12 Different Kinds of Ladies You Will Mostly Find in Nigeria

Ladies are a whole bunch of complex creatures especially Nigerian Ladies. However, the world would be boring without them.

The male folks won’t have to strive so hard to get wealth and stay comfortable if not for the women as most of these things are done for their sake.

Complex and of various shades, let’s take a look at the different kind of women that you will find in almost every gathering of women in Nigeria.


1. The bitch

human-female-dogForget the picture above, but these are the kind of girls that used to be the meanest in their high school girl group.

She reminds you of Sharpay in High School musical and always has something bad to say about everyone, even when she is nothing to right home about.

This kind of girl feels the world revolves around her and won’t hesitate to show off her bitchy attitude in public.


2. Book Worm

This one is a very serious fella and probably wears glasses. She is most likely the daughter of a rich man and must have acquired her B.sc, a master’s, and even PhD at age 25.

She knows too much and assumes the rest of the world is not as smart as her.




3. Mother Theresa

13880211_872961956170054_6547236719074317218_nThis one just likes to be the mother goose to her friends, whether she is older or not. She looks out for her friends when they are out and makes sure everyone gets home safe


4. Divalicious

maima3This one is usually the queen in any kingdom she shows up at. Fine, sexy, and classy is her middle name. She is most likely a social media freak and a classy rude girl.


5. Map of Nigeria

bgsThis set of Nigerian ladies knows every nook and cranny in the country. Their unofficial job is to travel every weekend to different states to see different men.

She knows all the happening joints and all the wealthy men in her hood.

Her Instagram page is always updated with pictures taken in different hotel rooms. If she is very smart, she has a good life, a human hair shop and lots of cash to show for her hustle.


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6. The party girl

clubbThis one can not miss any owambe party even if she was not invited. She automatically turns herself into a club vixen as her dance skills are usually on point. She probably smokes and takes lots of alcohol too.




7. The fashionista

14469522_1000978853355134_4204401036014012743_nCall her the queen of red carpet! Always dressed to kill and make a statement. She doesn’t mind borrowing, as long as the clothes look good on her.


8. The gold digger

Image result for The gold diggerThis one is probably dating a wealthy married man. She is always on fleek; 32-inches weave on, nails done, drives a flashy car and lives in a suburban area.

She only hangs out with the rest of the clique when she’s in town; she’s travels the world and on business class tickets.


9. The funny one

14225578_942509985861391_2609267743807079720_nYou need this one to survive in the current state of the nation. She knows how to bring humor from every single situation and makes sure everyone has a good laugh whenever she is around.



10. Miss mysterious

12241545_807257372727284_6415406194551078138_nThis is a loner and barely turns up in public. When she eventually does, she sits alone and fumbles with her phone chatting with no one in particular.

Her life is a secret and she barely comments on people’s life on social media. She just has a lot going on in her life and does not care about the world around her.


11. The Foodie

12391093_825042014282153_6697646789768108893_nThese are the ladies that can cook and eat for Africa, they love to cook, in fact cooking is the hobby, they always love to eat, some kind be so fat due to eating too much.


12. The Lover Girl.



These kind of girls always stay faithful and are nor shy to flaunt their love ones on social medias, they tend to show off to other girls how much they are in love with their lover.


Which one of the above Nigerian Ladies are you?



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