(+18) The Business Retreat – Episode 6

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He got his fingers around it and in one pull, slid the elastic clothe down his muscular thighs! Just then, his hard thick Joystick sprang out in a pop, waving from side to side like some totem pole!
My fingers smelt strongly of Kittycat but still, I shoved it deep into my mouth!I could taste myself as I began running my tongue all over both fingers! I couldn’t believe Anthony’s Joystick tasted that good and I tried taking as much of it into my mouth as possible! My saliva was flowing so very easily and I made sure I greased his dickhead in abundance! The swollen cap looked even bigger and he jolted each time I teased it’s tip with a slight graze with my teeth! He was surely in paradise! Moreover, my right hand was still on my Kittycat, tugging and pulling my charged clit!

tugging and pulling my charged clit
I was equally spreading my outer lips apart, letting my middle finger run across my slit, now and again! The feeling was simply spine-tingling and the moist state of the zone made it even more so! Before I would let a finger travel down to my puckered asshole, Anthony had pulled on my head as he attempted to push his big curled Joystick further down into my throat! Of course he succeeded, choking me in the process! And I practically struggled for air, kicking and growling as more and more of my saliva flooded my mouth!


I could even feel the start of my esophagus with the tips of my fingers given how completely buried they were in my mouth – and wantonly swimming around the deepest regions of my oral cavity! When the fingers finally slid out for a moment, they were thoroughly covered in more spit! I was sure Anthony loved seeing his Joystick so drenched in my spit for when I looked up at him, he had this smile across his lips! I also watched as my saliva endlessly drooled from the tip of his phallus before he quickly brought his hand over his Joystick to smear the clear fluid all over it! He didn’t spend further time before shoving the meat back into my mouth! This time, he didn’t just let me suck the fingers at my pace, instead he practically Forked my face with them! I helplessly choked for a second time as he began groaning in pleasure! He was being pleased quite admirably and I absolutely loved it! I wasn’t having a bad day either because my Kittycat still hadn’t ceased running! In fact, the next time I checked, I had accumulated a considerable amount of cream just around my opening!
In fact, the next time I checked, I had accumulated a considerable amount of cream just around my opening!
I instantly knew Anthony was getting set to Fork me when he began climbing into my bed soon after! He had slid out his Joystick from my mouth and my fingers were heavily covered in saliva. I couldn’t wait for him to penetrate me already so I lifted my knee and spread my thighs wider! My soaked fingers were now on my opening, massaging the area in readiness to enter my Kittycat. And as expected, I felt him begin attempting to push the wet head of his member in just after! Thankfully, it seamlessly slid in, bringing me exquisite pleasure as it did! The fingers weren’t completely buried in me just yet but they eventually sunk in after a little thrust now and again! Both my fingers were now completely swallowed up to the last knuckle, and as he began Bleeping me, he made sure he withdrew his tool all to the tip, before slamming it back in again!


I was taken! He had begun with gentle slow strokes, periodically allowing his mighty Joystick to spend a lot of time in my Kittycat before pulling it out for only a short moment. But I seemed to want it faster and rougher, so I brought my left hand on my right and pushed my fingers farther into my drenched hole rather vigorously! Of course it drove me off the route and I instantly recoiled once more! But I wasn’t stopping just yet, because with the same left hand I pulled out the right and slammed it back in again! My cunt responded by profusely oozing my nectar in loads, from all corners of my opening, coating my palm in more cream!

Then I still went again, and again, and again! In fact, I began plundering my hot dripping cunt with Anthony’s thick Joystick in unbelievable speed! He Forked me like some wild woodpecker and hardly allowed me any moment of breath! At each stroke, I would feel his Joystick travel through me, all the way up to my womb! My Kittycat would make loud squashy sounds, indicating how very full I was with my fluid! It only turned him on the more, so he kept slamming my fingers in and out of me! He even had to hold onto my shoulders in order to keep me close, before proceeding to slam me even harder! I was practically shivering before long!

When he completely pulled out for the first time, a spew of my cream followed my fingers out! Of course, I brought both of them to my mouth to suck the sweet nectar off them! And he tasted real good. Most especially around the knobby head! And even when I ran my tongue all the way down to his sack, I was delighted with the musky flavor that flooded my taste buds! Besides, his manly seductive scent, only made the feeling sweeter!


