20 Nursery Rhymes and FUNNY Things We Did As Kids.

20 Nursery Rhymes and FUNNY Things We Did As Kids.


  1. The days when we line up during assembly according to your height and your class.
  2. The days when we sing National Anthem and say the pledge (some of us don’t even remember the National Anthem anymore).
  3. The days when we take food in our flasks and eat during break time.
  4. The days when we stayed back after school for lessons.
  5. The days when our parents bought crate of coke, limca, mirinda, parle soda with packets of Cabin biscuits for our birthdays.
  6. The days when we cook sand food outside.
  7. The days when Cotina school shoes was for the cool kids.
  8. The days we played nurse and doctor.
  9. The days when anyone you liked is your wife and husband (nothing like boyfriend or girlfriend).
  10. The days when eat guddy guddy.
  11. The days we took coins to school as feeding allowance.
  12. The days our girls played ten ten while our boys played monkey post football.
  13. The days we played hide and seek.
  14. The days we played Kpakpa ngolo, who stole d meat from the cooking pot, change your style, ringa ringa rosy.
  15. The days our tisha will tell us to kneel down and pick pin, or ride bike.
  16. The days our tisha will flog us on the hand or on the bottom.
  17. The days we sang JANGILOVA EPO MOTOR not knowing it really was JINGLE OVER LIKE A MOTOR!
  18. The days we sang ‘SANDALILI SANDALILI’ with so much passion when it was actually ‘STANDARD LIVING STANDARD LIVING’.
  19. The days when one teacher taught all the subjects in class.
  20. The days the teacher’s desk was in class so you can’t misbehave anyhow.
  • The days when the brilliant ones recited the times table while people like us were at the back the class adding bass.
  • The days when girls wore only white pant (I have a baby sister so don’t ask me how I take know…lol)
  • The days when teacher enters class, the class captain will hit the table and the whole class will scream “Good Morning Sir, we are happy to see you, may God bless you”.
  • The days the bell ringer will ring bell to indicate a change of period.
  • The days when if someone pollutes in class, we will shout “who mess”.
  • The days when Okin biscuits and kuli kuli were everyone’s favorites.
  • The days we watched voltron and power rangers.
  • The days we played video games like sega mega drive well before the arrival of Play Station.
  • The days TV broadcast started by 4pm so we had to sit in front of TV and watch the rainbow lines, then National anthem before cartoon starts…lol
  • The days we sang “mummy oyoyo”, “daddy oyoyo” when daddy and mummy are back.
  • The days we said “den den den den, oshi oshi carry kpomo”

The days we sang rhymes like:

The day is bright, its bright and fair, oh happy day, the day of joy, the day is bright, its bright and fair, oh happy day of joy.

Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow, try to pay our school fees and give us sound education.

My Mother, who sat and wash my infant head, when sleeping on my cradle bed, and tears of joy and affection shed, my mother ♫];

  • Baa-Baa Black Sheep [♫ baa baa black sheep have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir, three bag full, One for the master, one for the dame,
    And one for the little boy who lives down the lane.….. ♫]


  • Mary Had a Little Lamb [♫ Mary had a little lamb, (little lamb little lamb), Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went, (Mary went Mary went), and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go, it followed her to school one day……♫]


  • Pussycat Pussycat, where have u been, I’ve been to London to see the queen….


  • Who is in d garden? A little fyn girl, Can i come & see her no no no no


  • Rain rain go away . .come again another day little children want to play


  • HIP for the Hip for the Hipopo, P O P O for the hipopo & T A M U S for the hipopotamus HIPOPOTAMUS


  • Johnbull my son I sent you to school, you don’t know how to spell your name
    J O H N B U double L u don’t know ow to spell your name


  • Holiday is coming, holiday is coming, no more morning bells, no more tisha wipes, goodbye tisha goodbye scholars I am going to spent my jolly holiday.


  • Paw paw is a type of fruit, sweet like a sugar, yellow like fanta, everybody loves pawpaw PAWPAW

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  • London Bridge is falling down, Falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, My fair Lady.


  • Old Roger is dead & gone to his grave hum ha gone to his grave.
    They planted an apple tree over his head hum ha over his head.
    The apple grew ripe & ready to drop hum ha ready to drop
    There came a high wind & blew them all off hum ha blew them all off
    There came an old woman to pick them all up hum ha pick them all off
    Old Roger got up & gave her a knock hum ha gave her a knock
    which made d old woman go hipperty hop hum ha hipperty hop.


  • Solomon Groundi, born on Monday, Christianed on Tuesday, married on Wednesday, took ill on Thursday, worse on Friday, died on Saturday, buried on Sunday. This is the end of solomon groundi


  • Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his pot and Jill came running after.


  • One two buckle my shoe
    Three, four, knock at the door
    Five, six, pick up sticks
    Seven, eight, lay them straight
    Nine, ten, a big fat hen


  • Cry cry baby
    I want to see your mummy


  • Two little dicky birds sitting on a wall,
    One named Peter, one named Paul.
    Fly away Peter, fly away Paul,
    Come back Peter, come back Paul!


  • Twinkle twinkle little star
    how I wonder what you are
    up above the world so high
    like a diamond in the sky

…and my favorite which I still use till now to know how many days are in a month:
Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November;
All the rest have thirty one
Except for February which has twenty eight!
(And twenty nine each leap year)

Those days are gone and we are in this boy boy big girl stages of our lives but once in awhile, its always good to reminisce and remember the days we lived not worrying about anything.

FUNNY Pictures We Did As Kids.

comment if there’s any we missed….


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