10 Things You Should Never Do (Especially Number 9)

Don’t learn the hard way, and avoid the things that you should never do in life.

Not every lesson in life should be learned the hard way; that’s why you should say never to many things.

It’s better to know these things sooner than later.

1. Never Try Smoking

Why would you ever smoke? In my opinion, this is one of the most stupid things any human being can do to themselves.

If you smoke, you’re slowly killing yourself.

2. Never Ignore Your Parents

They made who you are, they supported you financially for many years, and gave you emotional support when you needed it.

Parents deserve the outmost respect and praise, forever.

3. Never Let Anyone Control Your Life

Wonder why they call it “your life?” Don’t let anyone or anything control it. Ultimately, you are the master of it, and the author of your life; it’s not worth giving the power to someone else.

Also, think about the things that are controlling your day-to-day, it’s not always people that control us, but other things such as social media, technology, and bad habits.

4. Never Avoid Your Health

Try to live as long as possible, and there is no better way to do this than being healthy.

We should strive to be healthy in every aspect of our lives; physically, mentally and emotionally. Feeling good is truly an investment.

5. Never Put Work Over Family Or Friends

It may sound ridiculous, but you would be surprised to know how many people spend more than they earn.

Never disregard saving money and investing in your future, you should spend smart and wise.

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Economist Harold Pollack once said that every financial advice anyone needs, can be neatly fit on an index card.

7. Never Be Judgmental

You never know what kind of battle someone is having, and you might never know the entire story behind someone’s actions.

Try to understand before judging.

8. Never Forget Who Helped You In Tough Times

Real friends are those who help you when you need it the most, don’t forget about them, they are the ones you want to keep forever.

Occasionally, a stranger might help you with something, or a professor might help you with a project; don’t forget these small things, be grateful and pay it back.

9. Never Quit Your Dreams

But remember, you have to work three times harder in order to achieve them. If your “dream” gives a purpose to your life, why quit?

If you don’t have a dream to pursue, now is the time to seat down and write about something you want to achieve.

10. Never Be Materialistic

Don’t obsess over stuff money can buy, but pursue does things that it can. Love a lot, smile a lot, have true friends, love your family.

Nonetheless, it’s always important to have a healthy relationship with money; don’t let it rule you.


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