(+18) The Business Retreat – Episode 8

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Waists rolled. Bodies ground against bodies. And boners evidently poked into soft inviting booties! Everybody was high in one way or the other; including my own Anthony! It was only after the CEO had called off the dance that he reappeared from the crowded people and then gave me a rather passionate kiss, right in the mouth! It got me quite wet, of course! The CEO then began speaking again soon after.
“Give it up for these ladies people!….” he had also danced and was now sweating rather heavily!
We all began clapping.
“Let’s return to our seats folks…” that was Mr. Martin cutting in now.
“Yea….let’s get seated once more. Please sit.”
We were now returning to our seats. I could see several people cuddling themselves still; even as they returned to sit! There was so much eroticism in the air!

“So who won the dance?” abruptly asked the CEO even before we were fully seated.
Of course, the crowd barely let him finish with the question before chorusing Binta and the PH girl’s names repeatedly! Some even stood up again to more like drive home their suggestions! This left the CEO and Mr. Martin very amused as they roamed their eyes from one end of the hall to the other.
“They all won…they all did well…” was the sudden addition. The CEO had just declared all of them winners. The message was clear – he didn’t want to place a junior over the seniors.
But the crowd almost didn’t accept the decision and began chorusing the names again. However, Mr. Martin was smart enough and cleverly diverted attention.
“Let’s clap for them now as they return to their seats please…” he quickly said, bringing the crowd to renewed applause. Guys howled in appreciation as the girls walked back into the crowd. But of course, not without the CEO spanking an Buttocks or two as they did! He was openly frivolous!
Some of the guys in the audience equally showed same boldness, probably after seeing their bosses do it severally! They confidently began approaching the ladies and trying to either grope, kiss or hug them!

Of course the ladies wouldn’t let them and had to playfully, turn them down. This led to Mr. Martin who had been saying all sorts of nice things about the young women, begin restraining the boys.
“Let them be, boys…”, he started saying, leaving everybody in laughter. “You guys never have enough! Never…!”
“We do o sir!” suddenly screamed a guy in the audience
“That’s not true! In fact if we are to see your face, I won’t be surprised you are one of those at the restroom yesterday!” he was particularly blunt! In a pleasurable way though.
The crowd howled in laughter! Nobody expected that!
“You see?! You guys know that’s true…”
The CEO who for a moment looked hooked in a side-conversation with one of his people suddenly joined the debate at this point. “Were there people in the restroom yesterday?!”
Another round of laughter followed! Most especially, because of the amusing look on the CEO’s face! He was such a funny handsome man!
“Yea! All of them! Almost all of them were at the restroom yesterday!” replied a grinning Vice.
“Na waooo! So you guys were having more fun than the others?”
“YEAH…..!!!!!” was the unbelievable response! Most of us had got seated again and with the heat of the moment, it wasn’t surprising seeing some of the ladies and guys doing some interesting things under their tables! The bomb was ticking faster and was definitely going to explode soon!

“Who and who were at the restroom?” I was thinking no one would be willing to raise their hands but was rightly shocked when a greater percentage did! “Wow!…all these people” added the bemused Chief!
“It’s amazing.” supported his Vice. “I even saw Dapo. Where’s is she?” he began looking for the girl in question.
The girl was one of the staff at the head office and had been ‘caught’ the previous day inside the restroom lobby! When she heard her name, she began laughing out loudly right from where she was sitting! The girls she shared her table with, joined her and even began calling out her location to Mr. Martins!
“There she is…Oya Dapo…come here” he was even more excited than he had ever been seeing her. He began walking into the seated crowd.
The very amused Dapo finally stood and started walking out to meet the approaching Vice. She was wearing a very brief attractive gown that barely covered her bum! As she walked towards the platform, all eyes predictably followed her moving parts!


