We enter road from portharcourt to Benin early evening and everything
went smoothly except blockage by soldier, soldier block us for road

and they look inside the bus finish na only me then say mai come down.
I came down gently and they search me throughly like criminal.
Soldier1: wetin be your name and why blood they your body?
Me: I don’t know.
Soldier2: whaaaat.
Me: i said i dont know my name.
“Tazzarrrrrrr” a heavy slap landed on my face but i didnt even blink.
Soldier1: if i ask you question again u reply me well, what is your name and why blood they your shirt?
Me: i dont know.
People for my bus they beg me to tell am my name na so i just bone
like mr bones.
As he raised his hand and want to slap me again, they called him
“Ahmed whats going there?”.
Soldier1: nothing Sir, this guy is forming stubborn head.
Soldier3: mr man who are you and why blood ?
Me: had accident on my way to port, I forgot my name.
Soldier1: you hear him maybe its amnesia.
The officer came and took my bag, he search it and brought my wallet
out, he saw my voters card and my school ID card, he look at me and
then look at the picture on the card.
“let him go he is a student and Mr man your name is Ozila”.
Soldier1: but Sir.
“i said let him go” he repeated.
Soldier1: okay sir.
He arrange my bag and gave it to me, i walk to my bus and sat down
while the passengers started asking different questions, i just sat
and face front like someone under spell, oh i forgot am under spell
We reach Delta by seven in the evening and along the border before we
enter Edo state we saw men on our front pointing touch and also
wearing black police uniform.
We saw other bus park there also so we followed suit.
Driver: oga good evening.
Guy 1: where una they go this night?
Driver: na Benin oh.
Guy 2: make all of una come now.
(they are like six or seven).
Driver: whaat make we settle am na abeg?
Before we they look again bullet don enter our driver head and then
pandemonium start.
The guys came to the door and open it with force while everybody in
the bus started hiding themselves while some guys are hiding phone
under chairs some ladies are hiding under their pant.
Guy 1: before the count of five make everybody come down or else we go
start shooting, One.
see how everybody rush down like rush hour, i came down last and as i
put leg for ground one of them hit me gun at my back telling me why i
was last to come down, i fell on the ground with others.
They enter inside and search the bus, they took many phones and money
also, then they separate the guys from the girls.
Guy 2: every body pull of your clothes including boys and girls

Of course they know we hide some things inside our body, i wasnt
afraid of the first holdup i mean the army men, but now am afraid is
there any different or is it not the same armed men, or maybe they too
have their own charm I do hear arm robbers prepare charm before going on operation.
We all pull down our dress come see as pox, phone and money they fall
from our body.
The people caught were seriously beaten to pop.
I wish to die before but now am scared i dont know why, then suddenly
as i wearing my clothes back strange thing enter my body like am been called by
someone then I said.
“hey guys una never thief finish time don go oh and i get mission”.
They all pause and started looking at me, then one came close and
command me to stand up, i obeyed like a gentleman.
Guy1: wetin you talk?
Me: i say una never thief finish i nor get time i need to kill person
now i they hungry.
Then i started hearing voice “kill him, kill him, kill him” three
times in my head.
the guy raise his gun up to smack me on my head, i use my right hand
to hold the gun and then i head him and use my leg to hit him on his
stomach while he fell down flat, the others open fire and started
shooting raining bullets all over my body (the people lying down
started running) and guess what, the bullets didnt hurt me is just like
a raindrop, they shoot till the bullet finish then they pause and look
at me.
Me: are you guys through? Now my turn.
I took the gun i collected from the first guy and crack, before i
finish cracking it all of them don piante like ghost, they ran leaving
everything they stole.
I look around but saw no one except dust, i drop the gun and walk to
wear the robbers park the car i saw one bike with the key still there,
i enter the bike and started it, i drove off even though i dont know
were am going at least i have a guardian around.
But the question now is if Joshua guys were able to bleed me then what
happened to the gun?
As i ride to benin a heavy rain started falling in the middle of the
night, the rain was so heavy that i cant see what is in front of me or
where am going but still am running very fast because am late, i have
to please my lady Adanna she said i should kill Mercy and thats what
exactly am going to do, Mercy am sorry but i cant control it, i hope
the god you serve is alive to save you.
Ten minutes to benin as i was running without even seeing whats in
front of me, i heard a sound in front of me and then i saw a big tree
too close for me to hold break thats how i jam it and the matchine
fling me from up to the ground.
I open my eyes and saw myself, all my hands broken, my leg dislocated
and a big stick inside my brain (but am still alive).
As i lay like that on the wet ground i look in front of me and saw
someone in white coming to meet me..

I saw the person coming like an angel or rather demon choose any one
you want but know that am surrounded by demon.
The person came nearer and nearer but i didnt see her face before i
passed out but i know the person is a female.


i wokeup and saw myself in a room surrounded by mirrors, there is no one here
there is no window nor door all i see is my reflection from the mirror, my
left to my right all i see i myself.
The hall is big and mighty but i dont know how i got here.
i shouted, when i said hello i heard my echo more than ten times, i
stood in the middle of the hall and started looking round, looking
myself in the mirror, there is something i observe, as i was turning
around i remain still in all of the mirror, then i walk closer to one
and look myself very well, i touch the mirror and my reflection touch
the mirror too, i demonstrate and my reflection demonstrate too.
“where am i?” i ask no one in particular, there is no door nor window
i dont know what to do, then i look at the mirror at my left hand and
saw myself bleeding in my nose, i walk over to the mirror and touch it,
i look myself on other mirrors i saw that am perfectly fine, i started
wondering whats going on.
I look my right hand side and saw myself on another mirror smiling and
waving me good bye, i walk over there and saw myself smiling and
waving my hand goodbye, i dont understand this puzzle at all.
I was still thinking whats going on when the mirror that i saw myself
smiling started cracking, i move away from there so that it wont
injure me, but nowhere to run to because all the mirror started
cracking till they all crash and fell on my body.


i wokeup from that same spot where i landed when I crash down, i look at
my body and saw that am perfectly fine, i saw some blood on my shirt
but i know that it because of the injury i sustain during the
incident, when i took my phone to check time i saw through the mirror lots of blood in my mouth.
I wipe my mouth and saw that the blood was much, like someone gave me
blood to drink but who might that be and what happen to my hand, leg and
head that i injured?

to be continued


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