Episode 5

Waoh i dial the number
” the number you are trying to call is currently switch off, please try again later” i hate that woman, the time is 8am on monday and i have test around 9 in the morning,

but i dont think the test is important now, adanna is more important for now, so i stood up, brush my teeth, worm my afam soup and took my bath, i ate the afam soup and eba silently, (i like that soup well well) thinking about adanna.
Number she use to call me just now how can it be switch off, i redial again, but still switch off i droped the phone, as i ate silently a test enter my phone again, i thought it was adanna, i quickly rush to read it,
“fuckiing me is one thing and fuccking my friend is another thing, becareful we are watching you”.
Frm chinansa.
Lol abeg make she go sit down joor, i nor get her time and she cant do more than a dead rat, wey she and her sister dey fight for one man, maybe she think say i nor know, another call enter my phone from mercy.
Me: hello sweetie
mercy: hey dear, i hope you are in school already, because am almost at the gate.
Me: no oh, am still at home.
Mercy: still at home by this time, or you forgot that we have to revise before the test.
Me: yeah i remember, just give me 30minutes i will be there.
Mercy: ok i will be in room 101 please be fast.
Me: ok dear see ya.
I told her i will be there before 30minutes, but am i really going? Hmmm question for the gods,
I finish eating, took my bath, then lie on my bed, wearing just my boxer and singlet, a call enter my phone again, this time unknown caller, i pick it.
Me: hello
unknown caller: it seems you are not going to school.
Me: adanna.?
Adanna: yes.
Me: waoh, your voice sound so sweet.
Adanna: hmmm are you sure.
Me: yes of course infact everything about you is sweet, your voice, your, lips, your b—-t, and even your….
Adanna: e don do, by the way, am sorry for leaving like that i just dont want to disturb you.
Me: no problem, but what happen to the bulb?
Mercy: which bulb?
Me: the bulb that shattered when we were having sex.
Adanna: i think you need to go take panadol, because you sound weird.
Hmmm, maybe i was seeing things sha, i check my time, 8:40.
Me: ok i have to go now, i will call you later when i come back.
Adanna: you are not going anywhere, because there will be no test.
Me: how? What do you mean, hello, hello, hellllooo.
Well maybe her credit don finish, i tried to call her, but her number switch off, na waoh, i got dress, spray my aboki perfume, comb my hair and set for school, as i was about to open the door, my phone rang, caller mercy.
Me: i don dey road already i will be there soon.
Mercy: no need am coming to your house.
Me: why, what happen.
Mercy: our lecturer call in sick.
I went out to buy hollandio yoghurt and bread at one supermarket close to calabar kitchen (if u know aba well you go know that area) at MCC road there, i came back remove my clothes and lie down, i open my hollandio drink and start drinking, i tried to watch movie from my laptop but i nor fit, i just cucuma relax for bed dey reason adanna matter, i dont know if i should tell mercy because she worst pass prayer warrior, i remember the time wey she dey scatter prayer for her compound, the landlord go knock for her door telling her shes disturbing the compound, na so mercy open mouth tell am say, im nor fit stop am from praying to her God, the landlord vex slap her twice, chai that thing vex me well, that night mercy cry come my house, the next morning i carry police go arrest the landlord and the yeye police carry 5k for my hand before them gree go arrest am, well the man pay 10k later for hospital bill even though i nor carry her go hospital.
Though i know say na mercy dey at fault, because there is one verse in the bible that say, dont disturb others when praying, i nor remember as them quote the verse sha.
I was lost in my thought when someone open my door.
Mercy: sweetheart how you dey?
Me: i don tell you make you dey knock if you come my house.
She went back and knock and i said come in.
Mercy: are you happy now
me: yeah,
mercy: so how are you
Me: am fine and you?
Mercy: am alright, this one wey you just relax so as if person die i hope everything is alright.
Me: am just thinking about you dear.
Mercy: what are thinking about.
Me: about your beauty, after God don create everybody finish, God come rest for more 7 days before im create you, na im make you fine like this na.
Mercy: abeg spare me your sweet sweet mouth, wetin dey pot?(she said and took my hollandio, she sip it)
Me: no be wetin you cook last.
