I enter inside house and clean my body thank God say light they oh
because this night go sweet well well or so i thought, i bring out the
bread from the nylon omo na those type of bread wey they get butter
inside oh and very big also this one go reach me for three days oh but
you know me na, na one day i go chop am, i quickly open the bread and
as i wan cut small put for mouth make i taste my mumu infinix phone
distract me, i look the caller na Mercy.

Me: hello babee.
Mercy: you never sleep?
Me: i just they watch film.
Mercy: okay make sure say you pray before you sleep oh i feel somehow
is like something bad is about to happen.
Me: to who?
Mercy: someone i love.
Me: dont worry nothing will happen dear (but seriously why this girl
they always see bad thing about me? ).
Mercy: i pray so dear, what did you eat this evening?
Me: just rice oh.
Mercy: who cook it?
Me: me of course who else do you think?
Me: i find it funny you cooking rice when you have afang soup. (holy
s–t i never warm that soup and the soup they quick spoil if you nor
warm am).
Me: please give me some minutes i will call you back.
Mercy: okay lovie am waiting.
I cut the call sharperly and tie the bread back, i took the stove
outside and on it i quickly brought out the soup and put it on fire, i
sit for my doormouth and they watch am, e be like say my neighbour
never sleep because i they hear drama for there and also slippers full
him outside, that means him get visitors i took the phone and dial
Mercy’s number but they say the phone is switch off i wonder how
person wey call me just now go come switch off her phone, as i wan
drop the phone another call they enter i look at the screen and saw
Adanna i was shock and quickly drop the phone on the ground the phone
they ring i they look am for ground then i summon courage and as i wan
pick am i see am for the screen say na Adaeze, oboy na which kind yawa
be this?
Me: hello Adaeze.
Ada: hi are you at home now?
Me: yes thanks alot.
Ada: you welcome, please dont forget to come along tomorrow with your reporting.
Me: i wont forget i promise.
Ada: alright wanna crash now take care.
Me: alright ma sleep well and dream of me (that thing just mistake
enter my mouth and i regret am).
Ada: dream of you, Now why will i dream of you?
Me: slip of tongue i meant dream of God.
Ada: which god?
Me: the one you serve.
Ada: i serve no god.
Me: really? Then get ready i will take you to my church on sunday.
Ada: what is church?
Me: like seriously?
Ada: what is church?
Me: where you from come?
Ada: from Aba.
Me: you sure because you they talk like someone they born yesterday.
Ada: thats rude.
Me: am sorry slip of tongue if i may ask how old are you?
Ada: twelve month.
Me: hahahahahahaha you are really funny you wey don reach to be my mama self.
Ada: okay sleep tight goodnight.
Me: okay bye.
She cut the call but i must say shes kinda strange, seems like shes
one of the lost girls.
I remove my pot from fire and enter house and lock my door i enter bed
and pray for God guidance.


i wokeup in a big forest tied with rope with a big tree everywhere is
bright with nobody around all i hear is the sound of bird i look my
right and saw a running water, i look my left i saw desert i dont know
where ali am but i know say na bad place, the kind rope wey them take
tie me be like sacrificial rope with red colours, i was rub with white
chalk all over my body and cowries on my head, now this is really
strange i dont know what to do so i started shouting for help, i shout
and shout and shout and shout but nobody answer, after like two hours
of waiting the running water started boiling like kettle wey them put
for fire the river they rise then suddenly somebody started rising from the water, the came out of the
river a small baby like six years she has hairs all over her body
like me and she have a golden hair just like the golden chain Adanna
gave me she wear cowries all over her body, i was scared like hell
because i never see this kind thing before she walk to me and say.
Girl: hello daddy.
I was surprise why is she calling me daddy? I look her face well and i
must confess there is resemblance.
Girl: dont be afraid am your daughter and am here to deliver you to mummy.
Me: whiiiiiiich mumumumy (i stammmere).
Girl: Adanna my mother.
When she mention that name my heart skip to my mouth.
Me: who are you.
Girl: am your daughter and you are going to help me bring my mother
back thats why we need you (now I have heard that we need you before somewhere)
Then i started crying i mean heavy cry suddenly she blow breeze from
her mouth and the rope on my body cut at once she hold me by my right
hand and take me inside the river ( i was following her and i dont
know why)

I nor know wetin they push me oh i just they follow the little baby
like say na charm she take they draw me or maybe its charm who know
because i cant stay and be following somebody i dont know, we enter
inside the river and the river begin swallow us small small, the way i
they follow her be like say she wan go baptize me or maybe yes she wan
baptise me true true, as the river don they swallow us reach our neck
i was really afraid but i cant talk, stop, nor go back, the water don
swallow the little girl wey she say she be my daughter and i nor even
know her name oh, as we they go and the water wan swallow me then i
draw the curtain

i woke up and saw that all my body is wet like hell, whether na the
water wey i enter come make my body wet like this or na sweat wey i
they sweat i nor know oh, i wake up and sit down for bed and i start
to they think about the dream the little girl say she be my daughter
but how come? Adanna never told me that shes pregnant and i never see
any sign say she get belle na which kind yawa be this one now eh,
hmmm na God go save me oh i took my phone and call Mercy, her number
is still switch off, i throw the phone away angrily and relax on the
bed looking at the ceiling, then i see see something they move for my
ceiling i quickly run go on light and behold a mighty bat inside my
room oboy na which kind wahala be this na? i carry my long broom
begin use they hit the bat the bat they fly around the room while me
they struggling to kill am, me and the bat they dance alingo for inside the
room before e enter one small hole for my wall wey them pass put
electric wire for my room, the bat enter there and disappear i search
and search and search i nor see the bat, i even open door go outside
go find am but i nor still see am i wonder how giant bat go take
pass through that small hole wey they there.
since i nor see am i
close my door and enter inside house, i keep my broom and lie for bed
i nor wan off light again oh Mercy tell me say she get feeling say
bad thing wan happen, then this bad dream and this mysterious bat,
hmmm something is about to hapen and i cant figure it out, i just hope
and pray i will still be alive when e start because at this rate i
dont think they will even attack me before i die.
The little child said that she want me to help her bring back her
mother thats something i can never do, i will rather die than bring
back Adanna, i rebuke and ban her in the name of Jesus, i wont do it
not now not ever unless she wan come use my dead body bring her back,
bringing Adanna back wont only mean the end of me but also the end of
everybody i love and am not ready to lose any of my friends nor
family, she better remain where she is because the person that defeat
her is still hale and healthy, she defeat her before and she can still
defeat her now i was really trouble now and i need to sleep oh, i
took my phone and look at the time the time say one o clock in the
the next day everything happen smoothly Mr Wale change the submission date to Monday so all of us they happy at least no reporting this week or so I thought, I met Adaeze in school and teach her how to report I even give her assignment self make she summit on Monday, weekend reach me and my neighbour took car to Mercy’s house and pack her things, she left to Benin that day and I must say I cry that day she leave.


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