Me: wetin happen?
Ble: you they ask me abi?
Me: so na bad thing say i call you wan ask of you abi?
Ble: abeg go sit down for gutter, since wey you they do IT wetin stop
you from calling me?
Me: see this one oh, so if i nor call, you nor fit call abi?
Ble: na you sabi, wetin make you they disturb my phone?

Me: you don change oh, so me nor fit call my love and say hi abi?
Ble: ooh, so because Mercy your girlfriend no they here again you wan
use my p—y replace her abi? (na how she take know say Mercy they go)
Me: no now, me and she don breakup tey tey self.
Ble: and na who go believe that one?
Me: na true oh, i tell her say if she leave me go another school i
will break up with her because i dont like long distance relationship.
Ble: of course i know that you prefer the close ones so that you can
always dig the hole abi?
Me: forget that one joor, see na only you be my sherikoko now, so no
dodge am oh.
Ble: i jump am pass by fire by thunder.
Me: why you they do like this na, you nor they fucckup before oh.
Ble: na before you talk, thank God say you mention the word “before”
and between i nor be your girlfriend then and am still not your girl
now, so swerve abeg.
Me: na like so you wan do am?
Ble: they go joor i nor get your time i they busy.
Me: busy they do wetin.
Ble: busy they fucck your head.
Me: weey……….and there she goes she cut the call, but seriously
whats wrong with herself, Abi she think say na only she get kpomo?
Kpomo full everywhere oh, infact my backyard here them they sell kpomo
there, so make she nor form for me oh, well i never get her time, make
i wait small make Mercy leave before i treat her fuckup.
I was lost in thought when Mercy walk in,
Mercy: my dear how far
Me: i they as you leave me.
Mercy: hmm really, wetin make you they smile?
Me: i they smile? well i they happy to see you na.
Mercy: thats odd.
Me: forget that wetin you buy for me?
Mercy: i go buy Akpu i wan miss am with garri,
Me: okay what of my plantain chips?
Mercy: dear i nor see buy oh.
Me: like seriously “getting angry”
Mercy: yes i nor see buy am sorry i know you really want it.
Me: alright na no problem, when food go ready?
Mercy: very soon dear just hold on for like ten minutes.
Me: no problemo.
Mercy: thats my dear.
I watch her as she remove the Akpu from the small black nylon and put
it inside kettle before putting the kettle on fire, i was quiet
watching her, thinking how i will survive without her, i really dont
want her to go oh but i dont have a choice, studying nursing has been
one of her dream and now that she have the chance to study it the best
i can do is to support her, afterall i love nursing too just like how
all my sisters are nurse, i wanted to study Medicine in the universiy
of Benin but jamb fall my hand, so na here i find myself and i tell
you guys i dont regret it a bit, i love the igbo lifee because its
very simple and they are very understanding and always ready to help
incase of any emergency, the only thing am afraid of here is Adanna,
and i believe shes gone for good and never coming back, but i have to
do something about this dream oh, since we depart i have been having
nightmare about her, different dreams with different meaning i even
approach my pastor when i was in Edo state and he told me to fast
about it, of course i fast and pray for three days after fasting the
week i stop seeing Adanna in my dream, but after sometime she started
appearing again, “what are you thinking” i was shock when Mercy touch
me and bring me back to life.
Me: see as you shock me.
Mercy: i don call you three times now you nor answer, wetin you they think?
Me: i was thinking how i will cope without you by my side.
Mercy: oh come on man is not even time yet, please dont put me on a
bad mode this evening oh.
Me: but am already on a bad mode.
Mercy: okay so do you want me to stay and shun the admission.
Me: not so dear, of course you will go.
Mercy: cool then cheer up is not the end of the world, lets eat abeg.
Me: okay love.
I sit up and join her on my red rug-like carpet to eat, she always
know how to cook Afang soup so am really not surprise, i enjoy the
soup because i have really miss it, i didnt eat it since because of my
IT, whether they sell the okasi leave in Edo i dont know but assuming
i saw it then in Edo state i would have bought it and cook the soup.
Me: the food is delicious.
Mercy: thanks.
Me: i know say you nor they fuckup.
Mercy: thanks to you for your encouragement.
Me: oyaa wait let me feed you.
Mercy: okay, “she drop the one in her hand and open her mouth wide i
started feeding her and feeding myself too.
Mercy: why dont you let me feed you.
Me: no just stay, my princess shouldnt stress herself.
Mercy: hmmmm this one you are acting nice, i know what you want.
Me: what is that?
Mercy: sex before sleep.
I open my mouth smiling like a smiling smiley