Some of the ladies who knew her kept saluting her by way of encouragement! Mr. Martins was nice enough to hold her by the waist as they both stepped onto the stage.
“Oh…my own Dapo?!” began the evidently surprised CEO as soon as he saw her. Everybody laughed. “So you were enjoying yourself yesterday? Who was the guy giving you the service?”
A laughing Dapo didn’t even waste any time in pointing into the crowd! All eyes quickly followed the direction of her finger! The dude in question was directly behind me and had tried hiding as soon as he heard the question but the guys on his table quickly stopped him! He was apparently the shy type for he still tried hiding his face with both his hands even after being coaxed to stand. I recognized him though as one of Anthony’s colleagues.
“The guy doesn’t want to own up…” joked the CEO. “Anyways, tell us about it Dapo…”
Dapo’s eyes widened at once! Even the rest of us felt the weight of the question!
“Ehe…tell us. Tell us how well the lad did. Was he small?…”
The crowd howled! We were definitely loving this now! Anthony was almost dying of laughter already and had even ended up leaning into my left shoulder. We had been holding hands since we sat down.
“Small?! My Kittycat is still sore sir!!” unexpectedly announced the still bemused Dapo!
“YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEHHHH!!!!” came the scream! The hall had just gone mad! Everybody was now laughing so hard including the Chief who had to embrace the pretty young lady for support.

Everybody was now laughing so hard including the Chief who had to embrace the pretty young lady for support.
When we thought we had likely witnessed the worse, it only got raunchier! Out of nowhere, the CEO asked the unthinkable!
“Can we see the sore Kittycat baby?”
Time stopped and everyone went quiet! Dapo’s eyes were as wide as large grapes!
“You just said your pus…I mean Kittycat is sore. So I’m asking if you’d mind showing us…” he wasn’t in anyway remorseful of what he had earlier said. I was thinking the last thing Dapo would ever do was to respond to the invitation but surprisingly she didn’t see it as a problem. She even made good fun out of the situation!

“I will display it o of you persist!…” was her first verbal response
“DISPLAY IT!…” was the obviously crazy crowd’s reaction. The CEO was saying same too.
“Should I?” she asked again
Laughter followed. But then, before everyone’s eyes, Dapo gently raised the hem of her gown up into her belly – she wasn’t even wearing any panties! Of course eyes began narrowing as an encouraging applause and cheer followed!

After the applause had come down, the CEO began talking again. “Wow! What a pretty Kittycat! This does not look sore to me sweetie!…” he was looking down into the lady’s crotch
“But it is sir.” she was still grinning.
“Can I check?…”
Another scattering laughter ensued! We all were now sure where this was going! In fact, some of the guys who’d been standing, now had their dicks outside and in their hands, shamelessly wanking off to the rather corporate pornography playing out before us all! Interestingly, nobody seemed to be bothered about anybody’s exposed dicks! Only just a handful of girls were even assisting with the Joystick fondling!

“You can go on sir…” was the quite predictable reply from Dapo! She even went on to slightly spread her legs just about then in invitation!
Smiling to the crowd, our Chief Executive Officer, shamelessly bent a little and after giving one of his fingers a quick suck, brought it to the lady’s Kittycat opening! It was a matter of seconds before the entire length got buried inside!
Dapo hissed, after a little tug! She had to tightly shut her eyes at this point. A part of the crowed also sighed as we calmly watched the both of them get on with it!
“She’s so wet!…” added the pleased Chief after his finger had done a little twist and turn! And when he finally pulled out his finger, he brought it to his mouth and sucked it clean! “And she tastes good too! You don’t seem sore in anyway baby!”
We all giggled! Dapo didn’t reply, but only opened her eyes again, smiling! Mr. Martin was still grinning from ear to ear and after his boss had pulled out his finger, brought his own hand to the Kittycat to give it a massage. Dapo seemed to like it too! We were all entrapped in the depraved yet pleasurable scene before! Needless to say, some of the girls had already started rubbing their own pussies too; and quite in the open!
Mr. Martin was still grinning from ear to ear and after his boss had pulled out his finger, brought his own hand to the Kittycat to give it a massage.
“Her clit is so swollen!” Mr. Martin started saying after seeming to have examined the area.
“Already?!” instantly queried a girl in the audience! All eyes turned to see who.
“Who asked that?…” cut in a surprised Martin. Everybody began laughing again as we all turned to fish out the girl. “Someone should check her out…she might actually be hornier than Dapo…Check her out…In fact, nobody here isn’t horny…”
He had barely finished before a band of guys quickly crowded the girl, who had been laughing all along!

