My dad arrested me after he discovered I dumped school for music — Davido

Contrary to popular belief that when Davido first ventured into music, his billionaire father pulled his weight behind him financially and otherwise, the never-say-never pop star has finally opened up on the lingering misconception, revealing it was never a rollercoaster ride for him with his father.

The ‘Assurance’ crooner revealed during a radio interview with Power 105 FM’s Breakfast Club that his father went as far as arresting him, his ex-girlfriend, manager and other members of his crew on the discovery that he (Davido) had chosen music over education.

“I never let my dad know the music side of me because I was shy. While schooling abroad, everything went crazy when I met some Jamaicans; I started drinking and smoking weed. I got into the music so good and I loved it. I used to make demo tracks and take it back to Nigeria. When my father discovered I had dumped schooling and relocated to Nigeria to do music, hell was let loose because I had started doing club gigs.”

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“He started sending police to shows and arresting the promoters because he had sent me to the U.S to school. I told him I wanted to return to Nigeria but he refused. I got my stuff and relocated back to Nigeria without telling him. I released a record and I was doing shows but he found out. At a show, while I was upstairs in the green room about to come down, there were like 50 policemen already downstairs.

They arrested my ex-girlfriend, my road manager and the show promoter. I remember I went through the back, scaled the fence; I ran without no shoes on, and that was how I escaped. My dad later called me on the phone, saying, if I don’t come to the police station all my friends would be jailed. So, I had to go to the station after which we settled it amicably”, he said.



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