early forties. Why wasn’t her

boss married? She introduced

herself with the title ‘Miss.’ It

could be that she was

separated, divorced or

worse, widowed. She wouldn’t

be surprised if the woman’s

career had a whole lot to do

with her present marital status.

‘All these career women,’ she


“You are my new team

members. Your predecessors

have been posted to different

branches of the company

worldwide. If you are as hard

working and committed as

they were, you will excel in

this company. Your daily and

weekly assignments are

posted on that notice board,”

she pointed to her left and

their intent gazes followed

the direction her finger was

pointing at.

A large board was nailed to

the wall. It was divided into

five columns, each person

had their names written boldly

in black on a column and it

was covered with several

pinned documents.

Promise searched and found

her name. It was on the

second column. The volume of

white sheets pinned to it

made her to swallow her


“Please endeavour to check

the board daily. You do not

have any excuse whatsoever

to resume work late. I don’t

care where you live. I don’t

tolerate truancy, that will

earn you a suspension and

you can lose your job in the


“If you work with me in

obedience and loyalty, you

will rise to an envied height,

but if you disobey my rules

and instructions, if you

neglect your work and play

smart, I will make your days

in this company a living hell.

Welcome to TL

Communications company,”

she turned around and

returned to her office. The

‘click’ sound of her high

heeled shoes echoed through

the white walls.

“Wow!” One of the men in the

room exclaimed. He dabbed at

the beads of sweat on his

dark forehead with his white

handkerchief, “Now I know

why she is called Margaret


The taller man with creamy

brown skin chuckled and

shook hands with him, “I am

Boma Etuk.”

“Oyetunde Badmus.”

Promise watched them and

smiled. Men would always best

ladies when it came to

mingling. She noticed that

Oyetunde was the shortest of

them all. He was about five

feet six inches, with a

protruding pot belly that gave

his grey coloured suit a

gawky look.

Her curious eyes found the

taller man. He was the tallest

of them all, about five feet

ten inches, with a creamy

brown complexion. He was

easy on the eyes, but she

had always preferred fairer


He looked her way and caught

her staring at him. His dark

brown eyes softened and

seemed to glitter, drawing her

in, like nails to magnet.

Oyetunde cleared his throat

and approached her.

“I am Oyetunde Badmus.”

She tore her eyes away from

Boma and shook hanks with


“I am Promise Daodu.”

“It is nice meeting you,” he


“Same here,” she forced a


Boma walked up to them and

shook hands with her.

“Boma Etuk.”

Their gazes locked again. She

looked away. She couldn’t

fathom why she was drawn to

him. He wasn’t her type and

she was yet to recover from her broken relationship with

Gbenga. “Can we meet you?” Oyetunde

addressed the other two

ladies who had already picked

out cubicles next to each


“Adaeze Chukwuemeka,” one

of them waved.

“Kemisola Tijani,” the other


Promise strode over to the

board and checked out the

documents attached to her

name. Boma and Oyetunde

joined her.

“Margaret Thatcher is out to

kill us,” Oyetunde lamented.

She ignored him. She was

beginning to see him as

someone who complained a

lot. Boma remained mum. His

eyes were fixed on his


“Look at our list of

assignments. We have less

than a week to see them


“Then you better get

started,” Boma unpinned the

documents attached to his

column and strode off …


To the cubicle close to the

Oyetunde groaned and pulled

out his list of assignments

from the board. He marched

away in anger.

Promise shook her head.

‘God, thank you for this

dream job of mine. I need you

to help me excel in this

company’, she said a silent

prayer and found out that the

only desk left was the one

opposite Boma.

At about twelve noon, Boma

left the office and found his

way into the cafeteria on the

ground floor of the company.

The place was crowded with

staff members who were

buying and eating their lunch.

He bought a set of chicken

sandwich and a can of orange


While trying to find a place to

sit, he saw Oyetunde downing

a bowl of pounded yam and

melon soup at a corner.

