(+18) The Business Retreat – Episode 5

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Even her front-side had an attraction to it too! She was one of the Abuja girls who were struggling with their tops and it was very blatant how she was even doing her best to keep her sprawling Bosom within her dress! She was equally blessed in the tits department and as she began walking around talking, she had to occasionally pull up the neck of her gown to keep the braless mamarries from spilling out!

With all those goodies on her, I just couldn’t understand why nobody was making the moves on her. Even my own Anthony looked trapped because he soon reduced the tempo under my gown! I had to occasionally pull his hand further in to get him to continue what he had started. That did quite little though since he kept trailing Dami’s backside as she addressed us! Moreover given that more than 95% of the room had their eyes on the beautiful Head of Statistics, it was difficult to blame Anthony. After all he was human and secondly a man. And it wasn’t as if the lady was talking nonsense. She was indeed making some vital points. She initially spoke about the company’s expansion plans. She said the company had the intension to establish two new branches across the three quarters of the following year. One was going to be in either Kano or Kaduna while the other will be in Kogi. A heavy applause followed the revelation. It was surely a good step forward after all. She also mentioned that the management had tabled out a three-point focus for the next business-year. The first was Improved Customer Service, while the second and third were Technology and Human Resource Investments, respectively. She revealed that a contract had been agreed with a firm in Lagos who would upgrade the existing office technology across the branches. According to her, the Head Office was already enjoying some of these newest technologies, such as Data Tracking, Data Simulation and Virtual Reading Technology. It sounded very cool and the audience often showed appreciation of the company’s efforts by duly clapping at every revelation.
It was while she began explaining that the organization also intends to recruit a new batch of staff, that the unexpected happened! Her left Tip suddenly popped out of her low-cut neckline! And all to everybody’s amazement! For a moment people stopped nodding and echoing her words as all eyes got drawn to the exposed black Tip! It was indeed long and her areola was quite wide; covering a greater portion of the part of her boob that became visible!

It was equally as though she wasn’t aware of this so went about her presentation without concerns! It was obvious what most people were more interested in, so they all kept their eyes on her burst line as she went about her speech! Even Anthony couldn’t bear the unplanned seduction anymore and had to suddenly nudge my wet thighs wider apart in order to get better access into my moist Kittycat! And as soon as he did, he slid a thumb in! It was incredibly absorbing and I instantly clamped my thighs into his hand! The sensation was unbearable and my Kittycat juices couldn’t just stop running! In fact, I began feeling my fluids flood the underside of my lower thighs, indicating that the leather seat I was sitting on was already drenched! It only got worse when he tried Bleeping me gently with his thumb and I had to stretch a hand to grab his Joystick in return!

Of course it shocked him because he looked at me and smiled! But it shocked me even more because unlike what I had continually thought, his Joystick was far bigger than ever envisaged! I so wished I could bring it out and see it but did feel the constrain of the environment just about then. I was even still lucky no one had seen us even though I knew that would mean nothing, given how gross most of the activities in the hall had been so far! In fact, I began rubbing his Joystick up and down through his trouser, encouraging him to Fork me harder with his fingers! The Joystick predictably grew bigger until the outline became thoroughly conspicuous across the upper length of his trouser! It made it easier to target its head and I rubbed it with every vigour. He still had his eyes on the talking Dami’s exposed Tip but his finger was doing the magic between my thighs!

For some reason I didn’t initially ascertain, Ms. Dami suddenly stopped talking! It was while she began picking up the sheets on the floor that I realized she stopped talking because her presentation sheets had fallen from her hands! I hadn’t been looking at her lately as my interest was more on Anthony’s engorged Joystick! But then, it seemed there was something else to her stooping down that caught the attention of everybody, because as soon as she stooped down, almost all the men in the hall, including Anthony, partially stood from their seats to sneak a look at her on the floor! It was when I managed to join them that I realized what the fuss was about. While picking up her sheets, Ms. Dami’s thighs became inevitably spread apart and that did bring her entire Kittycat into view underneath her gown! In fact for the many seconds she spent on the ground I did comfortably see her puffy moist Kittycat as well as her rather swollen clit! She was cleanly shaved and I do admit that her Kittycat looked very ‘suckable’ from where I was!


It was as though Anthony had similar opinions because he grabbed my hand just then and pressured me to jerk his Joystick much faster as we both watched in fascination! I responded at once and even did it so vigourously that one of his mates at his table had to look our way for a moment! When my eyes found his, he smiled but without responding, I looked away! I had no doubt that he could see the veins across the sides of my face as Anthony equally Forked me so animatedly with his forefinger! His eyes was steadily on Dami’s Kittycat and it was only when she began to stand that I felt his Joystick pulsate and with no warning exploded his load into his trousers, soaking it terribly! Some of it even sipped through to my fingers as the load was just too much to be contained! I wasn’t close to my own orgasm yet and I expected he would continue finger-Bleeping me. But he didn’t. Instead, he pulled out his hand gently and suddenly stood to his feet concealing the dampness in front of his trouser with a sheet of paper. Then he left his table and walked out of the hall! It did feel nasty because I at least expected him to appreciate my effort even if he didn’t bring me to my own deserved orgasm! Even after waiting and waiting for him to return, he simply didn’t show up again.