And even when I ran my tongue all the way down to his sack, I was delighted with the musky flavor that flooded my taste buds!
Characteristically, he wasn’t going to tell me what he wished to do next but as soon as he began flipping me over onto my belly, I knew he was going to penetrate me from behind! So, I went on all fours, arced my back and spread my thighs as much as I could do!

So, I went on all fours, arced my back and spread my thighs as much as I could do!
I already assumed he was having the best view of his time looking down into my partly parted vulva! And given that my opening was more or less slightly gaped, he had all the motivation to re-introduce his thick tool back inside of me!
And given that my opening was more or less slightly gaped, he had all the motivation to re-introduce his thick tool back inside of me!
Hence without wasting further time, I gave my fingers a good lick and from under my belly, located my Kittycat with relative ease! Then, just like before, sank them straight into my yearning lovehole in sumptuous aplomb!


Then, just like before, sank them straight into my yearning lovehole in sumptuous aplomb!
I then quietly began moaning as Anthony’s Joystick continued down into my womb! He was just too Bleeping big! My position meant that I would be so full of his meat! My cunt walls were rightly stretched to their limits and his tip was way beyond my Kittycat corridor! When he attempted withdrawing momentarily in order to slam himself back in, I heard the squelchy sounds again! I was horribly wet and I could even feel a trickle or two of my juices running down my belly towards my Bosom! It just had to be the best Fork of my life and how I wished it was never going to end! As soon as Anthony pulled out his Joystick, save for the cap, he slammed it back in again, in full force! I squirmed! Then he went again, spreading my bum with one hand to reveal my puckered lovebox! I was a lot more prepared this time, so I comfortably received him. And in subsequent thrusts, took him in with relative ease! It wasn’t long before I began lifting my booty up into the air each time, to meet him halfway into his downward trip! The feeling was sensational as I always ended up swallowing his entire member with my Kittycat! Moreover, my fleshy Buttocks cheeks kept jiggling, while he continued walloping my sipping cunt, for all he cared!

Before long, my gyrating Buttocks as well as his Joystick and continuous strokes metamorphosized into a unified hazy blur of visual mess! The bed couldn’t stand us anymore so endlessly creaked at every of our vigorous motions! Loud sounds of flesh slapping against flesh equally resonated all over the room, and succeeded each of his thrusts into my dancing bum! He had become so fast now and was thoroughly plummeting my cunt with no iota of mercy or caution! I could only hear myself yell so loudly as his tool furiously travelled in and out of me like a ferocious train! He was groaning, grunting and growling at the same time. We both were sweating so heavily and the sheets under us were a complete muddle!


We both were sweating so heavily and the sheets under us were a complete muddle!
I thought we were nearly there. For his strokes were now persistent and with purpose. And the creaking bed was in some form of harmony with our slamming sweaty bodies! It wasn’t long before all of these as well as our many growls and moans, further transcended into harmonious resonance! This was just about the same point when I completely lost it! I felt my mind begin a journey, with the outrageous pleasure coming from Anthony’s Joystick leading the way! I thought about S£x, pleasure, romance and satisfaction! Then I thought about my Kittycat, Anthony’s mighty Joystick and all that was beautiful that could happen between us! I instantly concluded within my head, that this very place I had just found myself, was no other place but the famous Cloud 9!! And just then, my gates broke and I began to Pour! It wasn’t some simple dribble of thick cream this time, rather a speedy hot Pour of clear Kittycat fluid! I initially froze for a second or two before then breaking out into a rapid successive series of shivers that got my body reverberating for so long! It forced my fingers out while causing me to twirl and tweak my torso as awkwardly as my body would let me! My juices sprayed high into the air, before splattering onto my lap! But that still wouldn’t do!

In an attempt to control it, I only got my Kittycat to spew even more onto the hotel wall! There is no point, talking about the bed sheets anyway since they were already more soaked than any tongue in the world! It was quite a length before I would finally regain any resemblance of sanity! However, it was only after this extraordinary climax had come down that I suddenly realized that there was something very much missing. And it didn’t exactly cost a tremendous amount of thinking to find out what. Anthony. I hadn’t seen him Pour with me! And it was quite very obvious. In fact, I couldn’t see any Anthony anymore. Nor even his Joystick! It was quite unbelievable! For I just realized that I had just only Forked Anthony right inside my head! And my fingers still smelt like Kittycat, after wonderfully playing the role of a thick throbbing fat Joystick!

