After her bath she dressed up and prepare tea and bread for me to use as
break fast telling me when she reurns she will cook better something
for us to eat.

Me: so when are u coming back?
Mercy: latest 12 or before 1.
Me: u go tey na wetin i want they do here when u commot?
Mercy: do you want to follow me to school?
I think about it for some minutes then i said no because there are
things to round up and i believe my lady might visit me maybe to
punish me for failing to kill her.
Oh well i didnt actually fail because i tried to kill her but an
unknown force magnet my hand in air.
Me: no i will just stay back and wait for your return.
Mercy: okay then when are you even going back?
Me: very soon when you return we will talk.
Mercy: okay then take care sweetheart.
She kissed me on my cheecks before leaving and as expected she dress
like someone afraid of beautiful or sexy clothes, what do you expect
shes a member of lords chosen.
She left me alone at home, i didnt know what to do but am expecting
Adanna because i believe she must show.
I stood up and check the stuff she prepared for me, i open the tea to
drink but when i percieve the odour i ran out of the room apartment to
I didnt know what happen does it mean i cant take the tea now or what?
I enter inside the room again only to see madam Adaeze standing close
to window smiling, i walk in and shut the door very well and face her.
Me: what did you do to me?
Adaeze: what does it look like?
Me: dont answer me with questions am not afraid of you anymore any
which way i will still die.
Adaeze: good you know you will die but do you want your people to join you?
Mentioning of my people anger me that i walk up to her and hold her shoulders.
Me: leave my people out of this.
Adaeze: of course i will only if you behave.
She freed herself from my grip and walk to the bed to sit down.
Adaeze: you didnt kill her again what happened?
Me: i dont know a force hold my hand in air.
Adaeze: you expect me to believe that?
Me: thats what happened do you really think i will refuse my mistress?
Adaeze: oh well that depends.
Me: depend on what?
Adaeze: that i cant say, come to bed i need to feel you inside me (she
said and open her legs wide for me to see her sweet pussi, she wore
white short skirt like rag and a long sleeves).
Me: i wont.
Adaeze: come to bed now ( she repeat and started doing like snake
seducing me, she lick her left finger and then insert it inside her
pussi and then she started manipulating herself and also maoning, i
didnt blick but my d–k stand at attention, i didnt know when i walk
to her and fall her on the bed and start fvcking her.

We engage ourselves in hot sex so hot that i slept off after sex, i
didnt even know when i slept whether its during sex or after the sex
all i know is that we sex.
I wokeup feeling very weak and dizzy, i stood up and took the tea
again, i look at it and the colour has change a little, it wasnt red
like this before oh, well all the same maybe na because the tea don
cool, i sip it and it was okay so i took the bread closer to me and
sat in bed and enjoy my self, i check the time 11:30 AM meaning my
baby will soon come, i finish the tea and went to compound to prepare
another after preparing i tried to drink but i cant, the odour wanted to
make me vomit again so i just walk out and throw it away, i will just
manage till she return and prepare something good for both of us to
eat, i enter inside room back and saw some missed calls on my phone, i
check them and saw them, my classmates and neighbours they probably
will be looking for me now but why will my neighbours be looking for
me after the outrageous things i did before leaving, or maybe they
want to set another trap for me who knows?
I played game in my phone till after twelve and am getting bored and
tired also, i drop the phone and try to sleep but i cant all am
thinking is how to carry out my plans when she return from school, it
is true that i love her but in a case like this there is nothing i can
do nor anybody can do, am been controled by a force stronger than men
and the only way out of it is to obey and follow commands.
I was deep in thought when she knock, i stood up and open the door.
Mercy: love.
Me: welcome sweetie, i missed you.
Mercy: oh dear i missed you too (we hug each others).
Mercy: so what did you do when i was away and why are with pant only,
you trying to seduce me?
Me: ha no dear you know i came here with nothing so i dont want to
dirty my clothes.
Mercy: hmmm okay, lets pray.
We bow in bed as she lead prayer though i wasnt concentrating i just
focus on how to carry out my plan.
After prayer we lie in bed together gisting, she put her head on my
stomach while i romance her hairs,.
Mercy: so tell me whats the main reason you came?
Me: my dear, my sister is doing wedding this weekend i dont want to
come at first but because there is another thing to do here thats why i came.
Mercy: which other thing?
Me: you na, you dont know how i miss you alot ( i turn her over and
rest ontop her)
Mercy: ozila please biko dont start.
Me: start what? You mean i should not show you how much i miss you?
Mercy: not that love (she was feeling defeated and her heart beating
faster and faster)

