The ground started shaking and they stop what they were doing and
started looking up and down like people that are lost.
Me: kill me now please.
Josh: whats going on?
Me: shes here.
Josh: who?

I kept quiet and he shouted again “who is here”.
Me: death.

Josh: we are not afraid of anybody or anyone.

they took their cuttlass and stand in front of the door waiting for
whoever is coming to come, i just pity them because i know it over for
them already unless they run.
As the ground continue shaking the environment started changing from
day to night, darkness started covering everywhere like eclipse of the
Before i they know wetin they happen come see as them fly window piam
piam like ghost.
i look at the door and saw her standing there in white robb.
Me: Adaeze.
Ada: so you want to die?
Me: no i dont mean it.
She came closer and started walking around the table with her eyes
turning like snake.
Ada: you smell good.
Me: Adaeze please free me
Ada: free you? After what you did with to my mother?
Me: i did nothing she fed you with lies let me explain better.
Ada: i dont need your explanation but i need something.
Me: take everything but please leave Mercy alone, you can take me if
you want but leave my Mercy alone.
she wasnt even listening as she continue walking aroung me hissing
like snake, she stop moving and then started unzipping my trouser.
Me: what are you doing Adaeze?
Ada: keep quiet if you dont want me mad.
She remove my trouser completely, she pull her pant down and climb the table.
Me: please dont do this am your father.
she didnt listen she just took my dickson and put it in her mouth for
minutes before she direct it inside her p—y and started grinding me.
Me: uhhhhh Ada please.
Ada: stop talking now.
she fvck me very well on the table and i was real angry but i enjoyed
it small a little, she slept on me and tried to kiss me but i refuse,
so she relax back riding me, moving her head like the mermaid she is,
as she was fvcking me i was seeing different things, first she turn to
snake and then scorpion and later Alien, it was like i smoke indian
hemp because my eyes were turning me very well, she continue riding me
for hours till i release inside her and then she scream and face the
Adanna: i told you to watch him not to fvck him.
I manage to turn around and saw Adanna standing on the door folding her hands

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Adaeze: mama (she jumped up from my body)
Adanna: never mind enjoy him as you want after all after we are done
with him he will be useless to us.
Me: Adanna why are you doing this to me.
Adanna: silent (i shot up at once).
They lose the rope on my body and walk out, before she left she said
“dont go back home, travel to benin from here and kill mercy”.
Me: yes ma lady.
It was as if i was breaking lose but when she look me in the eyes and
say that word the madness came again, i walk out of the building and
saw my bag containing my phone and wallet with some money inside, i
know it the work of Adanna, i dont know where i am and everywhere is
bright unlike before when it look like eclipse of the moon, i started
walking to nowhere in particular, everywhere surrounded with bush and
trees. I was hearing noises afar like market people so i followed that
direction till i came out to main road and saw hospital road,
This is the place i followed Adanna to her place last time so i know
here very well, i walk to Aba/Owerri Road and enter bus going to
Oshishioma, i didnt talk to anybody the only thing rigging on my head is
“kill mercy” if i dont kill her my rage wont stop.
After Osishioma i enter bus going to Port Harcourt and the way people
are looking at me makes me to wonder whats going on, when i look at my
clothes i saw bloods and dirts, thats when i realize that they are
looking at me because of my dress, i didnt mind them at all my mission
is to kill mercy and thats what am going to do exactly, i came down
from Port and Enter RTC park, i reach there and they told me that no
bus is going to auchi again that am late, i walk out from there and
look for another bus , In Water Line Port harcourt there is no Bus you
wont see there.
I came out from the filling station and enter the bus of the first
agbero that approach me, i payed for the fee and sat at the back with
two other people, they are going to Benin straight which i even prefer
than Auchi, i look at the time and saw 4:05 pm that means i will reach
Benin by 11:00pm in the night and i dont mind at all, i didnt call
Mercy that am coming and i dont even know where she base in benin but
my instinct just keep on telling me dont worry.
We enter road na na arm robber we come go jam

To be continued


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