Mercy: why your room scatter like this na.
Me: i nor know oh, i dey tire i for arrange.
Mercy: before i met you, your room is always neat and clean, but now you are always too lazy to clean your room.
Me: na im make God send you to me na.
After she finish my yoghurt and my bread as if i bought it for her, she took my dirty plates outside and wash all of them, she told me to go outside that she want to clean the room.
Me: make i even stroll go outside self,
mercy: stroll go where.
Me: make i reach viewing center (even if match no dey today)
mercy: buy sunshine when coming back.
me: no wahala.
I took 500 naira from my wallet, i went out, on my way i saw my loving neighbour chinansa outside washing clothes, she just eye me then hiss like snake, when i first come to aba, na she be my first lover, but she come dey claim activity, like if any girl come my house she go dey question like frank edoho, the thing come dey dey too much so i started shunning her, she no even fine self but she get big a-s like toolzs.
I went out to mcc junction, i cross the road and enter one bear parlour, they call it china town, i went in and order for smirnoff, i was drinking my drink gentlemanly when i saw her coming down from toyota avalon with one big man with pot belle, waoh na blessing be this, oboy i clean my eye well well, i nor mistake na she, the man old enough to be her father put hand on her shoulder, they came inside the bar, she saw me i wave, she just bone me like one madman, i nor blame her, later she go dey form virgin for school,.
They look for sit and sat down, the man call for barman, the barman later came back and serve them two guider, waoh so she dey drink self.
I continue watching them till test enter my phone.
“you go watch tire today till you blind”

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Episode 6
I look at her from where shes sitting, she wink and smile.
So i send “so na person wey reach to be your papa you dey fucck?”
she look her phone and smile, the barman brought pepper soup for them, omo see flezing, i better commot here before i will be tempted to buy, she send me another test
“i miss your dicck can you come tonight”
lol, so na me she wan dey use satisfy her konji abi, so i reply her.
“what happen to the man you are with now”
i waited for 10minutes before she reply, i guess shes doing justice to the peppersoup.
“im dey fucck like dead man”
i nor know when i burst laugh, and everybody started looking at me, oboy make i dey go, i paid the barman for my drink and left, on my way i bought sunshine and apple, she send me another message, saying she will cook rice and she want us to eat it together, nothing go make me miss that rice.
I went home direct i open my door and everywhere was sparkly clean (i trust my babe)
Me: how far.
Mercy: welcome dear, you didnt watch the match again? (she know say anytime i go watch match i must spend 2 hours)
Me: na only first half i watch, the match is boring.
Mercy: ok did you buy the sunshine.
Me: yes.
I gave it to her while i relax on my bed, she took it and hang it at the wall. She join me on my bed, i took my phone and start playing fifa14, she took her own and start watching drama.
Me: sweetie low your drama na.
Mercy: why you no low your own?
Me: na me first start na, okay put earpiece for your own then.
Mercy: no i like it like this.
I drop my own down and concentrate on her phone,
mercy: you nor play again?
Me: no i wan join you watch.
Mercy: but you are not watching na, you are starring at my b—-t.
Oh yeah i am, i loved her big boobs.
She continue watching her movie while i gaze my eyes at her omega-2-vitamin, only starring alone dey cause hardon self, i hold one of her hand move it to my dicck for her to see the bulge from my trouser, she felt it and then laugh.
Mercy: i thought you satisfy yourself last night.
Me: me for where?
Mercy: for here na, last time we kept 4 condom, but now its only 2, what happen to the other two?
Me: i borrow my neighbour na.
Mercy: you borrow your neighbour?
Me: yes.
Mercy: so your neighbour finish using the condom then drop it at your dustbin outside.
Chai see wahala oh i even forget self say i use condom with adanna self, so she throw it in the dustbin.
Me: come on dear i dont know about any condom, you know my neighbours na, everything na im them dey put for my waste bin.
Mercy: ok oh if you say so no problem.
Thats why i like her, she dey forgive and forget something quickly.
Me: so can you do something about the bulge from my trouser.
She kept quiet so i took her hand again and use it to rub my dicck, she start rubbbing it, then she drop her phone, face me and said
mercy: lovie, that dream of yersterday is still bothering me oh, she said stroking my d–k.