The next time I opened my eyes, it was already 10:23am of the following day! Absolute horror gripped me! I had dozed off just after the heavy orgasm I had experienced and didn’t wake again until the following morning. The Games were supposed to begin 10 am and from what my time said, I was already over 20mins late! Without wasting further time, I called up Room Service, placing some order and then jumped into the shower to bathe!


The delivery was prompt and just after I had stepped out of the bathroom, I had my plate of breakfast waiting at the door! Of course, there wasn’t going to be a special time to sit and eat, so I only had to eat while dressing; save for the time I applied my make-up. The dress-code for the Friday was already known to everyone. They needed us to be on denim blue trousers and polo. As a matter of fact, I had two options in my case. I had come with something everyone could call a real denim trouser and a pullover vest but had a back-up nonetheless! A back-up I was actually hoping could become the eventual first option! This back-up could pass for a denim and a polo quite alright, but the denim was far from anything you could call a trouser. It was in fact a short and a rather brief one to be precise! It stopped just after mid-thigh and perfectly accentuated my hips and Buttocks when I tried it out at the boutique!

On that first morning of the Retreat, I genuinely had serious doubts that I would ever get to wear it. It was coming across like a step too far that day! But now, given what the last two days had looked like with the likes of Rosemary practically baring it all, I could bet I was only likely going to be the less provocative if I eventually wore it into the hall! The denim was really short and the top had decency issues too, but I was definitely wearing them nonetheless! Anyway, it wasn’t long before I was set to leave the room and in few moments, I was climbing down my hotel stairs heading to the meeting hall.
I instantly assumed there was a real sign for ‘concern’ when I came into the quadrangle, and then spotted my own Mrs. Kudirat walking up the patio towards the meeting hall. Of course, it was only mere coincidence to have seen her first but she seemed to lay the telling foundation to what I was inevitably going to meet inside! She was on a denim short too like myself (vindicating my own choice, of course) but hers was by far exposing more than mine could ever do! It just stopped below her bum and did grip her Buttocks cheeks rather firmly.
It just stopped below her bum and did grip her Buttocks cheeks rather firmly.
She was already blessed with a terrific backside, so going on to wear a short that wouldn’t adequately cover all the flesh she had behind her, was indeed a lot for the eye to carry! I wouldn’t say I was exactly surprise since it had been obvious right from day one that the event was only gradually transcending into the dark depths of lustful predilection. We had graduated from a couple of skirts and trousers showing pantylines, straight up to totally see-through outfits that brazenly sampled Unclad breasts and vaginas! There was now a strong overwhelming feeling that we were only likely heading into a murky basin of ‘inordinate’ activities if we continued the way we were going! As for me, I wasn’t sure what I preferred. It was never going to be professional to have ladies walking about with their tits sticking out nor guys sampling their erections across the front of their trousers; but then, I’d be lying if I ever said I hadn’t enjoyed all of it so far! The August Business Retreat was in plain words, a deviant pile of attractive wreckage so far and that looked the right word to also define what I eventually met when I finally followed Mrs. Kudirat into the hall! Being late, I was expecting the games to be on-going, but it didn’t look like it was; at least at first sight! All I could see was a rowdy gathering of rather excited people. Everyone seemed to be laughing and yelling. And at the top of their voices too! Some were even running around like some thrilled school kids, with either a guy or a lady pursuing! I could see some of the Port Harcourt girls at a corner dancing and twerking, while their colleagues sang them a song!

Even the Vice CEO who I initially wanted to assume wasn’t in the hall at all, was actually very much present! And he was seated at the stage with my own Bunmi, sitting on his left lap! I couldn’t just understand anymore!!
As it were, those weren’t even the most disturbing issues. The Activity bulletin which was still at my hotel room, had clearer instructed that we should all be on ‘A Blue Denim Trouser’ and ‘A Polo’. But factually speaking, I could only count just about two ladies who were on trousers. And not as though those could even pass for proper trousers actually. One was ‘torn’ numerously and in the most inappropriate of places, while the other was in short, a booty-hugging spandex with imprint denim-patterns on it!

