Episode 9

I was on my way home, when i branch at one supermarket i ask how much for catton of indomie they said two thousand four hundred naira, i went home and check my wallet, money no dey, na which kind wahala be this na eh,

i put a call to my loving elder sister.
Sister B: hello
me: good evening ma
sis B: how you dey
me: i dey manage
sis B: na manage you dey always dey manage, you nor dey satisfy
me: hahaha when i finish school then i go satisfy.
Sis B: so wetin you want this time.
Me: na just small change.
Sis B: wetin una wan use am do.
Me: we dey go for excursion and e dey compulsory for everybody because if we nor go, we nor go fit report am.
Sis B: yes na true, na im make you be science student, na how much
me: na only eight thousand naira
sis B: okay tomorow na sunday i go send am for you on monday.
Me: thats my loving sis.
Sis B: only when money is involve abi?
Me: haa no oh, you nor say na you be my second mother.
Sis B: na u sabi, i hope those girls no dey disturb you for there sha.
Me: no i still be virgin na, or you nor trust me again?
Sis B: why not, you better remain virgin because after school na me go find woman marry for you.
Me: and i hope you don dey find down.
Sis B: no oh i dey wait make you finish first.
Me: okay no problem i hope the girl go fine like genevieve.
Sis B: no be about fine na about character, i think say i don tell you before, the beauty of a woman is inside not outside she said.
Me: okay i don hear bye bye make i do assignment.
I cut the call, truly no be about fine sha, if say na by beauty lara for nor gree marry oshiomhole na, but na because of money lara marry oshiomhole, so any one wey she find for me, if e nor fine she must get pepper.
I took my wallet and head to first band opposite MCC road there, i reach there omo see que, the que long reach road sotey them come bend like snake, upon all say na 6 atm matchine dey there oh ( i hear say them don do three join), i waited for my turn, while waiting i receive a call from adanna.
Me; hello hurney
adanna: how are you durley
me: am fine.
Adanna: were are you that place look noisy.
Me: yeah am at first bank, trying to withdraw some money.
Adanna: what do you need money for?
Me: just to buy catton of indomie
adanna: i see no problem, please go home when you finish in bank, when i come visit you we will go and buy the indomie together.
Me: yes my love.
Adanna: alright see you then bye.
Me: alright take care.
I withdraw 2k remaining 1k for my account, i went home direct, to wait for adanna, when i get home, i saw the padlock of my door open, i open the door and went in and there lay the charming angel with two catton of indomie on the floor.

I open my door and the mysterious lady was sitting on my bed mysteriously with two mysterious catton of indomie on the floor, she wore a short skirt abi mini skirt, and a white handless shirt, i walk in majestically like a gentleman.

Adanna: hello durling (she said standing up to meet me) how are you.
me: am alright, i dont need to ask you how you got my key, but why didnt you tell me you bought the indomie already (at least i for no go withdraw that small change wey dey for pocket na)
Adanna: well i wanted to surprise you. (she said, giving me a peculiar kiss)
Me: and you did a hell of a job, thanks alot dear ( i said settling down on the bed with her)
Adanna: o come on you dont need to thank me, if i dont take care of you who will? (according to ritababe).
Me: thats why am the luckiest man in the world and am lucky to have you.
She smiled as we sat down together on my bed, no light for house chai gbege ( and the one wey she dress come like this something must happen oh, and my room wey dey hot like hellfire when no light, she brought hollandio yoghurt from her bag and bread, we started eating and discussing.
Me: i thought you dont eat those type of foor.
Adanna: and what do you think i eat?
Me: well maybe human blood or flessh
she laugh out loud, oh god i so much love seeing her laugh with her sparking teeth like diamond
Adanna: well you are right but am not some kind of vampire or cannibal, but those food am eating mean nothing to me, i just consume them to balance your satisfaction, my real food is live meat.
Me: live human? (getting scared as if if she want eat me she for never eat me since)
Adanna: yeah i mean like live rat, frog and others.
Me: others like wat
Adanna: like human.
I was putting food in my mouth when she mention human i paused like somebody wey im mama catch dey thief meat for pot like cherrybrown ;D
Adanna: come on i was just pulling your leg, i dont eat human, if i do those guys that attack you that, that body would not have been found.
Me: what you did was hilarious ( i said calming down).
Adanna: yeah i know and i dont regret it, something would have happen to you if i didnt stop them.
Me: but chinansa is wicked oh, by the way its been long since i saw her, i think she travel.
Adanna: yeah, she travel and you will never see her again, she said bowing her head in a sorrowful way.