Anyway, a huge applause followed as soon as Ms. Dami announced the end of her presentation! It wasn’t clear if the applause was just because of her nice speech or equally because of the soft-Adult movie she had entertained us with! I did notice some of the guys and ladies refused to stand and it was obvious why! They may have been lucky wanking and fingering themselves under the table all these while, but would be definitely exposing themselves if they ever dared to stand to clap! Nobody was a saint it seemed and even myself looked vindicated. As I had suspected, the back of my gown looked wet when I checked and so was that of most ladies present. Everybody felt the Sekxual weight of the moment and even the guys looked awkward in the way they were standing! In fact, when the Vice CEO came up to collect the mic from Dami, he did little to hide his overflowing arousal! His own was well written across the front of his trouser and as he turned to face us, we clearly noticed his one-eyed erect snake nodding its head repeatedly under his fly!

Of course, he had his eyes firmly fixed on the beautiful lady’s exposed Tip as the both exchanged endearing smiles. That alone couldn’t just describe his excitement still because when Ms. Dami finally chose to leave the stage, Mr. Martin stretched a hand right in front of us, and grabbed one of her Buttocks cheeks shamelessly!


Of course, he had his eyes firmly fixed on the beautiful lady’s exposed Tip as the both exchanged endearing smiles.
Not only did he just grab it, he went on to spank it as she walked away, laughing hysterically in willful glee!
“Isn’t she Sekxy?!…” was the man’s next question
“SHE IS?!!” Chorused an excited hall!
“She makes me want to Fork, you know!” continued an out-of-control Vice CEO! It was unbelievable that he said the f-word in a rather comfortable manner!
He even went on to give his Joystick a little squeeze right before us!
“The CEO had already said he wants us to have more energy and oomph! In fact I want to add that we should have more directness! Let us all act like it’s one family here! Or don’t you want that?!…”
“WE DO!!” came the desired reply!
“I mean, we should feel free to hug each other, you know!…cuddle and even kiss each other as friends, colleagues and brother/sister…”
He had barely completed that when most of the people in the hall began embracing, kissing and laughing! Not only were they doing that, some even went as far as spanking the buttocks of some of the standing ladies while also fondling their Bosom!
Not only were they doing that, some even went as far as spanking the buttocks of some of the standing ladies while also fondling their Bosom!
In response, these ladies playfully objected, spanking back at the dudes who had done so in the first instance!
“Go on, embrace somebody! Go on…” added the obviously aroused Vice
And more people started looking for who to embrace and even kiss! It was while I was watching Ms. Rosemary approach Binta to probably kiss her, that I felt someone hold onto my right boob without warning! On turning, I realized it was that very colleague of Anthony, who had caught me jerking his Joystick earlier on! He was probably looking for the hug too and maybe a fondle or two!

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I smiled at him and opened up my hands for an embrace. He looked like he was on top of the world as he hurriedly hugged me, bringing his mouth to mine. I only let him kiss me for a couple moments before letting go and then as he went for my Bosom again, I grabbed onto his Joystick! He was impressively huge moreover and I gave his manhood a good rub and squeeze! We both laughed out very loudly at the rather silly drama playing out!

Since Anthony wasn’t in the hall, it wasn’t anybody’s fault that I had to give the entertainment to someone else. At least for a good four minutes or so, the hall remained rowdy with everybody hugging, kissing, squeezing and inserting things! It was until the moderator called for us to sit, that anything resembling sanity returned to the meeting!

“We have to go now people.” he subsequently said, still grinning and sweating. “We have had a wonderful day. Or haven’t we?”
“WE HAVE!! WE HAVE….!!” was the reply he got. Someone even screamed from within the audience that she loved him very much! That too, attracted some laughter that lasted a few more seconds.
“I love you too baby! Make sure you meet me after the meeting, I would love to know you. As for now, we will be going. The games will be coming up tomorrow and we would want you to be ready for it. We have had a wonderful one today and I promise you that that of tomorrow will be extraordinary! So we meet here 10am tomorrow for our games. And be on your casuals! Thank you very much ladies and gents. Till tomorrow, shall we?!”
The hall chorused their own thank you and broke into another rowdy session of talking and laughing people!
I had nobody to talk to except for my colleagues who I managed to have a few words with thereafter. I was basically in a hurry again to return to my room given the rather embarrassing wet patch that was behind my gown! But that wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t quickly pee. So I hurriedly began sprinting towards the restroom to pass some urine. Luckily enough, both of the female cubicles were free and I easily got into one. It was quite a rush of hot urine as I had been incredibly tensed all this while in the hall. And when I was done, I cleaned myself with a piece of toilet papers, before getting back on my feet. However, I was only astounded when I stepped into the general lobby, only to find Anthony at the men’s end of the restroom trying to return the biggest Joystick I had ever seen back into his trousers!