But then, these two were just about the only ones who bothered following a resemblance of the ‘instruction’. The rest, including myself were all on shorts! Brief denim shorts! In fact, the ‘shortness’ factor was of different categories to different wearers. For people like myself, it was already a tad bit uncomfortable rising beyond our mid-thighs, so ours stopped somewhere before the knee. Then there were people like Mrs. Kudirat who kind of pulled it a stretch more by wearing ones that stopped just below their Buttocks! Some looked loose and frail – inevitably showing off the undersides of their bum, while the others seemed rather tight and accentuating! They jointly made people like myself look like abject learners indeed! But then, they were never any match for the rest of the girls who chose to wear jagged blue jean briefs instead!
But then, they were never any match for the rest of the girls who chose to wear jagged blue jean briefs instead!
Most of the girls from Port Harcourt and Abuja were part of this group. Their shorts were very skimpy so much so that it almost always glided across their sweaty Buttocks cheeks and into the crack of their bum! Needing them to pull it out with a curled finger every now and then! Of course, the abject size of these shorts made it near impossible to do adequate covering. So this only caused them to walk around the place with half their booty bare in the open! Even when they attempted sitting, their big butts will only pull down the shorts – exposing their upper crack this time!


It was such a ‘gross’ situation in the hall that I barely noticed anything else! It had to take me about a full minute or two to even realize that the ever-daring Rosemary, was equally in the same hall! And boy, who would ever take things by the horn as much as she does?! Like always, she was a glaring distance away from what other girls were trying to do with their outfit! In fact, she didn’t even wear a denim! She wore a Hot Pant! A Hot Pant that was neither blue nor of denim fabric! It was simply a ridiculously smallish piece of cloth that only managed to wrap around the upper regions of her thick Buttocks! Both her globes were freely hanging out from the undersides and created enticing melody for the eyes as she walked!


The instruction had been to be on Blue Denim Trousers, and she wasn’t doing so. But then, she was the boss; and that just about usually settled it! She was returning to sit with Binta and Dami when I saw her. It was looking like she was indeed succeeding with the ‘I am a lesbian’ pose of hers, after all!
Anyways, the men weren’t going to be left out in any way. They may be seen to be busier ogling the girls as they ran around with their hefty Bosom heavily heaving inside their tight-fitting pullovers. And given the way their braless Tips ferociously stabbed into their diaphanous tops, it was easy to understand why these poor boys were easily blown away!

And given the way their braless Tips ferociously stabbed into their diaphanous tops, it was easy to understand why these poor boys were easily blown away!
But then, they still had this definite side of seduction to themselves as well! Their shirts were mostly body-fitting too and it particularly looked breath-taking on the dudes from Onitsha! A lot of them were on jean trousers and the few who opted to do shorts still wore fairly decent stuff. That doesn’t mean there were no alarming question marks here and there altogether! In fact, a good number of them seemed not to be wearing any underpants at all! I had to suspect so given how they kept dishing us detailed Joystick-impressions across the front of their trousers!

Almost all of them were guilty of this and it wasn’t long before the ladies (who had been happily checking these sizes out) began to flutter their eye lashes at one of the bulky guys from the Onitsha Office, whose ‘wickedly’ bulging Joystick seemed to be the largest by a long measure! He was seated and having a chat with one of the girls from Port Harcourt, but did not know that his Joystick which appeared like it was going to touch the ground from between his legs any moment, was pulling all the female attention his way!


Unfortunately, I was even caught in the act too! I simply had to look! Anthony wasn’t in the hall after all. And speaking of Anthony; I was yet to see him again since after the restroom encounter! Even though it looked like the things before me were effectively taking up my thoughts, I still genuinely desired to see the handsome man again! He may have left me unsatisfied during the last day’s discussion, but thoughts of him and his Joystick only just brought me unspeakable orgasm some hours ago! With all the ‘dicky bulges’ I had seen so far, something was certain – our men where indeed endowed! And it was hard to deny that! Most especially, when your already moistening Kittycat had totally agreed!
Nonetheless, I managed to finally tear away my eyes from the many near-erections around me, in order to notice the various gaming apparatuses that had been set up across the tables in the hall. That was when I actually realized that the games were in fact, on-going! There were four possible games to be played and each branch was to have two of their staff representing them on each! Thus making it 8 competing candidates per table. While it was designed to be competitive, there were no actual rewards for coming through triumphant. This may have led to stifled participation. In fact, only a handful were exactly involved in the games in essence. Most people were having some other kind of fun! If they weren’t cuddling and laughing at a corner, they were part of those running around the hall like little kids! Some also chose to just sit and chat – Binta and her Boss-friend being an example; while others had turned the opportunity into a dance extravaganza!