We finish our meal, and i arrange my room keeping the indomie close to the wall, i raised my cutton up because of heat, i close my door and lock it with padlock meanwhile my heart sit at the edge of my bed looking at me in a mysterious way, she started moving her head left and right slowly like say she want eat me, then she crawl to where i stand she remove my nicker, brought my dicck out and start sucking, waoh i didnt see that coming, i think say she want chop me, she suck my dicck hard then stood up ontop my bed draw me closer to her, she face the wall, with all her body touching the wall still ontop my bed, then she bend her a-s and said”enter me”
omo, see free visa, i quickly remove her pant and raise her skirt up, i bed down, succk her pussi for 2minutes, she just continue romancing the wall shakinng her body and saying, aah, uhhm, yeaaah, then she will swallow spit and continue, uhmmm yeaaaah, well after am sure shes quit wet, i position pompershun and pump inside the ministry, and she shout ” aaaohh, why me open mouth as if i dey watch when moses divide the red sea, i continue f—–g her steadily, at every trust she will bend her a-s backward meetting me at interval, making sure i penetrate her deep, then i fold her b—-t passionately, and still continue f—–g her against the wall,
“kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa” that was the noise coming out at every trust t—-t, then i stop, she pushed me on the bed suck my d–k for two minutes she lie ontop me, sleeping f—–g things, our palms are together, her b—-t on my chest, her legs on my leg while she rotate her waist like rollercoaster, omo i enjoy am die, she fucck me slowly and i enjoy it and salivate the pleasure like someone in heaven, she sit like cowgirl and put her hands on my chest, then she started winning her waist very slowly, then she started going faster, f—–g me badly with her b—-t dangling, while i enjoy the pleasure i put my hands on a-s, she fucck me for close to 11minutes before we both came, omo see sweat, she faint on my body, then from nowhere i look and saw my fan rotating, without light, it started slowly then e start going faster, faster and faster till i sleep i nor know wetin happen.

I dey our road wey we dey follow go farm for edo state, with me, i took 30 balls of black stone and a catapult only me dey waka gently, e be like say i dey go farm something like that, but am not with cuttlass or hole i just took only catapult i put the catapult around my neck, while i blow weesow like willow, i continue going to nowhere in particular, i saw one big bird, i took my catapult and shoot it, remaining 29 stone, i saw another black bird i shoot again and i miss, thats how i continue shooting till e remain 15 black stone, then i walk to a mountain and start looking for bird to kill, i wait for 2 hours no bird, then on the south i saw a white dove coming, like the one from my dream coming towards me, i wanted to shoot at it, but something tells me to wait so i hold on, the bird continue flying toward my direction, then from nowhere another big golden bird came and smash the white dove, the white dove manage to fly away and landed on a desert, the dove tried to standup but was took weak, then the golden bird flew to where the dove is, i ran down from the mountain to view everything clearly, when i get down, i saw the golden bird wanted to pin down the white dove, then from nowhere tears started falling down my chicks, the golden bird look back and saw me crying, then the bird flew away, then i went to meet the dove, i look at the bleeding feather, i took tathered rope from the ground and tied the feather, then i throw the dove up and it flew away to the south then i woke up
:::::::i woke up sweating, i look my side no sign of adanna, i look up fan no dey rotate again, then i took my phone and called her number, first she didnt pick, the second ring she pick.
Me: hello sweetheart.
Adanna: my durling why are up so early?
Me: well i had a mysterious dream, but why did you leave i thought you will spend the night.
Adanna: thats what i thought too, but i had to take care of something, anyway i will call you later, bye for now love u.
She cut the call, i didnt understand the dream at all, so i lay on my bed, after 20 minutes my phone rang, i look the caller unknown number, i pick it
me: hello
caller: hi am i speaking with ozila (girl voice)
me: yeah you are on with ozila, to whom am i speaking with please
caller: an anita, mercy’s neighbour.
Me: so how may i help you
Anita: am calling you on behalf of mercy.
Me: uhun what happen to mercy.
Anita: she had an accident this evening when returning from anambra.

