The things we all hate when chatting with someone on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the default app for messaging globally. A few years ago it knocked off BBM as the world’s leading app for sending instant messages and it has not looked back ever since.

While WhatsApp is the coolest app for sending and receiving instant messages on your mobile phone, communicating with your friends and sharing photos and videos, it can also be frustrating.

If you WhatsApp frequently there are some instances that would frustrate you or put you off.

These instances have nothing to do with the app itself but the person you are chatting with.

There are common methods in which people dull conversations which you must have fallen for over the years. Below is a list of annoying things that happens when chatting on Whatsapp.

1) Monosyllabic replies


Don’t you just hate it when someone replies all your messages with just one word ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

It feels like you are being stylishly brushed away. It hurts the most when you type your heart out and all you get is a damning yes or no.

It’s like being told to shut up with manners.


2) Excessive LOLs


OK, as Nigerians we are funny. Of course, we exchange a few jokes on Whatsapp and getting the occasional ‘lol’ is good.

When every message is replied with a ‘lol’, chatting can get a little awkward. ‘Lol’ is the most bastardised abbreviation on the Internet.

Getting three or four ‘lol’ replies consecutively is a sign that the person is not really into that convo.


3) Ghosting


You send a message and the person does not reply at all. The person doesn’t bother to acknowledge your message.

The person isn’t dead and didn’t fall off the earth but wants you to think that he has fallen off the earth.


4) Long period to reply


This a common move. You are having a good chat with someone then the person does not respond to your latest message for a long time.

You must have been in this situation before when it takes a couple of hours to a day before someone responds to your message.

Talk about frustrating.

5) Excessive use of emojis


Emojis are cool but when they its gets too much it becomes frustrating for the person waiting for a worded reply.


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