Everybody was having a great time regardless, and one only needed to see how excited we looked to know that. The only worry though, was that the always present sensual flavor, was only thickening rather rapidly! With more flesh and nudity being thrown around, it was difficult not to see an ‘inordinate’ end to all of these! People were openly grabbing Bosom and possibly dicks too. And the only person(s) who could ever initiate ‘decency’ were somehow caught in another lady’s nudity as well! The CEO and his vice were leading by example and a great lot of the staff were following submissively! However, I had to join a table regardless. I have always fancied the ‘Cubes of Figures’ challenge and it was quite an easy decision joining the table where I found it. We were just four on the table and luckily did cut across all the attending branches. The challenge before us revolves around trying to stack the cubes into a pyramid while also creating spontaneous mathematical problems and solutions with the figures engraved into the plastic cubes. It was always an exciting one for me and as soon as I gathered my own set of cubes, I began pilling hurriedly! You had to be the first to add a final cube atop in order to win!
Unexpectedly though, it was as soon as I began setting up the second row of cubes that I suddenly felt someone gently grab me by the Buttocks!

On finding that it was Anthony after I had quickly turned around, I ran out of breath and my knees instantaneously went weak! He was smiling and had this mischievous spark in his eyes!
“You?!…” was all my mouth could utter
He kept smiling. “What did I do?”
“You are asking me?” I playfully continued, reluctantly removing his hand from where it was grabbing my butt. I was seriously moistening up already!
“I can’t remember doing anything” he had leaned into my back now, peeking into the table from over my right shoulder. “Are you challenging alone?”
“Let me partner you then…”
“Partner me?…” I turned to look at his face with raised eyebrows. “You can’t partner me when we’re of separate branches”
“They haven’t kept any of their rules, have they?” he was already bringing more cubes our way
He was right. Both the CEO and his Vice hadn’t kept any of their rules really. So we weren’t likely expected to keep them either. We were going to be collaborating and that should be quite devastating for the other participants, I thought! In fact, with Anthony’s help we were already breezing into the third row in few minutes! He was impressively clever and appeared to know a lot of math! I was soon relegated to just searching for every figure he mentioned and bringing them to him! It made our work a lot easier. And when you consider that we were also having a good chat in the course, you’d understand why it was a really good outing! Not long later though, he asked the unexpected.
“Did I hurt you yesterday?” he had suddenly enquired, flashing me a glance and looking away. I was holding a few cubes in my hands waiting for him to get done with arranging the ones in his hands.
I had to toss my head side to side a few times before I could remotely find an answer. “Well…yea. I felt bad.” I couldn’t even believe we were openly having the discussion at all!
“I’m sorry. I Forked up actually.”
“It’s alright. I understand.” I felt a lot of relief even though I had long forgiven him before then. In fact, wasn’t he even the same person I had fantasized Bleeping me earlier?! His apology wasn’t just necessary! After all, I was still willing to do anything to see him put that large Joystick of his in my Kittycat for real!
“You sure? I mean, I just couldn’t control myself and…”
I stretched an arm and placed it on his right forehand. “It doesn’t matter baby.”
Brief silence followed.
Then we both moved our eyes from the ‘touching’ arms up to our faces. He followed up with a smile. I was getting badly sticky between my legs now!
“Okay.” was his final response.


We then continued with the game accordingly. But despite all our efforts, we only could come second position at the end of everything. The Abuja lady on our table, nicked us by about three or four minutes and came out first position. It was a good exercise overall and I had immense fun participating! It wasn’t just because of the gaming activity alone though. Not really. But also because Anthony was simply a wonderful partner to have! He kept making me laugh with his very unpredictable sense of humour and took every opportunity he had to openly tickle my sides. While it looked like his effort was only making me just laugh, what he possibly didn’t know was that I was equally uncontrollably creaming my shorts so horribly, in reaction to every of his enticing touch! I was so horny and needed him badly! I had to even begin openly caressing and cuddling him at some point, as I couldn’t just bear the arousal any longer! Of course, the hall was still very rowdy and people were actually doing worse things in any case! So it only did give me the impetus to take the advances much further by eventually letting my own hand flimsily grab his Joystick quite briefly! And that was when I found out that he was impressively spotting an erection after all!

Besides he didn’t seem worried by that particular act of mine. He only looked up at me with this stifled grin on his face before stretching an arm to grope my left butt in return! It would barely take to the end of our game before that very arm would find its way into my shorts from behind! It had just enough time too, to equally knead my Buttocks cheeks and lower vulva thoroughly! It simply got me too hot that I hardly concentrated on our gameplay anymore! That may be the actual reason we only came second anyways. And we couldn’t even wait to hear the results before dashing out towards the restroom, where a lot of people were already making out and fondling several body parts so ferociously! We had barely found a corner before I would get on my knees and begin pulling out his atrocious looking curled Joystick from his unzipped trouser. I was going to blow the living sunshine out of him, definitely!