It was as though they had been waiting for an invitation to bring to bear a repressed unruliness within them! It soon also became a case of every girl when other boys began grabbing any lady they could find around them! Supposedly, to check them out too! I had to be shielded by Anthony after bringing me to sit on his laps to avoid further advances! The girl who had talked was soon jacked onto a table and in seconds, ripped of every piece of clothing!

I had to be shielded by Anthony after bringing me to sit on his laps to avoid further advances!
In fact, I soon began seeing panties and bras flying up into the air as more and more ladies got mobbed! The guys had turned into some wild animals and weren’t stopping at anything! A few of the ladies who tried putting up any resistance were easily overpowered and even the CEO was seen going around the hall encouraging the boys to ‘inspect’ every girl! It was simply crazy fun and the girls never stopped giggling! However, I instantly knew there was no going back now when I returned my eyes to the stage and found the Vice CEO on his knees; brazenly sucking on Dapo’s Kittycat already! I didn’t even know when the word ‘wow’ escaped my mouth! Here we were still trying to contain these guys who had just turned into something else and there was our Vice CEO already giving a girl some head! What more was a higher invitation to an open house orgy?! I wouldn’t say I didn’t see it coming though, and it seemed as if every other person had been waiting for the moment! In fact, when I saw Rosemary breathlessly making out with Binta at a corner, I knew I had to brace myself for something I had never experienced before! They had obviously seen their boss doing the unexpected; and just had to follow!

Predictably, it wasn’t long before many other people began kissing and smooching too! The mobbed ladies also began spreading their thighs as wide as they could to encourage the boys to begin using their already watering mouths more! And it did work! The guys wasted no time in sharing the ladies’ body parts among themselves! Some went for the Tips while others went for the naval button! There were even the more aggressive ones who didn’t waste time descending on the pussies! Everybody seemed to have somewhere to concentrate on! While some of the ladies enjoyed being pleased, others where in a position to be the pleaser. I unmistakably spotted Mrs. Kudirat who was at a corner and on her knees giving the only guy from Port Harcourt a Mouthaction! Her short gown had ridden up into her hip and her exposed Bosom were adorned in her sticky saliva which kept drooling from the dude’s sizable Joystick!

I could also see my own branch boss and his PA getting some attention from one of the girls form PH. She was sucking on his Joystick while jerking off that of his PA! It was indeed such an awe-inspiring sight! However, I had barely pulled my eyes away from the threesomes and foursomes when Anthony abruptly grabbed my face and then planted a very crushing kiss on my mouth! I nearly passed out! When my hand accidentally felt his Joystick, I found it fiercely straining the fabric of his trousers! It was in fact, dying to be freed! I kept struggling for breath on my own part until he eventually pulled his mouth away! His other hand was now on my right boob and he began giving it a very soothing massage! It wasn’t long before I felt my Tip stiffen up and the juices begin to flood my g-string panty! I was already yearning to bring his Joystick into my mouth again after what we had done the previous day! He seemed to want that too because he fell back into his seat, giving me room to unzip his fly! And that I did. I quickly pulled the zipper down and in a jiffy, released his enormous Joystick from his trousers! It was quite rousing to see that the throbbing 8-inch pecker had precum in its tip already! Of course, that was the first point of call as I opened my mouth as wide as I could to take the large member between my lips! He tasted magnificent as always!

At this stage, all anyone could hear within the hall were a mix of giggles from the ladies, suckling sounds from the endless sucking going on and of course drawn moans from the thoroughly pleased crowd! While I had only just begun giving head to Anthony, many across the hall had started progressing a step higher than myself!

Just a few yards away from me was the CEO and my own Bunmi. She looked like she had just finished giving the Chief a wonderful Mouthaction and was attempting to climb onto his glistening Joystick! She had gone completely Unclad and her clothes could be seen in a heap by the side! The prostrated Chief received her and with little effort guided his Joystick straight into her Kittycat! Her loud moan which followed, could be heard from where I was watching! As she began riding the middle-aged man’s long Joystick, it was easy to tell she was horribly aroused as her wetness completely coated the stiff member in sticky cream!