Oh yes i think she read my mind very well because there are two things
that you cant use to joke with me “Sex and Food”.
Mercy: why you they open your teeth like that?
Me: you know why na.
Mercy: hmmmm after the one we do just now no reach you abi?
Me: i nor they tire for that kind thing na.
Mercy: tomorrow na sunday abeg make we just sleep like new born baby
and wake up like soldiers (see her head like tomorrow na sunday, when
she they sex just now she nor know say tomorrow na sunday abi?).
Me: forget that one joor, tomorrow no sex okay today na still saturday.
Mercy: na your own you they talk.
Me: so you nor go give me?
Mercy: nope.
Me: okay na thank god self say pioneer they my back here.
Mercy: you they craze abi?
Me: but you say you nor go give me na?
Mercy: shotup and focus on the food.
Me: yes my love.
We finish eating and she packup the plate and wash them very well.
Me: abeg turn water for rubber for me make i take baf.
Mercy: yes oga.
I got up and pull my clothes and use towel to round my waist she was
looking at me while i took water outside i look back and saw her still
starring at me.
Me: na wetin you they look?
Mercy: they go jooor.
Me: hehehehe i know say you nor go fit resist me.
Mercy: for your mind.
I took the water to our backyard and enter bathroom, since wey i come
i never see Favor oh, i hope you guys remember the crazy girl that was
masturbating while i was taking my bath outside, oh yes shes the Favor
am talking about, her door is lock maybe she leave that time sha but i
heard she return back after she found that this place is much cheaper
than the others, i took my bath in silence and scrub my body very
well, thanks to God and Mercy my injury don they clear small small,
after spending like ten minutes inside the bathroom i heard somebody
knock on the door.
Me: na who they there? (no answer).
Me: Mercy na you? (still no answer).
I quickly clear my face with water and peep through the door i didnt
see anything, then i continue bathing it didnt take long before i
heard the knock again this time no soap in my eyes so i quickly peep
outside i saw something crawling inside the bush oh yes its a snake a
black small one, though day don dark small but i was able to see it
clearly no doubt its a snake, i quickly clean my body with towel and
ran out of the bathroom.
I nor know wetin snake they find for were i they baf oh, hmmmm e be
like i go park commot for this house oh because i dont want any
brouhaha to mess with me again, i enter inside room and immediately
Mercy ask whats wrong.
Me: i saw a snake.
Mercy: snake for where?
Me: for backyard na as i they baf.
Mercy: no surprise na there they bushy so its a possibility.
Me: but somebody knock for the door twice before i see the snake they
run as i open the door.
Mercy: so wetin you they think?
Me: i really dont know.
Mercy: no fear nothing they happen.
Me: i hope so oh.
I clean my body and told Mercy to rob cream for me, of course she was
doing it so well that my dickson started gaining attention, thats what
i want for sure so i turn and face her, she was breathing fast and i
understand why, i grab her melon and push her to the bed i tore her
shirt and as we started wrestling inside the bed, oh guys am telling
you it was d–n hot after we don sex for good 30 minutes we slept off
only for Mercy to call me in the middle of the night that she want to
go and baf that the heat is too much.
Me: are you serious, by this time?
Mercy: i cant sleep the heat is three much.
Me: but you for baf since na.
Mercy: i plan to baf but i was too tired to stand up (why she no go
tire after she don sex for almost an hour).
Me: hmmm eleye gidi gan.
Mercy: if you nor go follow me make i go by myself.
Me: of course i will follow you oyaa stand up lets go.
She was d–n serious because she immediately uncover herself and stood
up to carry bathing rubber.
Me: you are d–n serious arent you?
Mercy: am not joking.
I look at the time eleven thirty in the night, this one na complete
mission impossible if na before this one na small thing but now hmmm i
no go talk first.
Mercy: are you standing up or not?
Me: oyaa na fetch water make we they go.
Of course i dont have a choice i cant let her go alone and me too i
they feel the sweat so i understand afterall na for her to just pack
water put for body nothing else, she turn water for rubber and open
door i follow her for back as she comeout and walk to the back of the
house, na so everywhere dark like dark ages i was d–n afraid i wont
lie though i nor they fear before but after Adanna experience the fear
rise from twenty percent to eighty percent, she reach back and remove
her nightgown and hang for rope, me i stand for favor window they
watch her like watchman, as she start they baf my fear rise when i see
something moving toward us the thing small na so e eyes they shine
like flourecent bulb


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