(+18) The Business Retreat – Episode 4

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…because while she stretched herself to write with her lifted right arm, her already short gown jumped even further up into the lower part of her bare Buttocks!
It was indeed startling and very unexpected! As one would think, the men suddenly began adjusting in their seats, in an obvious attempt to either pick out a more generous view of the lady’s partly-exposed Buttocks or possibly contain their dicks which I was sure had grown longer than usual in their trousers! Poor boys, indeed! It was just difficult for them to bear even though Ms. Rosemary didn’t seem to give a flying Fork about what was playing out around her! In fact, as she gently swayed from side to side while writing, the dress made it inches up, more and more! It got so bad that we soon began seeing the entire lower-half of her admittedly big booty, quite comfortably! And when she later bent over to pick up the board marker that mistakenly fell as she wrote, it turned out to become the killer arrow! If not for her plump Buttocks cheeks that still remained stuck together, I bet a considerable portion of her Kittycat would have briefly come into view!


I even heard a sigh or two that followed as some of the dudes began biting their lower lips in lustful desire! It was indeed very alarming to think she didn’t know she was Unclad right before the hall and even more alarming how everybody in the room never considered walking up to her and telling her she needed some covering either! It was only after she had finished writing and dropped her hand that she began to flimsily pull the drawn-up gown down into her upper-thigh! Remarkably, she barely looked like she knew what had happened and only just continued with her rather stylish speech. Instead, it was us who had been watching her, that looked to hurriedly regain our composure; including some of the men who had almost stood from their seats in a bid to see the beautiful lady’s partly stark butt! When the period for questions came nobody did ask as the hall only could remain unimaginably quiet! Even the moderator didn’t spend any further time before going on to dismiss us for the day. Everybody had simply seen what they thought wasn’t ever possible at the August Business Retreat and a handful were definitely going to spend the next couple of minutes at their hotel rooms with their genitals mostly in their hands! I thought I wasn’t going to be one of those people though, until I stood from my chair and for the first time that evening, realized that my Kittycat was already mercilessly drenched! All thanks to a Ms. Rosemary, who was largely breath-taking!


Ms. Rosemary’s open-Buttocks incident from the previous day soon began looking like it was the only thing that did occupy everybody’s minds throughout our second night! She simply had taken the August retreat to the next desired level it seemed, after a preceding year of unexpected sensual proclivity. While her choice and size of clothe suggested she totally knew what she was doing, her mannerism and disposition said otherwise. Looking at her yesterday, one would think she was her natural self of which if it was so at all, then her few male staff at Port Harcourt were indeed in trouble! They would be able to see and desire but would likely never come close as I continued to suspect her perceived sensual leaning towards fellow ladies was actually factual. And it seemed to be working for her too because Binta and a couple of other young women in the room did look blown away by her immense sexuality! The men did and undid the knots of their ties severally while these ladies licked their lips on numerous times too. I wouldn’t say I was particularly pulled off my feet but denying that she didn’t exactly trap me too would be an attempt at covering the obvious. She made me wet and I found out as soon as the session was over! Everybody seemed to be on the same wavelength too because for over a minute and half no one spoke to each other. I only heard the shuffling of feet and the screeching of chairs. And even when we began talking again, it was as though nobody wanted to spend much time doing so. Everybody was in a hurry to return to their rooms and it would be foolishness to think it was only just because of some needed rest! Ms. Rosemary herself was later cornered by the Vice CEO – Mr. Martin, and the Onitsha Branch Head. And one could see that she was being teased non-stop since she kept laughing and laughing at everything they said. But it was quite remarkable observing her own eyes instead because she didn’t seem to ever take it away from Binta. As Binta walked around greeting and speaking to most of the people in the hall, the female boss trailed her every step with her steady eyes. Binta did seem to notice as I felt this tad of extra effort she was putting in, in order to appear smarter as she went about her thing. I wasn’t exactly sure her show was only for the alluring woman though, because she and Bunmi had always had the hots for the Mr. Martin, who was also watching her! Anyways, it was while I was observing them, that Anthony subsequently found me. We spent the next couple of hours together, before leaving for our various rooms.
Going forward, Ms. Rosemary’s daring choice of clothe only made the next day – Thursday, a day to forever remember! At least for the men, if not for anyone else. Her outfit seemed to have given a pass to the rest of the ladies; including myself and took away whatever that was left of reasonable restrain within us. Particularly for me, I couldn’t just wait for Thursday to come! I even began feeling bad that I had to dress that ‘conservatively’ that very Wednesday even if I did show a bit extra cleavage and thigh flesh than normal. I thought that if I had gone anything close to the way of Ms. Rosemary, Anthony probably would have literarily Forked me right there in the hall before everybody! Now that I seemed to have gotten the needed motivation, I was eager to grab the opening with both hands! I hadn’t shopped for the trip just for nothing. I still had an overwhelming load of dangerous dresses to try out and I was yet to touch any of them! The previous year had suggested that the current retreat was going to be closer to a S£x-fair more than anything else and it was only wise to get prepared for it. While I had always considered those to be just my perception alone, it felt very pleasing when I entered the hall Thursday morning! By the time I would finally get a sit, I could not still find a single lady who wasn’t guilty of being on the supposedly ‘wrong’ outfit for a business meeting! Everybody looked rather loose in their choice of dress! From the young women from Abuja who now even looked the saints considering how less-revealing their outfits were, down to my own colleagues in Lagos; we all were a mile or two beyond what would be considered decent!

