12 Signs Your Man Is In Love With You

Love is a tricky thing to figure out. Add to that any and all of the social hoops we have to jump through, and you have yourself a cluster of confusion no one can unravel. People have been struggling for centuries through the rich, complex tapestry of mystery that love can be. Think of all the poems, stories, paintings and statues that were inspired by love and the pursuit of it. The reality is that every pair of humans has a different love story, but since we’re all human, some patterns have been noted. Here are a few signs love could be around the corner for you and that human you like so much.



1. He Doesn’t Just Pay Attention…

…he literally can’t help but do so. It’s not just that he’s looking at you, it’s that he visibly struggles to look away. This is not the same as “checking you out,” though that might be how it started. He looks at you like this when you’re in a messy bun and sweats or a bathrobe.

2. He’s Curious…

…about the tiniest little things that don’t matter at all. He’s taken note of how you take your coffee, not just in case he picks one up for you but also because it’s another piece of your presence. It’s a little thing that says something and nothing about you, but it’s tied to you. Think of your favorite pop star when you were ten: did you not want to know their birthday and their favorite food? Why? No, you weren’t about to send the Spice Girls a smorgasbord and no, you weren’t a stalker. You just wanted to feel one step closer to something you love, and that might be kind of what he’s doing too. 

3. He Doesn’t Just Care What You Think…

…he seems to be hanging on to your opinion more than most people. That guy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks suddenly (secretly) wants your approval. Depending on what else has happened in his life, this could start to weigh on him. You might notice him arguing a point on which you differ but refusing to “agree to disagree” like he does with other people. There is a good chance he, on some level, needs you to agree with him. The more you show him it’s him you want regardless of where you stand on any issue, the more likely he is to relax.

4. He Cheers You On

Whether you’re giving a speech in front of your whole office or attempting your first game of beer pong, he’s your biggest fan. He likes to see you win. He cares about your happiness and the things you’ve chosen to surround yourself with that bring you happiness.



5. He Has A Different Kind Of Empathy…

…for you than the rest of humanity. He cares about people, but he seems to feel your feels with you somehow. He seems to empathize with you on your level. He meets you where you’re at and you don’t even have to ask.

6. He Misses You…

…a lot (you miss him too). He started daydreaming through meetings when Cupid struck. When he’s on business trips, he’s thinking of you. 
7. He Wants You To Need Him…
…and when he doesn’t think you do, he’s legitimately devastated. Again, it’s not because he’s not helpful to everyone you know, but because he yearns to be of assistance to a person he loves: you.

8. He Doesn’t Just Touch You…

…he touches you in public. He would do it by accident before you started dating because it felt so natural to him (and to you too). His hand was around your waist before he found the guts to tell you how he feels. He pulled away, but that moment and all the little moments like it betrayed the poker face he wears all the time. 


9. He Loves You Enough To Let You Go…

….out with your girlfriends and your guy friends too. He understands that you had a life before he came along, and it’s a big part of what he loves about you. He is a human and might have a pinch of jealousy when he sees you with your buds, but he respects you enough to control his own insecurities. 

10. He Goes Out Of His Way…

…to do things you do yourself all the time. When he’s walking behind you, it would be totally acceptable for him to take the door after you’ve opened it. That’s what everyone does. Why is it that he insists on stepping in front of you, opening the door and letting you awkwardly walk under his arm? He was itching to “help,” and the inefficiency of it all makes it all the more adorable.

11. He Remembers…

…your birthday and the moment he tripped and fell over your awesome. Your big days are his big days, and he acts like it. 

12. You Already Know

Whether or not he thinks he’s got you fooled… if he loves you for real, you know. You knew “the look” because it’s indescribably different than anything you see anywhere else in your life. This list is just reassuring what you already know.



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