Me: Mercy something is coming (i shouted).
Mercy: where?
Me: there (i pointed at the small thing moving toward us like slow motion).
Mercy saw the thing and pause, then she took stone from the ground and
stone it, the thing shouted and ran away (from the sound nobody need
to tell me that its a cat).

Mercy: you see its just a cat.
She continue to they baf while i continue watching like watchman she
baf for two minutes before we all enter inside room of course i thank
God for mission completed.
As we enter inside room she didnt even clean herself she just lock
door and quench for bed facing the bed, her nightgown they transparent
so i they see her a-s as e pump out, me wey nor wear anything apart
from boxer and the boxer don they grow small small, thats why i like
my dickson because e no they fucckup, i sleep beside her and put my
leg and hand on her body.
I jejely draw her nightgown go up and na so her well shaved pusssi
pump out, looking a it alone they make my dickson rise am telling you,
i remove my boxer and stay ontop her she face bed turn her head go
left side while me stay ontop her using my kneel to support myself,
then i put my hand inside there and i was happy there they sleepery, i
arrange myself well and insert my d–k, na so there they warm and
sweet, i started pumping in and out na so she just remain there like
dead person she didnt make any sound i was surprise, i decided to go
faster i know my Mercy that she cant bear it and for sure she started
moaning little by little.
I sleep for her back and use my two hands to press her boobs then i
continue pumping in and out of the well, i must confess that position
they sweet well well because my dickson they go deep deep well well, i
pump and pump and pump till i release inside her colapse on her body
na there both of us sleep till next day.
We woke up to a beautiful sunday i wasnt too happy because i know she
will be going home today till further notice, we pray morning prayer
and she arrange the room, after cleaning up we took our bath and went
to church together, we go All Saint Cathedral for Aba/Owerri road Aba,
we go morning mass thats six o clock own before nine we don close
thats why i love the church because them no they tey at all, they have
morning session, afternoon session and Igbo session (meaning na Igbo
them go speak throughout for that session) i love the church no doubt
expecially the beautiful building and the big compound, we close by
nine exactly, we got home and Mercy start preparing to go home, i talk
to my good neighbour and he told me he will help in carrying Mercy’s
property from her house to park i was glad and i promise to beer him,
me and Mercy gist, play and watch film from my laptop till four in the
evening, when she said that its time for her to go i was very sad and
angry because i know we wont have time to see like this again before
she leave, we kiss passionately for ten minutes till she freed herself
and disappear from my room she said i should not escort her so i stay
behind and continue disturbing her phone with calls, i always want to
her hear her voice because her voice they give me Joy and Blessing,
she even enter keke and we continue to they talk for phone till she
reach house i for continue with call oh but my credit come finish
meaning no more call for now, i have money to recharge but i say make
she rest small and i need to start preparing how to move on without
her because very soon now she go be history, i was thinking all alone
in the room when i heard that nonsense generator noise outside again,
then it occured to me that the light is gone, i unplugged my phone and
laptop and took my bag i arrange all my files and document that i will
carry to school tomorrow plus the money also i wont stay long in
school tomorrow because na to just carry the HND form and come house,
school never resume fully i guess that would be next week, i hope and
pray we truly resume next week oh because that would make me not to
miss Mercy too much, i was thinking away my sorrow when i heard the
ringtone of my phone, i look at the screen and saw Faith my loving
sister i pick the call at once.
Me: hello how far Faith.
Faith: Oziegbe Ogbei abeg come MCC junction come help me carry load.
Me: you know whether i they house?
Faith: i know say you go they now abeg come now now i they wait.
Me: no wahala i they road.
I cut the call and put on some normal wear i lock my door very well
and set out to go meet Faith my sister, i reach MCC i look around and
i didnt see her then i call her phone.
Faith: hello wey you.
Me: i they MCC which side you they?
Faith: i they front of First Bank.
Me: okay i they come.
I cross the road to the other side and walk to the first bank there i
saw Faith with a big tummy standing alone waiting for me, now i see
why she cant carry the load by herself because there is a seed growing
inside her.