I had gone for a tight tube that stopped just mid-thigh. I was sure it was going to turn the heads because while it seemed normal in front at least, it was far from so on the sides! There were openings cut at intervals from just above the mid-thigh area up to the sides of my Bosom! And my bare thighs, Buttocks and Bosom could be seen through them! I was certain the view would keep the guys guessing if I wore any panties at all or not and would only drive them further crazy if they discovered I wasn’t actually!

While my attire was in no doubt outlandish, there were many that just went beyond the possibility of being defined in words! There were some that looked okay except for their inadequate sizes; including the skirt which I found one of the girls from the Head Office wearing. Not only was the skirt very taut around her bare Buttocks, it was also ridiculously short, forcing her to almost always pull it down every 30 seconds to keep it from riding up into her waist!


Hers was only fair though when compared to her colleague who had allowed the hem of hers to remain around her buttocks after it had slid up a number of times! She shamelessly went about that way and with her exposed thick thighs jiggling from side to side! In fact all of them from Abuja had a common feature of grossly undersize outfits. While these two struggled with their outrageously short skirts, the others struggled at the top with their shirts, gowns and blouses!

I was also drawn to some of the girls from Port Harcourt too. It was equally as though they had burrowed a leaf from their boss who was yet to enter the hall, because some of them were now on see-through clothes, just like their boss had done the previous day. While theirs were not as coldly revealing as that of Ms. Rosemary, they did display a lot of visible flesh still! Their panties and bras which everybody could clearly see were the only things stopping us from fully viewing their Tips and pussies!
Their panties and bras which everybody could clearly see were the only things stopping us from fully viewing their Tips and pussies!
However though, they were not the only ones on see-through that Thursday morning. In fact, our own Binta was equally on a see-through gown and looked ‘worse’ than what anybody else had ever looked like! It was as though they were all waiting for Ms. Rosemary to launch hers before pulling theirs out from the bag. Binta’s was even blatantly transparent and allowed us to faintly see everything except for her crotch which was covered by a triangular patch of black cloth designed to conceal the zone! Her Bosom were bare underneath, with her Tips shamelessly poking into the gauzy fabric of the dress!


Remarkably, just like Ms. Rosemary, she looked rather calm and indifferent about it all; freely talking with people and laughing now and again. It was a very strange morning indeed! However, I instantly knew that I hadn’t seen anything yet when Ms. Rosemary eventually walked into the hall at last! And just like anyone would expect, instant calm followed! Everybody went noiseless as we all watched her walk across the hall towards the table meant for her branch. If anyone had thought the previous day was outrageous by most standards, that moment was shocking by every standard! Ms. Rosemary was on another short gown which to me, only looked like a fishnet more than anything else! She was stark underneath and not even a panty or bra was there to conceal a bit of her nudity! I just couldn’t understand where she was getting all her guts from and to be sincere, I wasn’t sure I could ever be as brazen as herself! She took quite eternity to walk her way through the hall and her Buttocks did produce some glamorous display! It was only after she had sat down that anybody thought of resuming whatever it was they were doing before she walked it. She was simply a show-stopper; and she just proved thus so!

