5 Things To Know About Your Partner Before Getting Engaged

Most people get into committed relationships without knowing much about their partners or they assume that’s all there is to know about their potential wives and husbands.

You learn everyday in a relationship and if you don’t ask your partner questions, you won’t know much about them or what they are up to. Your compatibility and communication level either decreases or increases if you start asking the right questions. Clarity comes in, then you can decided if you want to marry your partner or not.
Here are a few things you must know about your partner before asking them to marry or accepting their marriage proposal:

1. Moral, family, social and religious values: It’s important to know where you stand with your boyfriend or girlfriend on this issue. Will you be able to adjust or find it difficult to see sense from their own side?

2. Sexual compatibility: As much as people don’t like to think about this, you must know if your needs matches your partner’s own. Do you both have similar views on sex? Can your level of sexual intimacy sustain both of you when things aren’t all that between you both?

3. Children: It’s important to have this talk before marriage, leaving it till after marriage may create more harm than good for you both. How does your partner feel about parenting? How many kids do they want? Do they see one gender as superior to the other? How will you both manage career and parenting?

4. Work habits: Does your partner have a healthy work-life balance according to your standards? Are they married to their work and hardly have time for you? Can you handle a job that keeps you both apart all the time?

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5. Financial status: Financial compatibility is as important as emotional and physical. Before accepting that proposal, you have to know if you’ll be taking on a burden or a step higher than where you are presently. How will the financial burden be shared between you both or do you have.


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