Me: dont worry nothing will happen, so far i have you as my guide am not afraid.
Mercy: i love you so much and i dont know what i will do if something happen to you she said removing my trouser.
Me: lose me ke, wey i just dey start life, just forget about it okay, we will pray over it( me wey wan commit sin na im dey talk of prayer)
she remove my boxer and my shirt, she stood up and remove all her clothes, she stay ontop me, and start sucking my d–k, she never sabi suck dicck well well, i still dey teach her.
I shift her closer to me, making her pussi to face me downward, i start sucking her pussi as she continue sucking my d–k, i suck her so well that she will pause for a minute and moan, then she will continue sucking my dicck, she lata turn around and face me, kiss me passionately, then she insert my d–k slowly, she started moving up and down slowly, why i like her is that she know how to move her a-s very well like professional, she continue f—–g while i pounce on her b—-t, she f–k me very well, that i begin praying for the pleasure not to stop, seeing that shes getting tired, i turn her over and i lay ontop her i insert my dicck inside her as she continue moaning loudly, as i was f—–g her, i will be rubbing her c–t, she enjoy it so well that even when i remove my hand, she took my hand and put it back, we f–k for 10 minutes before i came,
is after the sex i remember i didnt use condom, we slept afterward.
I wokeup around 7pm in the evening, mercy don getup already preparing to go home, i took my phone and a saw test message from Adanna saying.
“i hope you will still have strenght for us tonight”
who is the us? i thought.
I escort mercy to her place around 7:30pm, on my way back i decided to branch to go see blessing.
I called her number to confirm if she dey house, she told me yes shes at home, so i told her to open the door that am her doorpost,.
Me: pretender how you dey.
Blessing: fuckerholic i dey fine, come inside joor.
She use her right hand to draw me inside, before i dey say jack and rose, she don dey fire me kiss as if she never kiss for 1 year, she was rushing me very fast, she hold my dicck from my trouser and squeeze it, i gain attention at once, she removed my shirt, press me against the wall and suck my lips like say no tommorow no dey again, i return the kiss as i squeeze her a-s in return, i remove her handless shirt, she no even wear bra maybe she don dey wait for me since, i suck her boobs and she let out a moan, she remove my trouser and boxer as she bend to suck my dicck, she hit it two times then said.
“i hope my baby is up to the task today”
she knelt down and started sucking, she suck me so welll that i wonder where she learn it from, she will suck, then put spit and stroke it, then suck again, the pleasure was killing me softly, so i raised her up, i make her sit on her table and open her leg wide, i remove her pink pant (i nor know why girls dey like pink like this, perhaps ritababe should enlighten us), i bend down and suck her pussi, she was already wet, i suck her wet pussi as she wine her a-s in pleasure, ” oh yeah baby, suck me hard, i wish you are my boyfriend i would have been the happiest girl in the world”
lol, i know she didnt meant that, she use one hand to relax on the table and she use the other hand to rub my head as i continue tonguefuck her, then she raise my head up and said “please can you fucck me now” i remove condom from her bag (the usual spot) and wear it, i stood up and raise her leg very well on the table as i enter inside her, she moan at first stroke, i insert the disk inside the cd player again, this time she let out a loud moan, ” f–k me hard” she said, so i started going in faster, na so the table dey shake as we dey f–k ontop, i dey fear make the table no go break oh, so i moved her to the bed after 5 minutes f—–g on the table, i let her sleep downward, making her to face the bed, while her a-s shoutout from behind, i put pillow on her tommy, to allow me penetrate her well, i insert my dicck again and start banging from behind, i bang her as she continue speaking in tongues, she started winning her waste at every stroke f—–g me also, then i stood up and sat on the bed and put my back on the wall she sat ontop me, and started moving up and down, she was breathing heavily shouting, she hold me tight and put her hands around my neck as she continue fuckn me so hard, we lata came after 15minutes of f—–g, we relax on the bed silently without saying anything, and then i took my phone, 4 miscal all from mercy, maybe she wanted to confirm if i don reach house the time is 9:45pm i think i should start going home now, but one thing is missing.
“Where is my plate of rice?” i ask her.


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