As already known, Thursday’s activities were going to revolve around the introduction of the management’s newest goals for the organization. The Activity Manual was already stating that and it was going to be a single long session. The CEO was going to reveal the company’s plans for the following year as well as any newest changes they intend to introduce in order to achieve those aims. Just like the previous day, it was the Vice CEO – Mr. Martin that was in for the moderation but he soon called upon the CEO to address us for the first time since the Retreat started. I was lucky to have found a seat just beside Anthony and we were now sitting side by side even though we still were on the tables assigned to our various branches! It only took 3 minutes or so before I suddenly felt his left hand on my thigh! And I somehow knew instantly that the day was going to be a beautiful one!
It only took 3 minutes or so before I suddenly felt his left hand on my thigh
It also seemed that most of us present were equally lucky as myself. For I found out that the seat Ms. Rosemary had picked for herself was just to the left of Binta whose see-through dress kept the Port Harcourt boss’s eyes busy rather perpetually! Binta herself looked as though she was more interested in the talking CEO than her female admirer, nonetheless! Our own Mrs. Kudirat was equally not left behind. She was just a seat away from the only dude from Port Harcourt and despite Ms. Dami’s (the Abuja Head of Statistics) unhidden desires towards him, the young man’s interest seemed to be firmly placed on our own Head of Operations! While I was happy for Mrs. Kudirat, I felt sad for Ms. Dami who just couldn’t catch the ice of any of the guys present despite her beauty. She had even gone another step higher than what she wore the previous day; her gown’s plunging neckline seemed a challenge to handle and one would feel that her Bosom were a moment or two away from spilling out!


Most of her colleagues had the same challenge even though the ones who didn’t, were in a battle with their micro-mini skirts that had refused to remain a second longer at their thighs without failing to ride up into their waists! In fact, it only soon appeared like some kind of set-up a few minutes into the day’s meeting. Given that they had seemed to purposely arrange their own table the day before, in such a way that it would directly stand across that of the team from Onitsha (who I was aware they desperately craved for), as soon as they began spreading their thighs apart under their table, I had the slightest doubt that it wasn’t a strategy to seduce! And of course, it worked on most of the dude’s from Onitsha! For a large portion of our minutes in the hall, they barely looked elsewhere other than the insides of these ladies’ thighs! Thankfully, my Anthony had other ideas as his left hand soon found the insides of my own right thigh instead, right under my pink gown!


After the CEO had thanked everybody present, commending the effort put in by various groups including the ladies in his crew, he curiously digressed a massive bit.
“I would particularly thank my ladies differently…” he continued “…at least for what I call corporate sassiness. Please can we give them a round of applause…”
We all took a brief moment to clap for the girls on her crew even though I wasn’t sure what for.
“Thank you…thank you all….” he resumed after the applause had died down. “I really love it when our ladies have the sparkle. The corporate sparkle! It drives me nuts!”
I still couldn’t get what he was talking about and I assume many people didn’t also get it either.
“I love how you ladies look today. This is what I have always asked from all of you! That energy and vivacity! I have always wanted it to show in all you do and of course how you dress to work! Just look at yourselves…..”
We all looked around, including myself.
“Aren’t we beautiful today?!” he asked after
“WE ARE!!” echoed the excited hall
“Another applause please! For yourselves!….”
We all clapped!
“I want to really thank you all. You look very attractive…in fact, very Sekxy! My wife would become jealous if she were to come in here…”
The hall laughed.
“Yea…she would.” he was beaming too. “I was particularly pleased with Rosemary yesterday…”
We all went calm at the mention of her name and waited to hear what he was going to say about her
“…she was just amazing! She taught us how to be the ‘corporate desirable’! No one who had seen her yesterday, wouldn’t want to follow her to wherever she was going to! That is part of the strategy for both the men and the women! Be the first attraction! Be the corporate seduction to our clients! Ladies show some Bosom and thighs! Show some flesh! And guys, show some abs, packs and bulges! Of course, the ladies love it big so show them you have it big!…”
By this time, the entire hall had already gone crazy, laughing and reechoing all the CEO was saying! Anthony’s fingers were now straining themselves to reach my cunt opening! They had already scrapped my clit severally, binging me electrifying sensations at every touch! My terribly drenched mound was only making his rather slippery ambition a lot easier!