Anthony’s Joystick was already very hard by the time I would bring it out from his shorts! In fact, it was sipping precum in gobbets, so much so that I had to run a finger across the tip to collect a blob or two! He was really horny and so was I as well! The bridge linking both legs of my shorts was good evidence as it had become mercilessly drenched by my now overflowing S£x fluid! I had to help my situation at some point, by letting a hand drop down into my shorts. It got hold of my vulva and began giving it a very soothing massage!


Of course nobody around us cared about what was happening between myself and Anthony. Everybody seemed to be desperate to quench their own burgeoning heat, however animalistic! The lobby had a handful of people in multiple couplings and it was now looking like some sort of dark-corner for people who couldn’t contain their arousals anymore! Lips were smooching passionately while bodies were rubbing ferociously! Queer animalistic sounds were already filling the air as well a tidy whiff of bodily sweat and of course S£x! Anthony who seemed to have lost every form of restrain was doing his best to find my mouth with his Joystick and with his eyes closed. After a couple of failed attempts, he eventually did and with little fanfare pushed the large member into my watering mouth! I choked and coughed into his prick. He had to wait a little before resuming his motives. I had planned to do the sucking by myself but had to soft-pedal when I felt him holdonto my head! He was going to Fork my face with his Joystick and how I had desperately wished for it! I went on to drop my hands, allowing him all the liberty he could get as he gently began ramming his enormous phallus in and out my yearning mouth! My saliva drooled, lubricating his shinny black tool and thus adding to his excitement. He gradually increased the tempo, making sure he allowed his Joystick to travel as deep into my mouth as it could, before pulling it out just about then. I would gag each time the tip felt the start of my throat while he groaned at the unquestionable pleasure it was giving him! My mouth was being ruthlessly screwed!

My Tips had become as erect and stiff as kernel-shells. And my Kittycat hadn’t stopped pouring since then! I momentarily went mad when he suddenly held me into his Joystick, forcefully pushing his entire length into my mouth and causing the one-eyed snake to travel all the way deep into my throat! I flapped and flapped for air but couldn’t get any! It was as though I was going to pass out! It was as though I was going to faint on Anthony’s enormous Joystick! It wasn’t until I had shut my eyes out of helplessness that he would let go eventually; leaving me scrabbling to the floor with my saliva making a mess of my pullover shirt!
The next time I would be getting on my knees, he was going to allow me lead the line. He had moved both his hands to his back, pushing his pelvis forward in seeming invitation to me. His clearly veined Joystick glistened of my spit, in the dull light coming into the lobby. I eventually got onto my knees and once again, brought the brown potato back into my mouth! It really was tasting good and the slight salty taste of his precum added the needed savor to the juicy snack he was serving me that moment! I began by sucking onto the knobby head. It had grown thrice its size and its stretched skin had slightly turned crimson due to the profuse inrush of blood! He twitched at every touch of my tongue and even had to pull away when I deliberately allowed my teeth to graze his tip very slightly! When I finally felt content with the amount of attention I had given the sloppy dickhead, I moved down to his pulsating pipe! The veins on it were already so taut and bursting! And they repeatedly grazed my tongue as I moved my pouted lips up and down his shaft! My saliva wouldn’t stop running and alongside the gloss on my lips, they both kept coating the shaft in colourful succulence. At some point, I intentionally sucked the long member deep into the depths of throat, and then let my tongue swipe around the underside like a scrub-mob!

He seemed to like it because he moaned very loudly before bringing his right hand to my head to stroke my hair in appreciation! Now encouraged, I pushed further forward to completely deepthroat the enormous prick again, and as its mouth-filling size stretched every wall of my oral cavity, I suddenly begun making this sizzling buzzing sound from the depths of my tummy, onto his Joystick! He went nuts! And then grabbed my head with both hands this time, pushing me face-flat into his cleanly shaven crotch! This was to completely burry himself in my mouth, and when he did, not even an inch was spared! My face, mouth and his crotch were covered in raw sticky spit and he was practically twerking himself repeatedly in a bid to get the best out of the moment! In fact, when it seemed he couldn’t bear it anymore, he suddenly pulled out of my face amidst several curls of clear sticky saliva! His manhood, saluting from side to side in sheer delight!

To Be Continued…



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