Me: what?
Anita: yes she had accident.
Me: how? when?? where???
Anita: she was coming back from her journey when the accident occur.
Me: so where is she now and i hope is not critical?
Anita: shes at home here, no is not critical.
Me: didnt she go to hospital?
Anita: she did, but shes back home now,.
Me: well why didnt she call me?
Anita: well she said you refuse to pick her call.
Me: ok am on my way.
I stood up, wear my clothes sharpaly and burst out of my room, wait! I forgot something, i went back carry my chain and put it on my neck, then i catapult myself to mercy’s house at midnight.
Does this relate with my dream, because i’ve always be seeing that dove in my dream, and the first time i saw it, she changed to mercy, and who is the golden bird, i dont understand, because i know adanna cannot do something like that, she cannot, no she cannot, but what if shes responsible, can i do anything? No.
I continue disturbing my head with the whole issue, then something struck me “what am i even going to in her house self, her friend said the accident is not critical” then i turn and started going back home, on my way back i saw two people like lovers holding their hands, coming out from a pharmacy, then i remember when i was ill when mercy use her money to go and buy drug almost 3000 naira for me, i look back and i look front, i check my wallet and i saw small money, i went inside the pharmacy and purchase body pain medicine.
I get to her house, i called her phone and that her friend anita pick it up, i told her am outside the gate that she should come and open the door.
After 3minutes i was inside the compound following anita from behind, we reach her room, and i knock, i heard come in, so i open the room and saw my little angel lying down with bandage on her head, immediately she saw she stood up surprisely and ask.
Mercy: where did you get that chain from?(pointing at it)
Me: i got it from my friend.
Mercy: but i told you not to collect any chain from anybody.
Me: come on relax, i just came to see how u are doing and you have already start babbling, i got the chain from my lover, not just my lover but the love of my life.
gboooaai a heavy slap landed on my face
mercy: how can you be so stupid, are you so blinded with love that you cant think straight, do you know what that chain mean.
Me: since you are not in your right mind, let me start going.
I dropped the drugs on her table and as i was about to go out she said.
Mercy: you are dying ozes, the chain is a 30 days incarnation.
that caught my attention so i stop,
i turn back.
Me: how do you know that?
Mercy: God reveal it to me in a dream, that was why i tried to call you but u didnt pick, how long have been putting it on
me: 15 days now.
Mercy: ozes, you have 15 days more to live, that girl has bewitch you, dont you see she is a witch
gbooooaii, i landed a thundrous slap on her face and she fell down (i nor even mind say she get accident):
me: dont ever talk to my adanna that way in my present, shes my love and i dont care if i die or not, so far am with her am satisfied.
I said as i storm out of the room, she just shake her head in disbelief.

I would have just remain in my house, i dont know what even push me to go there self, and who the hell does she think she is to dictate to me that way, 15 days for me to die? Adanna killing me? Lol that girl must be really angry that i broke up with her, hahaha she can go to hell i dont fuccking care, even if adanna want to kill me she could have done it long again, even if its true then at least we can die together, or so i thought.
I was lost in my thought that i dont know that somebody was following me in my back, i continue debating on my mind, walking very fast to my house, no keke i for don enter tey tey, then from my back i heard ” gbooooaiiiiiii” somebody hit me planck on the back of my head (chai that my head don suffer am telling you guys), i look back and i saw one guy, holding a big planck on his hand, he was surprise to see me standing, he was thinking i would fall and die or maybe faint, when i turn and face him, he started moving back slowly.
Me: who are you and what do you do that for? I said holding the back of my head.
Unknown Man: am chidebere, chinansa lover, you killed my wife to be, and i want revenge.
Me: my man you must be mistaken, because chinansa travelled ( i said still holding my head, checking if there is any injury)
unk man: no chinansa my love is dead ( he said and started crying).
I saw the tears in his face i look at him i know hes serious, was that why adanna said i will never see her again, well i think she deserve it because she wanted to kill me too, so i think i should thank adanna for doing the job for me, at least no more trouble from here again, i look at the man like a madman and took off.

