(+18) MIDNIGHT SAGA Episode 1

It was a Monday Morning,I stepped into Class, i was About 5 minutes late, the Lecturer was already in the Class.
I was scared of Getting Disgraced so I just Stood by the door, with my books in my hands.
The Lecturer Noticed me and Gave me a Gesture to come in.

the class was Filled up, Some Guys were even Standing at the back,
but I noticed an Empty Seat, at the Second row, close to this Very Beautiful Light Skinned Damsel.

logically I knew it probably belongs to Someone else.but I chose to try my Luck.
Hi, Please is this Seat taken? I asked.
she looked at me for like 2 seconds, and Said No!
I sat down sharp, No Dulling.

Wow! You smell Nice, I told her. she Blushed with her Head downwards.
thank you she said,

Am Jeff by the Way and you?

Sandra she Said

Damn! why is it that Most Girls with That Name are so Pretty i said.
She blushed and Said , Oh Please.
You’re going to Get us Embarrassed by this Lecturer she Added.

You seem Worth the Risk I Said, with a Grin.
The Man Is even Boring sef. I Put in

We kept Going on and on, she Seemed to Like my company
The Class was Almost Over, I realised if I don’t make a Move for this Lady’s Number, all my Earlier effort will Come to Null.
I dropped my Phone on the Desk right in Front of her.
Can I have your Number Pls?
Why She Asked.
*See Question oh*
I like Your Sense of Humour, and I’ll like to Get to know you better some other time.
Okay she Said, with a Smile, and typed her Digits, Nice phone she said.

Thanks I replied, with a Big Smile

Still hot!!! read THE PERFECT COUPLE

I had this Friend, a Hausa guy actually, His name was Ibro. this Guy is Very Funny.

We were Returning Back Home from School.
Omo Class dey Go on You Just dey Yab that Fine Chick, This Chick Like you sha, He said

Guy you Mad oh, Why you say she like me? I asked.
All of us wey Stand for Back, We been ask the babe who get the Seat, She been tell us say na for her Friend.

Hahahahahaha, I Laughed Uncontrollably.
At about 8 p.m I dialled her Number, Mtn Zone Indicated 8kb/s. I said “Correct”
Hi Dear, its…… I recognize you, She Completed.
Jeff Right?
Yes I Responded, Surprised.
Your Voice Sounds Even more Auspicious on Phone, I said
She Giggled.
Hey, How are you doing, Am Good She Said.
I haven’t Stopped thinking about you since we Met, I just thought maybe we Could hang Out Sometime and Chat over Dinner if that’s okay with you.
She Laughed.
what’s Funny I asked?
No Forgive me, I just like hearing you talk.
*See talk oh*
Okay, is that a Yes?
I’ll think about it she said.

*when a Girl tells you this, Most of the time, its a Yes, Ladies Playing hard to Get.

Ibro was a Very Good friend of Mine
He Doesn’t Date,Doesn’t have a Girlfriend, but No one Gets As much $ex as he Does. Lol

So around that 8p.m I heard music coming from his Room, his room is Opposite Mine.

Knocked on his door, no response, just the music, I walked in and saw him on the Couch with Just Boxers and no shirts.
Guy wetin dey Happen na?
Before he Could reply, I saw two Very Beautiful Ladies Coming out of the Bathroom with Just P.ants And B.ra

Ibro you bad, Ibro you bad, Ibro you bad, I said with My eyes fixed on their bosoms.
Guy Chill na, You wan kill my Konji? he said
One of the Girls Moved Forward and ki$$ed him, one Wicked French Ki$$,

I was About turning to leave, when ibro, said, Guy you mumu oh, you wan walk out on free P.u$$y
My Perplexed face just Brightened, I took that as an Invitation.

The other Girl was already giving him a B.lowjob.
The other Girl Approached me, and dragged me to the Bed,
Gave me a Hot ki$$, this Girl was Experienced, Obviously.
I had Taken My Clothes off, and was now like Adam.
Grabbed her Huge Melons, and set them Free from the Bondage of the B.ra restricting them


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