​4 Underwear Rules Every Woman Must Follow

One of the top ways women catch infection is usually

through their underwear. These pieces of clothing have

direct and regular contact with your vagina so not

paying them enough thought might cause you to do

yourself harm.

Here are 4 underwear rules you must follow.

1. Do not wear thongs to bed

Stick to briefs and boy shorts and avoid wearing thongs

while sleeping. Bacteria can spread and pass to the

vagina via a thong that can lead to vaginal infections.

If you are wearing, briefs ensure that you do not wear

tight briefs while sleeping.

2. Stick to cotton underwear

When it comes to fabrics, cotton can be your best bet.

The fibre can work well to keep your vagina feeling

fresh all the time. Cotton can wick away moisture and

discourage any yeast growth. However ensure that you

do not wear the same pair of cotton underwear to bed

that you have been wearing all day, as this, in turn,

increase the risk of yeast infection.

3. Wear seamless panties

The elastic bands that are too tight can be downright

irritating while sleeping. When you twist and turn in

sleep because of discomfort, all the rubbing can cause

abrasions that could be deep enough to cause darkening

and permanent scarring of the skin. Opt for seamless

styles panties as they are most comforting on your

skin. Opt for cotton undies that have a stretchy lace

at the seams which means no visible underwear lines

and no elastic bands. A total win-win situation.

4. Avoid old and dirty underwear

Also, if your underwear is old, the elastic band in your

underwear can potentially give you a rash called

contact dermatitis. So ensure that you dispose of the

old ones. Dirty underwear can carry up to a gram of

faecal matters so ensure that you always wear clean

underwear. In fact, you should change your underwear

twice a day.


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