Of course she wasn’t the only one creaming a Joystick in any way. Just to her left was the Vice CEO and Dapo! He was going missionary with his buttocks facing my end and I could clearly see his Joystick going in and out of the lady’s overly drenched Kittycat! The entire zone between their crotch was covered in S£x fluids and it made for amazing viewing! It was just plain incredible how much juice Dapo was releasing at the time! The next group that also caught my attention was that of Rosemary and Binta! They had been at it alone before Dami eventually joined them! I had always suspected that would be the case given how the three of them had been flocking together lately! As at the time my eyes found them, Dami was on all fours and eating out Rosemary who was sprawled on the floor on her back! She was also servicing her own cunt with two of her fingers from behind!

Binta was the one sitting on Rosemary’s face and occasionally rode the beautiful lady’s full mouth with her sipping cunt! She was definitely going crazy given how arched her back was as she went about the ride! My attention returned back to myself when Anthony dipped a finger into my soaked cunt unannounced! I hadn’t even noticed him pull my panty to the side!
After giving my Kittycat a thorough probe, Anthony gestured me to mount him! So without wasting time, I got onto his lap and with relative ease, swallowed his big boner with my dripping Kittycat!

It felt incredibly good and for a full 60 seconds, I barely moved as I allowed my cunt walls to adjust to his size! It was quite unbelievable that I had finally got his Joystick in my Kittycat after several failed attempts in the past! He was indeed enormous and it did tell on my hole! My cunt had to sustain increased lubrication to keep our movement relatively easy! As I began to ride my bum up and down his Joystick, my sticky nectar seamlessly dribbled down the stiff pecker! I was just too Bleeping wet and I could even hear the slushy damp sound of my overflowing moistness as his Joystick went in and out! As though the pleasurable sensation wasn’t enough, Anthony suddenly picked up one of my rock-hard Tips in his mouth and began giving it the sucking of my life!

He sucked it so hard that I instantly began feeling the buildup of my first orgasm! Coupled with the amazing feeling getting to my Kittycat, I was completely swept off my feet as my lower-half suddenly broke into a quick session of intense orgasmic convulsions! I had to hold onto the table behind me to keep myself from falling off Anthony’s body and remained still until the unexpected climax died down! I couldn’t believe what had happened and how soon he brought me to Pour! But then, he wasn’t even started yet, for he instantly lifted me up as he stood and in one swing lay me on the table back-first and without warning, began pounding me again! It felt like electricity! He was so quick with the way he pushed in and out of my gooey Kittycat and the table under us incredibly suffered! When he unexpectedly leaned forward, causing his curved Joystick to graze the sides of my Kittycat, tears of pleasure rolled down my eyes! It was with the teary eyes that I eventually sighted the other of Anthony’s colleague – the one I had kissed the other day! He had just pulled out of a girl’s Kittycat and the girl’s juices could be seen trailing the dude’s pecker as he turned around to face me! I guess that was when he saw me too because just as soon he began walking towards us with his Joystick leading the way! My mind went nuts! I couldn’t just believe what was about to happen having desired being Forked by more than a guy all my life! I was certain it was his intentions as soon as he brought his Joystick across my face on arrival!


I was more than thrilled though and my Kittycat responded by giving out even more juice! I brought a hand over the dude’s big tool and in a jiffy brought it to my mouth! As I began sucking him, I unmistakably tasted the other girl’s Kittycat on his pecker! She tasted fabulous moreover and I somehow wished she could just join us! Unfortunately she was still being pegged by 3 other dudes at her end even after a guy had left her! Apparently, she was having a better day than myself nonetheless, as each of the guys took turns to Fork every single hole they could find on her body!

As I watched her graciously receive the many cocks around her while moaning at the top of her voice, I dutifully serviced the good Joystick in my own hand! Anthony was also Bleeping away at my Kittycat and I could easily feel another orgasm building up! I had to clamp both legs behind his buttocks to deter him from stopping at this stage as he rammed his way in and out of me in glorious furry! Unexpectedly, both our climax arrived at the same time and as my body endlessly vibrated violently on the table under me in intense orgasm, Anthony pulled out his soaked Joystick to spray what was left of his thick semen all over my crotch and belly!


