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7 People Who Took Hustling To A Whole New Level (Photos)

7 People Who Took Hustling To A Whole New Level (Photos)

The popular saying goes like “work smarter, not hard” and these people perfectly lives it ….
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1. This guy who sells roasted corn in Accra, Ghana in suit
According to eyewitnesses, he can be found around the Tetteh Quarshie interchange, a place calledspanner

2. These two guys who sell watermelon and tiger nuts dressed in suit


3. This Nigerian windscreen cleaner dressed in suit and bow tie …

He actually did trend on social media for a while and landed himself a job as a B.rand ambassador to a popular B.rand …

4. This water vendor from Zimbabwe …

BBC actually did a story on him  ….

5.  This smartly-dressed fruit seller …. 

… the best dressed fruit seller you’ll ever come across

6. And this indomie seller …

Who said you can’t wear suit and sell one of the most sought-after food in almost every African country …

Inspirational huh?


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