Anthony’s fingers were now straining themselves to reach my cunt opening
“…so may this long continue! We have a strategy. A plan. And part of that plan is to always be the first point of attraction. When we dress and act the way we are doing today, then the clients will come! Ms. Rosemary our ever radiant Branch Manager at our Port Harcourt office, showed us that yesterday. And she is still showing us that today!…”
All eyes turned to the lady who was happily beaming from ear to ear.
“Please can you stand for all to see madam?” quickly instructed the CEO “Don’t you love her dress?”
“WE DO!” was the response that followed, with the men in the room forming the greater of those who replied.
“Of course you would. With all that flesh, nobody would ever not want to meet and know her. And that includes our clients. You can now sit down, my beauty.”
I watched as her Unclad Buttocks globes parted (revealing her Kittycat briefly) and came back together under her fishnet-looking dress, as she bent to sit! It should definitely be a mind-blowing sight for the guys!


The CEO continued. “I have prepared the Head of Statistics to address us in this session. She will be giving us a rundown of the company’s newest goals as well as other growth plans we intend to pursue in the coming year. She is one of my finest staff and I am very pleased with her outfit today…”
All eyes turned to the lady in question.
“…in fact, she gave me a couple of hard-on’s if I must admit…”
“AAAW WWW…..”, came the bawl from the stunned audience before deafening laughter followed! It was obvious everyone was enjoying the moment. At least for once, a Kittycat-moistening compliment was finally passed on to the beautiful Ms. Dami.
“…She looks tempting frankly. Anyway, may I welcome to this place, Ms. Dami Akintola! A round of applause please.”
All hands began clapping as Ms. Dami left her seat and started walking towards the stage.

But somehow, each time she passed a particular table, the occupants would abruptly slow down in their applause and begin to look at her backside in obvious curiosity! I couldn’t know why until she eventually got to the stage and turned her back on us while picking the microphone from the CEO. That was when I saw the obvious point of attraction, for right behind her and just mid-way into her Buttocks, there was this massive patch of dampness! Knowing how the last half-hour or so had gone, it was quite easy to suspect what had brought the wet spot behind her gown! Without doubt, Ms. Dami had been creaming herself all this while and it was quite obvious not wearing a panty had allowed her juices to run onto her gown! I was already scared I was likely going to be suffering same fate soon since I wasn’t wearing any panties either! Moreover, Anthony’s forefinger had now reached my slit and he had begun running the very moist finger up and down the drenched passage for a while now! My juices in turn kept running in streams and I began perceiving myself at some point! In fact, as soon as I saw the dampness behind Dami’s gown, I sipped another stream of my own Pour into my shaking thighs! Anthony must have felt it because he increased the intensity with which he was earlier rubbing my slit! He seemed to also love what he was seeing behind Ms. Dami because he hardly took away his eyes from the young lady’s backside! Of course, the lady had now collected the mic from the CEO who hugged her tightly before giving her a peck in the mouth!
“Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to stand before you…” she began saying in a very lovely voice.
She was now facing us while backing members of her team who were actually behind her. And I was sure the CEO and the Vice must have seen the damp patch now because they both leaned into each other, talking briefly while openly starring at the young woman’s Buttocks!
“I would love to use the nest few hours to discuss the new goals the organization has set for itself…” she continued. She was going to walking around as she spoke and what a blessing it was going to be for the men! Her Buttocks was already a big one and did gyrate at every of her steps so it was only added bliss anytime the damp spot on the jiggling Buttocks came into view!
Her Buttocks was already a big one…

To Be Continued…


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