I got to my house late in the midnight as i open my door a text enter my phone.
“i know that you are not yourself and i will never lose hope on you even if it cost me my life, you are my first love and i cannot be alive and see you been used like this, i wont stop till i cure your craze and drive that witch back to where she belong”
i read the message and i laugh, why wont she just leave me alone, there are alot of guys out there ready to pounced on her at first sight, she should just let me be joor, bikonu, i was very tired when i got home that i just relax on my bed and slept off, tommorow is another day, wait before i sleep i have to hear the voice of my angel, i took my phone wanted to call her, then my phone rang and i look at the caller, adanna, hmmmmm maybe she was thinking about me too, i pick the call.
Me: hello my loving angel.
Adanna: how are you my love.
Me: am quit alright, just stressed out.
Adanna: hmmmm what did you do?
Me: nothing,
adanna: but you said you are stressed out, if you didnt do anything then how come you are stressed out?
Me: well mercy friend called me and told me that mercy had an accident.
Adanna: so you went there?
Me: yeah i went there to by myself, but is not a serious one, she will be okay soon.
Adanna: okay so when you get there what did you talk about.
Me: well she said some crazy stuff.
Adanna: crazy stuff like what?
Me: that you are trying to kill me that i have 15 days left to live.
Adanna: hmmmm and what was your respond?
Me: trust me na, i gave her a dirty slap because i cant stand and see anybody talk to you that way.
Adanna: what you did was wrong, and what she said is true.
Me: wait what are you talking about ( i said standing up from my bed.)
Adanna: i think we see and discuss it face to face, tommorow evening i will direct you to my house.

Did she just say its true what does she mean by that, omo i was really confuse that i pondered round the room, like tom and jerry, moving front and back, slaping my phone on my palm, i cant take this any longer, i took my phone and called her again, pondering round the room like a wanderer.
Me: what do you mean its true?
Adanna: comeon just relax is not like you are actually dying, is a kind of initiation bringing my soul and your soul together to live forever.
Me: i still dont understand, please explain further.
Adanna: do you trust me?
Me: with my life.
Adanna: then tomorow we will see and discuss about it okay,
me: hmmmm okay if you say so.
Adanna: so blow me a kiss and relax okay everything wil be alright, if you really trust then you will know that all am doing is for our own good.
Me: okay i trust you 100 percent, oya catch it mmmuah
adanna: alright thanks take care bye.
Hmmm she said is a kind of initiation, bringing my soul and her soul together, does that mean i wont die? I will live forever?? Hmmm lets wait and see, i took purewater and drank it to reduce my hydration, omo sweat too dey, i carry my rubber fetch water put, i took outside to bath in the night, omo day too dark oh, i nor fit enter bathroom oh, so i stood ontop our suckaway, remove all my clothes, chai why i come forget my soap na ehrrm, no need to wear my clothes again, day don dark nobody fit see me, and everybody don sleep by this time, omo i waka go my room as my penis dey dangle in between my laps, i enter my room carry soap for my window, and on my way back, nepa bring light, chai na which yawa be this na eehh, i use my hand cover my dicck while i went back and stood ontop the suckaway, i look left and right nobody dey around, i quickly took my shower, as i dey use sponge rub my body i dey here.
“uuhhmmm, uhmmmm uhmmm” soap dey my eye i nor fit open am, so i said slowly ” who dey there” nobody answer, so i continue dey baf, after two minutes i hear the sound again, “uummm ummmm” i ask again ” na who dey there” nobody answer, so after i take water rinse my face, i look front and i see wetin shock me.
“my neighbour “favor” sit down for her window, wearing night gown, she chuck her hand inside the night gown marstubating, starring at my long d–k”


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