Me: then what is it (i started touching her b—-t, pressing and she
too trying to resist).
Mercy: Ozila please you know before i wont stop you but let me finish
my fasting you know something like this can administered by the devil
to stop me from fasting.
Me: oh you mean am a devil or messenger of devil? (i stop touching her
forming angry).
Mercy: Ozila try to understand me, am doing this for our good and am
expecting you to encourage me not to discourage me.
Me: whatever, i came from a far distance to see you now you stopping
me from what i miss most.
Mercy: do you love me because of sex?
Me: no i dont but i miss sex alot.
Mercy: how long is three days that you cant wait?
Me: i will be leaving here by tomorrow.
Mercy: hmmmm sweetheart am sorry but i cant (she satup thinking).
Me: no problem i think i should be going now.
Mercy: you seriously dont mean that.
Me: watch me.
I stood up and wear my clothes, i took my phone and wallet and walk to
the door only to see her there.
Me: let me go.
Mercy: why do you have to do this, i love you and you know it why cant
you just be okay with it just for once (she was saying and also
shading tears like mercy johnson).
Me: sweetheart you dont expect me to come from far Aba to come see you
and return without touching you, is it fair?
Mercy: you want to touch me?
Me: yes sure, i want to i miss your touch too.
Mercy: fine if thats what you want drop your things (still crying).
I drop my things and walk back to the bed, she was still standing on
the door crying, she remove her clothes completely and slowly enter
bed and sleep flat, i was looking at her quietly in sad mood but i
dont have any other choice.
Mercy: what are you waiting for, lets do it quick i have bible study here today?
I remove my clothes and lay ontop her, i spread her leg open wide and
enter inside, she close her eyes crying also, i sex her on the same
bed i sex Adaeze, i tried to kiss her but she refuse, i sex her for
minutes till i release inside her.
After sex i shift to the wall and sleep.
I woke up later in the evening, i standup and realize that i was been
controlled before, it seems like her charm is out of me now, i quickly
shake Mercy so that i will tell her everything and pray seriously or
even go to her pastor place for deliverance.
Me: Mercy wakeup we need to talk.
I called her again she didnt answer, i touch her and shake her but she
wasnt even shaking.
Me: mercy whats wrong wakeup.
I pull her up but she wasnt responding then my heart started beating
faster, i check her heartbeat and saw that shes not breathing,.
Me: mercy please come back dont do this to me (i started crying ).
Me: mercy love please dont leave me i cant fight them alone, i need
you love please come back (i started crying louder and louder).
Then she appeared.
Adanna: shes dead.
Me: you evil witch bring my mercy back please i beg you.
Mercy: shes gone, during sex Adaeze my daughter implanted something in
you, you released the poison inside Mercy, thats why shes dead, you
killed your love by yourself.
Me: i will kill you today ( i stood and run to her to strangle her but she
hold my hand, and use the other hand to press my neck, then we both

I open eyes and wetin i see shock me, i found myself in a white room
sleeping in a white bed with a white lights, everywhere is light no
door no window just a round room with nothing in it except me, the bed
and lights.
I manage to stand up and walk around the room like madman, i dont know
what am doing here or how i manage to get here all i know is that am
in a white room with doors nor window just a single homosapien that is
if am still a human, since nowhere to go i sat close to the white bed
and once i remember my darling Mercy i started crying again, i still
cant believe that shes dead i mean how can she be, shes the strongest
girl i have ever met and she been a strong and devoted christian how
can she just die like that? Why will god allow her to die like that?
She dedicated all her time to him and why will god just allow her die
like that without even fighting for her, whats the essence of worshipping
him if he wont stand and fight for the people that worship him?
She didnt even enjoy her stay in this world upon the time she
sacrifice helping others, she change me to a very good person not
until i met Adanna the wicked serpent.
I thought devil too has conscience they say they give you one and collect
two in return but the devil never gave me anything why will they
collect my Mercy from me?
I was still lost in thought thinking about my Mercy when the round
room i am started moving, is like something is moving it though i dont
know where i am or what it is but i know that its moving like a ball,
then suddenly it stop moving and the top open wide like something they
tear with a razor blade, i look the top and saw the eye of something i
dont know but if the eye is big like the thing will be giant.
Then the room tear open wide and i saw myself in a room filled with
skeletons, standing on my front is Adanna and Adaeze.
Adanna: hope you enjoyed your sleep?
Me: go to hell.
Adanna: oh i have been there before and it a nice place.
Me: where am i?
Adanna: not that it matter any way you are in my den and this is the
place am going to bring my lover back.
Me: then get on with it.
Adanna: of course i will.
The door open and three old women with white hairs came in and took my
hands to another small dark room, i saw two coffins there and the
first one is empty while the other one is filled with bones

to be continued…


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