Some of it had jetted off deep inside my Kittycat but what was left was still quite a load! After many seconds of vigorous shaking, my second climax eventually died down and I didn’t waste time in scoping the thick white yoghurt he had deposited on me to bring to my mouth! He seemed to like the gesture because he reciprocated by letting a finger slightly rub my now super-sensitive clit! Needless to say that I almost jumped off the table at his touch! Pure electrocution was the only thing that could come close to describing the sudden catalytic sensation that instantly overwhelmed me! Anthony and his colleague had to hold my convulsing self from falling off the table! Both began laughing too at my reaction and Anthony even cracked a joke about how I was behaving like an excited grasshopper. I smacked his Buttocks in jest and began making it up from the table, obviously trying to regain the enormous energy I had certainly lost. But Anthony’s colleague wouldn’t take that! I was jolted to the marrow when I saw him standing before my Kittycat already, and with his Joystick in hand! I had barely explained that I had Pour twice now before he vengefully plunged his fat Joystick back into my helpless glutinous cunt! I went speechless!

He was more ruthless than Anthony ever was! The speed with which his tool went in and out of my cunt was simply unmatched! And he seemed to increase his tempo a tad more at every passing second! Anthony had switched roles now and was attempting putting his mildly stiff Joystick into my mouth even though my attention was barely on him. I was more concentrated on the hard merciless pounding his colleague was giving my Kittycat! In fact, by the time he would spend a quarter of the time Anthony spent on me, I was already seeing stars! My eyes were shut so tightly while my torso and lower-half were now almost literally flying in the air! I had so arched my back that my buttocks weren’t even touching the table anymore! And with the way my juices uncontrollably ‘flew’ out of my full Kittycat in countless pellets each time he pulled out his Joystick and sunk it again, anyone under us would think it was raining juices! Things only got ‘worse’ when he abruptly leaned into me, holding me by the hip and subsequently pinning my Buttocks onto the table again! He stepped up his frequency and thrusts and before he could go a full cycle, I was already wailing out so loudly! He still wouldn’t relent and kept stabbing my stuffed Kittycat with increased ferocity!


He so Forked me at this point that my body began quivering so violently even before I felt my third orgasm completely travel through me! And even when it did, I barely knew it was so close until I felt it waltzing through my Kittycat walls in fierce velocity! It turned out to be an outrageous burst of Pour and I had to quickly pull out the dude’s Joystick to save myself from passing out completely!

But then, I still didn’t stop cumming! Streams after streams of my juices kept pouring out onto the table under me! My legendry pleaser was busy stroking his wet Joystick as he watched on but soon began making it back to me when he saw that my Kittycat wasn’t pouring as much anymore! I instantly began dreading the worse for he also started bending into my Kittycat as though he was going to use his mouth. Of course, I was instantly sent into the highest heights as soon as his tongue touched my clit!


I kicked and clawed while my teeth practically jittered but he showed no mercy! In fact, Anthony who was still above my head got involved and helped pin me onto the table! I instantly fell back and just thought the world was going to end that moment given the enormous pleasure passing through me! Even in the apparent madness, I still managed to notice that most people were getting through orgasms too! And I had to wonder why I would have to be Forked for a third time!

I was still pondering this when I felt a Joystick begin to rub along my slit repeatedly! Thinking it was still the same guy who had just Forked me, I kind of braced myself for another crazy round of S£x! However, I was given the shock of my life when I noticed the slightest, how this particular Joystick was way bigger than whatever I had felt that night! I had to look up and right before me, was the same guy who I had once described as the dude with the largest Joystick at the Retreat! How he had joined the threesome was beyond me! And he wasn’t even after what the former guys had gone for. I was actually feeling his Joystick trying to get into my virgin asshole by all means! I passed out!


As we got into our shuttle for departure that final Sunday morning, very few had the energy to get into any conversation whatsoever. The previous night had been an unbelievable experience and it was the type better relived in thoughts than spoken words! I had been thoroughly and mercilessly pegged and my asshole was still sore from the rectum-tearing anal I was served! I had passed out several times and was always woken by the tingling pleasure of the yet-to-be-ended orgy! For several hours, our Fork sessions seamlessly transitioned from easy couplings into complex threesomes and foursomes, and vise versa! I was Forked in all holes and before the night would wind up, I had been double-penetrated twice!
I was Forked in all holes and before the night would wind up, I had been double-penetrated twice!
In fact, a simple story like this one would never be adequate enough to tell everything that happened at the dinner party, let alone the year’s August Business Retreat! However, I assume I still recounted it as much as I could. My asshole might be sore but I was definitely already a given for the next edition! After all, we are just a few months to August!



A story written by Dan Chucks


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