Not everybody will like what you do-Nollywood actress Folorunsho Adeola Arikegold on Chatting DMC

Folorunsho Adeola Arikegold

Being an actress isn’t just about the glamour and the fame, sometimes actresses pay huge price to make it to the big screen ‘Folorunsho Adeola Arikegold’ The beautiful charming Nollywood actress is my guest in this episode of Chatting-DMC.

Thanks for welcoming us on ChattingDMC this week, pls can we meet you? Especially to those seeing you for the first time???

You are welcome And all thanks to u too, my name is folorunsho Adeola Arikegold, am an actor, movie producer?, am from Ogun state Abeokuta.

What inspired you into acting? and How did you discover yourself as an actress?

Entertainment generally is what i have passion for ever since i was young, acting is what i love with passion. So i studied mass communication in moshhod abiola poly after that i joined mr latin group in 2007 and i graduated from his group in 2013 and here i am

Can you talk about some of the challenges in acting?

In all endeavors, there are one or two challenges to face,but to my best understanding every challenge is a lesson and blessing depending on how you handle it.

How do you react to critics, or people that are not encouraged with your acting style or production ?Image result for folorunsho Adeola

 It is bound to happen, or what you do, but normally i see love in everybody, either you love me or hate me, at least you still take your time to watch me….thank all

What’s your personality like off camera?

Am a cool gentle girl, very shy

What would you regard as the most memorable moment of your career?
 Each & every moment in my life is memorable..because every moment is surprised & unknown,un experienced.however as per the degree of moment,the emotions are changed by situation to situation…

Apart from acting, what are your other interests?
 Planning to have my business soon, working toward it

Image result for folorunsho AdeolaHow do you spend your leisure time?
If am not at work, i go out with my friends and i go to cinema sometimes

What has been your favorite role so far?
Hahhahahhahah, all my characters are my favorite ooo, may GOD bless our hustling oo

 Are you married or seeing someone? Can u answer that?
Am in a relationship and i dont want to talk about it

 Did your parents support your career?
At first they didn’t support but they have to support me

Any personal ambitions yet unattained? Directing? Writing? Music?
Are there any new projects you’re working on that you can talk about?
 My new movie is coming out soon, IKE, i have alot of project to do dis year….may GOD help me

Obviously you are a fashionista, What fashion items do you like the most?
 My handbag

If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?
I listen to all kind of musics, All kind Am a music lover.

Image result for folorunsho AdeolaWhich actor or actress would you like to have a drink with and why?
Omotola because i love her personalty and everything about her

Likes and dislikes?
 I hate lies and i hate when people look down on me or take me for granted
I like it when people take me for whom i am

Thanks for your time, we hope to catch up with you soon, any advice to other young actors ? And quotes you live by?
Let your determination determine ur destiny, while coming up dont ever look down on anybody because d person u look down on might be the person that will help you in the nearest future and stay focus and believe in yourself, dont depend on friend too much bcos your friend today might turn out to be your enemy tomorrow…thanks to my FAN-mily for loving me unconditionally, may almighty GOD bless them for me and i promise to always make u proud.



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