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Episode 1

Sister B: Ozes you don ready finish!
Me: e remain small oh, time don reach?
Sister B: e remain ten minutes oh, quick abeg or else you go miss direct motor oh.
Me: okay ma.

oh yes I just finish my 1 year IT and it’s time for me to return to school, I don spend one month for my elder sister house time don reach for me to go meet my mates for school, them don resume Tey Tey but the sweet EBA and black soup wey my sister dey cook too sweet for me to leave am, intact as I dey go so I carry full bag of garri, even my sister say make I leave am say I go buy garri there I disagree because once i reach there many things dey wey I go buy, so many many things that I can’t even count though I wrote them down.
I arrange my files finish for my bag and pocket my phone I put my hang bag on my back and carry my ecolac bag for my right hand.
Me: sister I don do finish.
Sister B: na how you wan come take carry this bag of garri?
Me: I go use wheel Barrow.
Sister B: who go come carry the ecolac bag?
Me: you, “I said grinning”
Sister B: you nor well.
Me: no worry make I carry the ecolac go park first with wheelbarrow I go come back come carry the ecolac bag.
Sister B: yeye boy, give me the ecolac bag joor.
she carry the ecolac bag from my hand while I enter back go carry wheel barrow I carry the bag of garrison outside and put am inside the wheelbarrow, my sister lock door and begin draw the ecolac bag they go while I dey follow her for yashwith my wheelbarrow sweating like mumu, una go dey ask why I dey sweat? well the place I dey carry the wheelbarrow pass na heavy hill so una go understand.
we reach park come see sweat for my body like say I just finish play 2 hours ball for Emirate stadium, we reach Afuze park by 6Am three motors don move already and the fourth wey wan commot don full already that means I go be first person for the fifth motor chai see badluck, as badluck don start with me this morning I hope no be badluck go follow me reach aba town, I rebuke badluck in Jesus Name Amen.
I carry my big garrI bag put for boot and bade my sister goodbye, she don give me money already so I nor expect anything from her again, she carry the wheelbarrow and start going home after telling me ten times that I should not kill my battery with games, of course she know say I be game freak and once I don enter bus to portharcourt na to start game sharperly.
I sit at the front of the station wagon motor (oh yes this one no be car na motor) I plug in my ear phone and begin listen to one latest Polas music wey I download from www.truecelebmedia.com, the song was so interesting that I didn’t know when our motor full, oh yeah I forget I never pay for my ticket I quickly dash out after putting my bag in my seat so that nobody will seat there, I go meet the yeye girl wey dey Common ticket and guess the number wey she give me, number 8 the last person.
Me: wetin bring this one na, no be me be first person?
Girl: I nor see.
Me: idiot.
Girl: mumu.

I go back to the motor the yeye girl wey get number one don even remove my bag put for back, I nor blame her joor and I nor get anoda choice so I jejely enter the back sit wey they tight like say na prisoner we be, well thank God say Auchi no far from here within 20 minutes we don reach, as everybody don enter finish the driver start the motor as we drive commot from Afuze town, na Auchi I go follow go portharcourt, then from port to Aba city were my school day, I pray for safe journey mercy oh as I put my ear phone for my ear and begin listen to one song wey them title ” fucck me hard”

I continue listening to music as the motor speed off, before we get to
Ihievbe police stop us for road and of course they collect fifty naira
as usual, their daily payment but those guys they enjoy oh, imagine if
they collect fifty naira for every motor wey they pass by the end of
the day them don get feeding money be that and at the end of the month
them carry their salary go use buy land for Otueke, i wonder whether
them no they sleep wey them go they road by this early morning.
We enter Auchi and everywhere was lively, i was even surprise to see
so many people awake by this time of the day, well they really obey
the word “no food for lazy man” so everybody gat to hussle for food or
remain in bed with no food.
Motor drop us for AP filling station so i enter okada go where i go
enter bus go Portharcourt, i reach there them say #3200, i was
surprise because last time i check it was #2800 or maybe fuel don
increase again?
I paid for the ticket because i have no other choise oh, i nor want
enter bending bending so its better i just go direct.
After like ten minutes our bus don full, they charge me extra five
hundred naira for my garri, as we enter road they go portharcourt i
look at my left hand and saw Auchi Polytechnic na that school i be wan
go before but too much wahala too they.
On our way to portharcourt i took out my phone and call Mercy.
Mercy: helloo “how i miss that voice”
Me: lovie lovie “come see as them they look me for inside the bus wey
they run as if police they pursue am”
Mercy: sweetie sweetie.
Me: whats up.
Mercy: sky is up.
Me: whats down?
Mercy: soil is down.
Me: hehehe and whats middle?
Mercy: Noun.
Me: really? Thats new.
Mercy: how you they, you don enter road?
Me: yes oh, i just they enter road now.
Mercy: hmmm safe journey, i they here they wait for you.
Me: i hope you don clean that room and mob am.
Mercy: i be your servant?
Me: no na, but just try na.
Mercy: if you come you go come wash am, if you want make i they help
you wash your room come pay for my head.
Me: haa na sure thing i go do am soon, but why una they cost like that?
Mercy: na so we meet am and beside we deserve am “for her mind”
me: hehehe no wahala na im make many of una they old for house by 40
una still they look for husband.
Mercy: hahaha na you sabi, the way you dress thats how you will be
address, so those wey them never marry by forty na their own be that.
Me: okay oh, prepare something for me.
Mercy: of course i prepare your favorite.
Me: that means you don clean the room hahahaha.
Mercy: na you sabi, ehen what about Adanna are you still seeing her in
your dream.
Me: hmmmm thats something we will discuss face to face dear.
Mercy: okay love please make sure you reach here safely because i have
alot to tell you and because of that the God i serve will make sure
nothing happen to you on the highway.
Me: thanks dear, you gat alot to tell me, whats it about?
Mercy: just a dream dear i dont want us to discuss it on phone, when
you come we will talk.
Me: hmmm i hope is not something i should be worried about.
Mercy: you dont suppose to be worried of anything because God is
always watching over us.
Me: sure and i have you as my prayer warrior so i should not be
afraid, whether they come by sea, land or air, i nor fear.
Mercy: thats the spirit, all we need is the faith not just faith but a
bigger one, and we just have to believe.
Me: thanks alot.
Mercy: you welcome dear, where are you now?
Me: we still in Edo state.
Mercy: okay goodluck and make sure you sleep.
Me: sleep, why?
Mercy: because if you come here i wont allow you to sleep.
Me: oh fucck.
I dont like sleeping when traveling i always open my eyes wide to know
the route we are taking even though the bus is comfortable enough i
still wont sleep.
I open my eyes wide as we leave Edo state and enter Delta state, from
Delta state to Anambra state, from Anambra to Enugu, From Enugu To Imo
then from Imo we enter the treasure base of the nation oh yes na
really treasure, because na here all the treasure hide


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