For a good 30seconds I remained fixed to a spot staring blankly into his slightly dangling manhood! He was knocked out too because he equally remained still, holding his Joystick in hand and without doing anything else! I just couldn’t understand if he had been there all the while I was looking out for him or he was just getting there! But I so wished I could walk up to him and follow him back into his cubicle right away! While I desired it so much, I just couldn’t get to do it. I only just straightened out my gown and after giving his Joystick one more glance, began walking away and back into the hall. I was definitely going back to my room to give myself some attention; for my Kittycat had just begun running more juices, once again!


It looked more like I was sprinting than climbing as I speedily ascended the flight of stairs leading to my hotel room! I was dripping real bad and couldn’t wait to jump into bed just as soon! Images of Anthony’s fat Joystick were still gravely printed in my head, several seconds after I had seen it! I could still remember how thick it looked as he held it in his hand! And there was this slight alluring curve to it as well that really got my mouth watering! The head was seductively full, forming this rotund swollen cap over the engorged pole! In the few seconds I managed to gawk, I noticed the unbelievable number of bulging veins that repeatedly entwined themselves as they travelled up towards his knob! It was just a beauty to behold.
In the few seconds I managed to gawk, I noticed the unbelievable number of bulging veins that repeatedly entwined themselves as they travelled up towards his knob!
And considering that he beat the phallus about a bit before letting it gently dangle from his zipper, it becomes quite easy to understand why my Kittycat instantly got flooded even before I could make it out of the restroom! I urgently needed attention and I could barely waste any further time before giving that to myself! As soon as I got into the hotel lobby, I practically crashed through my door and into my bed! I wasn’t on any panties so my Kittycat was very open to the entire world! There was no stress of pulling a band down either so I only had to attend to my blouse. I dragged it up into my hip and spread my thighs as wide as I could!

I was mercilessly drenched, with the inside of my thighs glistening with my overflowing Kittycat juice! Moreover, my literally breathing swollen vulva had become hyper-sensitive and I almost did jump out of bed when one of my fingers eventually touched it! I could even see my clit sticking its pink head out of the hood also. And I needed not to be told how receptive it was likely going to be as well given the increased rush of blood into the ever-pulsating love knob! It wasn’t long before I found myself picturing Anthony again. This time as a strapping cute guy addressing his audience. I remembered how endearing his voice had sounded and imagined hearing him say nice things to me with it! I thought about the way his broad chest stretched the fabric of his shirt that afternoon and fantasized what it would have looked like if he decided to unbutton before all of us. In fact, if he had unbuttoned before just me! I imagined I suddenly became the only one in the hall and he chose to unbutton right before myself! He was likely going to pull off his immaculate white shirt, revealing a white singlet that will hug his hard biceps like a second skin! At this point, my hand was already massaging the sides of my throbbing vulva, making periodical visits to the basin of my Kittycat opening! When the second knuckle on my right middle finger abruptly touched my glowing clit, I instantly shuddered, clamping my legs tightly together!


But I had to spread my thighs still, and as wide as they could go! So I soon parted my legs again, observing how my sticky juice formed several strings of weak webs between both thighs! It was indeed a lovely sight but then, not near as lovely as Anthony’s thick curved Joystick! I had begun imagining him choosing to drop his trousers too! I could now see his biceps and abs as well as the muscular packs formed across his belly! I now pictured him undoing his belt and zipper, allowing it to drop to the floor in a heap! I could see his hard big Joystick making a gigantic impression across the front of his bum pant! It looked really big and I wondered what it would feel like putting it inside of me!

I could see his hard big Joystick making a gigantic impression across the front of his bum pant!
I had already let my hand locate my clit after all and as I fantasized about Anthony’s size, I felt two of my fingers envelope the twitching knob in soft fashion! Of course, I uncoiled again, lifting my hip off the bed momentarily and twisting myself to a side! The feeling was unbelievable and it did completely consume me! I was sweating without measure as more and more love juices sipped into the crack of my Buttocks from my Kittycat! My crotch was just a mess and my hand was doing an ever-increasing work of massaging and kneading my sensitive clit! Anthony was suddenly now puling on his band in my mind, and it looked as though he was going to pull off his pant too! I couldn’t just wish for more and had to shut my eyes so tightly in order to fully picture the process without missing a thing! He got his fingers around it and in one pull, slid the elastic clothe down his muscular thighs! Just then, his hard thick Joystick sprang out in a pop, waving from side to side like some totem pole! I felt the moist in my mouth and quickly swallowed some saliva! I was nearly pleading that he put the stretch of man-meat in my mouth as I observed my mouth opening up for him! And yes, he was coming to do that! In fact, I soon began picturing Anthony standing Unclad, right in front of my bed!

To Be Continued…



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