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I used to be a mobile cobbler, Nollywood actor Sanyeri

According to the actor, his journey to stardom has not been an
easy one. He has had to live a rough life before rewarding

opportunities came his way.

Yoruba actor, Olaniyi Afonja also known as Sanyeri, is

serving motivation to his fans after revealing that he

was once a shoe maker before he got the opportunity to

become a star.

The actor, who stated this in an interview with Punch News , said he

found it difficult to make a living after finishing secondary school, due

to this, he resorted to learning how to become a cobbler.
His participation in acting in Oyo State did not give him the sort of

reward he anticipated. Even after relocating to Lagos , his situation

remained the same.

“The suffering I endured was really extreme. After I finished my

secondary school education, I did not have a job so I delved into the

theatre world. I did it for some time but I was not being paid even

when I went everywhere with the group and was helping them carry

their costume.”

“I had to learn how to repair shoes so I became a shoe cobbler.

Eventually, I left Oyo town and came to Lagos to find greener pastures

but still I was not earning anything from acting.”

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“I became a mobile cobbler. I would put my materials in a wooden box,

place it on my shoulder and start hitting it as I walked the length and

breadth of Idumota.”

“I would constantly hit my wooden box as I walked about to call the

attention of people. Then nobody knew me so I kept hitting my box all

over Idumota.”

“I remember I had a handkerchief I used to cover my face because of

my tribal marks.”

“The reason I concealed my tribal marks was because the Igbo boys at

Idumota had the belief that if they did not give their shoes to a

Ghanaian cobbler, no one could do a better job.”

“If they saw my tribal marks, they would think I was one of the touts

that would normally come to disturb them for money for shop and they

would not give me their shoes to repair.”

“When I saw that being a shoe cobbler was affecting my career as an

actor, I had to quit and face acting squarely. I thank God that good

fortunes have come my way.”

Sanyeri recently talked about an unfortunate accident that occurred

while he was on a movie set.

He broke his leg while playing a character with a spiritual problem in

one of the movies he is producing. The actor is currently recuperating

though with leg cast on.
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