“Mr. Man, don’t you think you

are swallowing the wrong

meal at this time of the day,”

he sat beside him.

“I need all the energy I can

get. That sandwich you are

eating won’t get you

anywhere today.”

He sipped at his drink, “Your

heavy lunch will only make

you sleep.”

“I hear you,” he concentrated

on his meal, “That reminds


Boma met his excited gaze.

“We are lucky to have three

beautiful ladies working with



“Yes. Promise for instance is

the prettiest of them all. She

is tall, slim and curved in the

right places. She might not be

as physically endowed as

Kemisola and Adaeze, but,

that girl is fine. Her smooth

dark chocolate skin is… ”


He started to laugh.

“Are you sure you are not

falling for her already?”

He shrugged, “It won’t matter.

A girl that looks like that is

either engaged or in a

serious relationship.”

“Hmmm… ” He thought about

what his colleague said.

“Kemisola is also pretty and

well packaged in all areas,

but, I don’t like the way she

is exposing all her goods


“I agree with you,” a picture

of Kemisola’s exposed

cleavage assaulted his mind’s


“Adaeze is a beautiful Ibo

girl, but she too is exposing

herself. I don’t know what is

wrong with these girls.”

“They lack knowledge.”

“A man who wants to play

games goes after girls that

appear loose and dress

indecency. But, a man who

wants to get married will go

after someone like Promise.”

Boma nodded in agreement.

“I hope they learn from her,”

he downed his drink and got

up, “I have to go. See you

later in the office,” he headed


Boma finished his sandwich

and sipped at his drink. He

was grateful to God for his

new employment. He had been

looking for a new job for

over five months. His former

place of work went bankrupt

early that year and laid off all


their staff. His fiancée

cancelled their wedding in the

process and left the country

with a man she barely knew.

He had been devastated, but,

God stood beside him, healed

his broken heart and

provided him with a new job.

His salary and allowance was

twice what he used to earn. It

would enable him to change

his Honda car and rent a new

apartment. He had been using

the car since he graduated

from the university, it was

long overdue for a change.

He glanced at his wrist-watch.

His one hour break was

almost over. He finished his

drink, got up and headed out,

lost to the longing stares

from some of the female staff

in the cafeteria.

It was the third time she had

tried to take a nap, but, the

giggles and loud gossip

comments filtering into her

ears had made it impossible.

She wondered how Adaeze

and Kemisola seemed so close

despite the fact that they

were just meeting for the first

time that morning. They

summed up the popular

saying, ‘Birds of a feather

flock together’.

“I overheard one of the

secretaries in the office

opposite us talking about

Boma Etuk.”

“Really?” Adaeze leaned

forward. Her ears anticipated

the gossip.

“She said as far as TL

Communications was

concerned, he is one of the

most handsome men in the



“His name is on the lips of

every girl who wants to drag

a man to the altar this year.”

Adaeze bursted out laughing.

“Assuming he was taller, let’s

say, about six feet tall, he

would have been compared to

a sun-god,” her dreamy eyes


She nodded in agreement.

“His five feet ten inches

height isn’t bad anyway. At

least, he is taller than me,”

she winked.

“His creamy brown skin is so

smooth, I wonder what cream

he uses.”

“I won’t mind caressing it.”

Adaeze smiled and nodded.

“I wonder what it would be

like to lie with him in bed and

feel his total body against… ”



“You are crazy.”

“Shut up!” She eyed her, “As

if you haven’t thought of

sleeping with him too.”Adaeze started to laugh

again.Promise got up and walked

out. She couldn’t stand their

loud laughter again.

Kemisola and Adaeze hissed.

“That one thinks she is fine.”

“Fine indeed. She is flat in all

the right places. Yuck!”

“I doubt if she eats at all.”

“She cannot compete with the

likes of us.”“No, no, she can’t. We run

things here.”They gave each other a high

five.“Oyetunde isn’t bad either.” “That short rat!” Kemisola p …


To Be Continued…


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