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I dont know she was even pregnant that means na enjoy she go enjoy for
this one year IT but she still fine sha no doubt.
Me: how far (i said as i approach her).
Faith: i they oh how your people?
Me: fine fine oya make we commot for road first.
Faith: okay.
I took the big ghana must go bag and also carry the small echolac bag
she only took her small handbag i dont want her to stress herself we
cross the road together and journey to her house, of course i told you
guys her house is not that far from my house we gist along the way we
talk about her IT and my own too, i always like her because shes
always nice and cool.
We reach her house and she open the door and we enter.
Faith: thank you very much dear.
Me: no wahala but you get cleanup to do oh (for sure everywhere is
dusting and dirty).
Faith: yes and i go they do am jeje no haste.
Me: but how far about the stomach how come, you marry?
Faith: i know say you go ask that question.
Me: for sure na you be my sister and you be my responsibilty.
Faith: no worry we go talk but no be now at least make i rest small.
Me: no wahala make go house i go return tomorrow for full gist.
Faith: gist for wetin abeg they go joor ameboy.
Me: hahaha take care dear.
I left her alone and i was thinking what happen, Faith no be person
wey i know say she they waka waka she be cool gentle girl so how come
shes now pregnant? hmmm this is confusing though is not my business oh
but i believe i deserve the right to know because people go ask me for
school wetin happen, many people know say we be one because of say we
come from the same state.
I got home and warm my food, i eat the eba wey remain and enter bed
and sleep, my phone woke me up around eight in the night i look at the
screen and i saw my love.
Me: hello dear how we they?
Mercy: am fine oh just arranging my things oh.
Me okay.
Mercy: you don eat?
Me: yes what about you?
Mercy: food they fire i will eat later.
Me: okay make sure you eat before you sleep oh.
Mercy: yes sir,
Me: alright na make i go back to sleep.
Mercy: alright dear.
I cut the call and continue my sleep.
I dreamt that somebody was pursueing me in my dream with fire when the
person wanted to catch me i wokeup only to see thats its a dream, i
look the time and its seven in the morning, waoh na which kind sleep i
come sleep like that na?
I stand up and brush my teeth and also took my bath before i they do
everything finish eight don sharp, i wear my clothes and rush to
school, i reach school and hed to our science laboratory sharp sharp,
i saw my fellow mate having lecture already i was surprise because i
taught the lesson will start next week not knowing that they have
already started, i rush to the admin block to collect the form for HND
come see as the woman come they do small small i wish i know na to
enter class and later come collect the form na im for make sense pass
oh, after good thirty minutes the woman answer me and i collect the
form and rush to the lab, i pass back enter the lab so that our
lecturer no go see me, they are doing practical wey i nor understand
of course i wont understand it because i was late, i meet my friend
Emma and collect his note them never write many things e be like na
introduction them still they do about equipment in the lab and how to
maintain them, i was surprise because they taught us those things in
ND i wonder why them they repeat am oh, i write the note finish and
return it to the guy, sit no they again to sit down so i just perch
for near window, the class was going on smoothly and i believe
everybody was enjoying it like me when somebody distract the lecturer,
somebody walk in a very beautiful girl with fine curve that you can
compare with toolz, she must be between 17 and 18 she came in and
greet the lecturer na so all of us they look her,.
Lecturer: you want to see me?
Lady: no sir i want to know if this is HND1 (see trouble oh na
lecturer she go go ask?).
Me: yes this is HND1.
Lady: okay thanks sir, am new here thats why am asking.
Lecturer: oh this is your first time?
Lady: yes sir.
I dont know whats wrong with our lecturer if na another person him for
don dismiss am because him no they like interruption when teaching.
Lecturer: welcome look for a sit to sit down.
Lady: okay thanks sir.
She look us wey they look her since, as she they waka commot the
lecturer call her back.
Lecturer: whats your name by the way?
Lady: Adaeze sir.
Lecturer: what is the meaning of Adaeze? (our lecturer na yoruba man)
Adaeze: princess of the king
Lecturer: nice name so your dad is a king?
Adaeze: no my mother is a queen.


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