This is not the time to answer questions this is the time to kill.
I took my bag from the ground and started walking towards
Benin, havent gone far when i saw a car owner looking for money for
fuel obviously,

i offer 200 naira to ring road because Benin is not
far again, he took me direct to ring road and i came down after paying
him, what i still wonder is that why cant Adanna just take me hear
with just a blink of an eye instead of making me suffer like this or
is it part of my punishment too?
I enter Benin early morning when the town is still sleeping though
some of them has started hussling already like okada riders and bus
drivers, i stop a bike and told him to take me to school of health, i
enter the bike and off we go, i still dont know where she lives or how
to meet her, i have my phone but i refuse to call, the mission was to
kill her and nothing else and thats exactly what am going to do.
I came down and started walking down to sapele road, but i turn left
and enter one street i dont know the name, am not following any
direction and i dont know where am going but my instinct kept on reminding me
that am not the owner of myself so i shouldnt complain at all.
Inside the street i walk for metres before i stop and saw by my right
hand a church name “Lords Chosen” again, i believe it her church and
she must be closeby because she love to be close to where she worship
so that she can go all night at will.
I saw some members in front of the church even though it early, i walk
to one of them and greet them, then i ask.
“where is Mercy?”
girl1: who are you and which Mercy?
Me: am her friend from Aba, am looking for Mercy U*.
Girl2: you are her friend from Aba, sorry we dont know you and we cant
reveal her location maybe you can call her and tell her to come to
Me: okay thank you for your time.
I greeted them and continue going inside the street, i dont want to
call her because she must not know that am coming or else she will
start praying which can make me fail my mission and my lady wont be
I walk for minutes and then i saw a gate with a cross sign on the front gate, i
walk there and knock, i knock three times before someone came out to
open the door.
“who are you” he asked.
Me: am Mercy brother please i want to see her.
“why didnt you call her on your phone?”
Me: my phone is down.
“okay wait here am coming”.
He went inside and i have to wait for another ten minutes before the door
open again, then she came out, when she saw me her eyes open wide and
then she pounce on me.

She hug me and hold me tight even though she was surprise.
Mercy: how are you? how come? Abeg come inside first.
Me: am fine okay.
I followed her inside her compound next to her room that was looking
nice and well kept, she was throwing questions upon questions like.
How are you?
Why didnt you tell me?
How did you know my house?
Why is your body rough?
Were is your bag?
Is everything alright?
When did you arrive?
How can you travel by night?

She was asking so many numerous questions in that i just quietly pull my shirt and relax
on the bed thinking about my mission “kill mercy” the word kept on
repeating on my head like a computer that was put on auto repeat, “kill
mercy, kill mercy, kill mercy” continuously like that in seconds.
As i relax on the bed she came to me and lay with me.
Mercy: Ozila what is wrong?
Me: Mercy nothing is wrong i just came to visit na.
Mercy: without any call or test?
Me: i just wanted to surprise you.
Mercy: by 6 am in the morning when did you enter road? (she relax with me petting my head and with my mood I guess she figure it out that something is definitely wrong somewhere)
Me: i came to Benin yesterday i was with my sister in Upper sakponba
and my loads are there.
Mercy: you enter Benin yesterday and you didn’t call? why did you come?
That question reactivated the word “kill mercy”.
Me: i came to see my baby (i said and pet her on her cheeks.
Mercy: ozila something is wrong i can feel it but you dont want to
talk or dont you trust me again?
Me: of course i trust my baby why wont i? See i was missing you badly
so i decided to pay you a surprise visit.
Mercy: this is unexpected, if something is not wrong God would have
reveal it to me that you are coming, Ozila you are hiding something
from me what is it?
Me: trust me dear nothing is wrong, wont you offer me something to eat
am hungry.(trying to change topic)
Mercy: i havent prepare anything today but i will when i return from
school for now i will make bread and tea for you.
Me: what about you?
Mercy: nope am fasting i cant eat, am on a three days dry fasting (i
said it, that she must fast).
Me: thats cool hope you are praying for me oh.
Mercy: trust me, you are the reason why i am fasting.
Me: me, what reason exactly?
Mercy: i dont know but i feel something bad is coming but a dark cloud
is stopping me from seeing it.
Me: something bad is coming for me?
Mercy: thats why am praying for you and me, we need to be stronger in
God at a time like this.
Me: hmmmmm no wahala.
I dont know why but am feeling guilty not that i have even kill her
but am already feeling guilty.
Mercy: let me put water on fire for you to make tea while i take my bath.
Me: okay.
She on the electric stove and put water and then she remove her
clothes and walk to the bathroom, the bathroom is inside the room,
just a complete apartment.
As she enter inside i got up and took knife from the kitchen and then
i walk to her in the bathroom, time to strike i guess

I took the knife and walk closer to where she was taking her shower, i
open the cutton and saw her using sponge to wash her body but she cant
see me because she is facing the wall and more over she cant open her
eyes because of the soap on her eyes,
i look her beautiful body from head to toe thinking why i want to end
her, i enjoyed her body i enjoyed everything about her so i will just
kill her like that in a cold blood, as i raise the knife up to slice
her throat i started crying and my hand started shaking, it was like
something is moving on my head because head started paining me
badly, but i wont stop and i must complete my mission, i raise it up
again and wanted to strike but i stop and as i wanted to drop the
knife because i cant kill her, Adanna appear on my back with white
Adanna: kill her now.
When she said that word i raise the knife up and this time without any
force stopping me i stabbed her.


as i wanted to stab her my hands hang on the air and i tried to move
it but i cant then she said.
Mercy: Ozila whats that.
I didnt know what to say and she bend down and started using water to
wash her face to see whats going on so i quickly release my hand and
the knife fell on the ground, i match it with my leg but still i cant
move my hand.
She open her face and saw me standing there smiling.
Mercy: baby what are you doing here?
Me: i miss you so much that i cant help it but to stare.
Mercy: and why are you raising your hands up like that as if you want
to catch something.
Me: i wanted to hold you before you turn.
Mercy: hahaha you want to join me (she took my hands from the air and
use it to touch her cheecks, ) am sorry i cant do anything am fasting
and i need to remain holy.
Me: i understand sweetheart.
Mercy: good so get out of here let me finish bathing.
Me: yes my love.
I bend down and took the knife without she knowing and then i walk to
the room and lay on the bed again what happen, i have failed and my
mistress wont be happy at all, this is bad so i cant kill her now
eeeh, shes fasting the only way i can succed is to make her commit sin
by sleeping with her and then i struck

to be continued


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