​The Don Jazzy Biography

Music producer Michael Collins Ajereh, Micheal also known as Don Jazzy is a guru musician that anything he touches turns to gold, right from the days of Mo’Hits Records and now The Mavin Records dynasty.


Don Jazzy’s Early Days

Michael Collins Ajereh born on 26 day of November in the year
1982. Mr Don Jazzy who through his music career in the Nigerian

music industry has been honoured with Multiple awards making him a

renounced multiple winning producer. Apart from Michael Collins

ability to produce quality songs he is also a singer who also write

songs for his artists. The musician who was the former CEO the

defunct Mo’ Hits Records founded back in the year 2004. The

producer and song writer is now is now the current CEO of the Mavin

Records as founded in 2012 immediately after the bitter and well

published splitting his former business partner D’banj thus bringing

to an end the existence of the record label.

The town of Umuahia was the place Don Jazzy was born, he was born

in the capital of Abia state, located in the south eastern part of

Nigeria, Don Jazzy’s first ever musical career signing was the Mo’ Hit

record label Vice-President D’banj.

Don Jazzy completed his first recognizable production work back in

the year 2004 when Mo’ Hit was originally when he helped produce

D’banj’s “Tongolo” first single. Don Jazzy finally produced D’banj’s

first studio album titled “No Long Thing” which then released in


Don Jazzy through his successful career has produced award winning

songs for his so many artist starting from D’banj, Dr SID, Wande

Coal, D’Prince and even others. Don Jazzy has also produced for

other artist that aren’t his, people like Naeto C, Darey art, Sauce

Kid, Ikechukwu, Olakunle Excel et Zanga and the current Mavin

Records Queen Tiwa Savage, He has as well produced smashing hits

for his new MAVIN RECORDS artist such Korede Bello, Reekado Banks,

Di’Ja. Don Jazz co-produced popular international and award winners

the Jay-Z and Kanye West on the song “Lift Off” which features the

former’s wife Beyoncé and on the said album “Watch The Throne” as

was released on the 8 day of August, the year 2011.

Forbes magazine in a has rated the ace music producer Don Jazzy as

one of the “Most powerful celebrity currently in Africa” in the 36


Mr Michael Collins Ajereh though not married is also known as Don

Jazzy and was born in the vibrant city of Umuahia, though his state

of origin is Delta state. Don Jazzy’s family moved to Lagos state and

where one of the residents in Ajegunle city and that was primarily

where the ace producer grew up. Her is a product of Federal

Government College Lagos (FGCL). His love for the act of music

started with playing of the drums and the singing at small events

when he was only age four.

He later started playing the bass guitar as it was introduced to him

at the age of 12 as his music passion kept on developing. Don Jazzy

did his high studies at Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, graduating

with a degree in Business Management, down in Edo state. He later

migrated to the United Kingdom to leave with his uncle who sent

him an invitation to come over and play drums for a neighbourhood


Don jazzy has been a hustler right from the start as he did so some

odd jobs, he worked at McDonalds, he also dubbed as a “mai Guard”

a Nigerian slang for “security guard”. The song writer developed his

skills and then teamed up the likes of Kas, Solek, JJC, 419 squad and

D’Banj whom he finally started Mo’hit with.

His love for the act of music brought him back to the shores of

Nigeria as he and his former partner D’banj team up to begin a

career in music. It didn’t take too long to become a prolific music

producer as two years was enough to complete the production two

albums “No Long Thing” and “Rundown/Funk You Up”. The ace

producer had already become become a household name, D’banj then

coined out a trademark song intro for him “It’s Don Jazzy Again”.

Don jazzy got the credits on production for “best selling album in

2008” for D’banj’s album “The Entertainer”, he also won same award

for Wande Coal’s debut album which was titled “Mushin 2 MoHits”,

the album has since been said to the among the best albums ever

produced in the shores.


Jazzy’s unique Vocal texture usually made the difference for songs

he was featured on, His fashion sense and social media activities

made him to stand out.

Dom Jazzy has never been recognised as a recording artist at the

international and local level, but he has been credited with most

Background Vocals for songs he has produced for his artist, at times

he complete a verse for a song. An example could been heard through

his beats and the assistance to the likes of D’Banj, Sauce Kid, Dr

SID, Ikechukwu, D’Prince. He even did a vocal for Jay-Z and Kanye

West on the song he produced for them “Lift Off”the song that also

features Beyoncé.

You wouldn’t call Don Jazzy a regular social network but his

presence on Twitter has always been seen and it has been a place

where he expresses himself apart from music. Don jazzy has enjoyed

over 200K (two hundred thousand) followership on twitter. Don

Jazzy known for his shy nature as he barely grant or talk much

during interviews , has the habit of giving out birthday shout outs

to his fans and followers on twitter, he is as well known for giving

out airtime (recharge cards), he one time gave out iPads to some

lucky fans. He once went as far as giving money to fans via Twitter.

This type of connection has endeared him the more to his fans, he

was has always been an attention during his birthdays as fans send

endless but special birthday messages to him with most singing him

praises plus wishing him a long and more successful life.
The end of Mo’Hits And The G.O.O.D. Music conflict

Dbanj jazzy

Don baba Jay as was fondly call by Wande coal was noticed by

American rapper and producer Kanye West back in 2011, he then

signed the producer to his GOOD Music label as a collaborative gig.

Later after a youtube video showed the signing of the contract. The

later made a surprise appearance at MO’ Hits Koko Concert in London,

this surprise was marked as an official support for D’Banj and a

welcoming gesture to GOOD music with a hand over of his gold chain.

the rumour started coming of breakup in the MO’hit camp,

threatening an 8 years of hard work, in March 2012, the twitter

active Don Jazzy confirmed the break up in a tweet saying that all

the Rumours we’ve heard is true, in his words “ Stories you’ve all

heard are sad ones, fortunately they are true. But the way now is

to keep make more of the beautiful music y’all love to dance to”.

Don Jazzy Signs Samsung deal And The Birth Of Mavin Records (Mavin



7 May 2012 was the official birthday of MAVIN Dynasty as Don

Jazzy through his Twitter account announced the birth of his new

Record Label known as Mavin Records. Over the years of its existence

the record label now has the following smashing hits under its belt,

with songs like Oma Ga, Amarachi, Chocolate, Forever, Take Banana,

Dorobucchi and most recently Juantamanta. Others notable mentions

include YOLO and labels anthem “I’m a MAVIN”.

Don Jazzy gave a new look different from MO’ hits with the addition

of two female arts as he Don Jazzy announced Tiwa Savage as a

Mavin crew and then later Di’ja.

Don Jazzy’s discography (Production)
All Don Jazzy’s Albums till date

1. ‘No Long Thing’ by D’banj in the year 2005

2. Rundown/Funk You Up by D’banj in the year 2006

The Entertainer in by D’banj in the year 2008

1. Mo’ Hits All Stars, Curriculum Vitae as was released in the year


2. Mushin2Mohits by Wande Coal in the year 2008

3. Turning Point by Dr SID in the year 2010

1. Solar Plexus “MAVIN Records” by MAVINS all stars and was

released in year 2012

Don Jazzy And the Multiple Awards

The Nigerian Music Awards – won the (NMA) 2006 music Producer of

the Year

The 2007 Nigerian Entertainment Awards for best Music Producer for

the Year

Won the HEADIES (2011) music PRODUCER OF THE YEAR for the songs

“Mr Endowed”, “Over The Moon”, and “Pop Something”

Got The 2015 City People Entertainment Award (it was a Special

Recognition Award) given to him.

Won the Headies 2014 Producer of the Year (Dorobucci).


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