MARRIED Episode 1.


Lets Enjoy this journey together, written by a good friend, (NISSI INSPIRATION). read and comment…


“This gown is perfect” Sonia exclaimed as she hurriedly held
out the wedding gown that caught her fancy in the
extremely large room filled with gowns.
Jessica sighed exhaustedly. “You can’t obviously expect me
to wear that?”
“And what is wrong with this one again ooo” Paulina asked,
equally exhausted.
“Yes, tell us what is wrong with it. Even though I don’t
like the design at the back, I can’t wait for you to make
your choice. We have been in this dress shop for hours” Lizzy
“And every cloth you guys have been pointing out is either
too showy or too expensive” Jessica pointed out.
Lizzy stood in front of Jessica. “You are dulling my spirit
honey. You are getting married to the richest and most
famous guy in this blessed country of ours and you are
lamenting money? He gave you his MasterCard for crying out
loud” she exclaimed.
“So? Am I supposed to drain the account all in the name of
a wedding dress?”
Sonia stepped in. “I agree with Jessica” Jessie smiled. “We
can’t overspend just because the guy is rich”. Lizzy hissed
“All the same, no gown here is expensive enough to catch
his notice. I mean, come on, this gown is not even up to
150, 000 Naira” Paulina said in one breath.
“I agree with Paulina” Sonia said.
Jessica shook her head. Of all her friends, Sonia was closest
to her. Jessica believed that no matter how many friends
you have, you would always have a best friend, or at least
someone who was closer to you than the others. Sonia always
played it safe. She is not the arguing type but when it came
to advice or a good listener, Sonia was impeccable. She would
reason with you and carefully try to make her point without
an argument. Lizzy was the fashion freak that could use her
last penny to buy what was in vogue, as long as it fits her
perfectly. Paulina was the one with the attributes of a
mother. She babied and bullied everyone into doing her will
but she could never really exert her controlling power on
them; especially not on Jessica.
Jessica was the most stubborn. Once she made up her mind,
it takes only God and divine intervention to change it. The
only way her three close friends ever succeeded in
manipulating her is if they joined forces. Her stubborn
nature was the reason why they still have not picked a
wedding dress for the wedding that would hold in two weeks
Lizzy was busy sampling other dresses while the others
continued to argue.
“What is wrong with the ones I selected?” Jessica asked.
“No… I surely would not best you if you wear any of those”
Sonia said with her eyes wide.
“Your fashion sense is totally out of league. I am sure no
one would have agreed to wear those ridiculous dresses in
the year 1789. Do you know the dignitaries that would be
present at the wedding? I would definitely not miss
handshakes and photographs with governors. You need to look
presentable enough my dear, if you are going to be marrying
Andy Williams. He is every woman’s dream”. Paulina had
dreamy eyes.
“Why don’t you marry him instead? I am so tired of this”
“Oh really? I am so grateful honey” Paulina squealed happily.
“I always knew you liked her more than me. Why did you not
give him to me?” Sonia asked with sad, accusing eyes.
Jessica hissed. “See the people I call my friends” she shook
her head.
“Hey lazy bones” Lizzy called, out of sight. “Get your butts
down here. I got the hottest gown here and I am not taking
‘no’ for an answer”
The girls walked there even though Jessica was reluctant,
knowing that whatever caught Lizzy’s fancy would not
please her. Paulina and Sonia gasped when they saw the
gown. Jessica’s breath was blown away as she stared at the
gown. It was the most beautiful gown she had ever set her
eyes on. She hid her interest in it and noticed what she had
suspected. The gown needed no jacket, unlike most of the
tubes she had seen. It was a tube with a transparent net
finishing which gave it small hands, although sleeveless. The
design of the gown from the net beginning to the stylish
finishing was so breathtaking but the gown was too exposing
to Jessica.
“I can’t” she finally said and they all turned stunned eyes
at her.
“OK, listen bride, you are going to wear this gown whether
you like it or not. What is wrong with it?” Lizzy was clearly
“The net” Jessica said flatly.
“What?” Sonia exclaimed.
“You can’t be serious” Paulina said
Jessica caught sight of the price tag and her eyes widened.
“It is also too damn expensive”. The three friends turned
glaring eyes at her and from the look on their faces; Jessica
Adams knew that she had been boxed into a corner.
Jessica Adams stood at the entrance of the overcrowded
hall, feeling like an exposed rabbit. Her uncle had her hand
tucked in his elbow and the music was being sung softly but
Jessica heard nothing. She felt a chilling fear in her spine
that something would go wrong. As her eyes took in
dignitaries as they stared at her, she felt incredibly small.
The gown which she had been forced to buy by her friends
now seemed like a big consolation and life-saver because it
made her look important and rich.
Rich? She swallowed. How could she be marrying Andy
Williams? He was not just rich, he was exceedingly rich.
Apart from the wealth of his father, Andy was the owner of
Max Petroleum which had uncountable branches all over the
country. It was not surprising that he was that established
at 35; he was born into a wealthy family and once there is
money, anything is possible.
Jessica stared straight at the altar and saw Andy with his
back to her. Slowly, as if noticing everyone’s diverted
attention, he turned round. Jessica who had been standing
rooted to the ground seemed to freeze the more. If there
was one man who had the most compelling and breath-
taking physical appearance, it was Andy Williams. He was
exceedingly handsome with an arrogant air in his stance. He
always stood with so much confidence that Jessica wondered
if anything could shake him. The black suit he wore did
nothing to hide his muscular body; instead, the suit
emphasized his financial status. When Jessica’s uncle tugged
at her hand, she instantly snapped out of her thoughts. He
smiled at her and they started moving towards the altar
while various photographers snapped away.
Looking at Andy at the altar should make her want to run to
him but instead; she wanted to run away; far away. Jessie,
what is wrong with you? She asked herself. Her uncle
tightened his grip on her hand, noticing her nervous state;
he smiled at her. Jessica had lost her family – father,
mother and brother – in a car accident when she was
eleven. Life had not been the same since then for her. Her
father’s brother and his wife had been the ones to take her
in when every other person in the family deserted her. Even
though they always struggled to eat on a daily basis, they
ensured that they took care of her. Jessica’s joy had known
no bounds when God answered the couple’s prayers with a
baby boy.
She suddenly found herself standing opposite Andy who
seemed not to be able to take in what he was seeing.
“It’s the gown right?” she asked nervously.
“Uhn?” he instantly snapped out of his thoughts. “You look
erm… very ravishing” he said. Jessica blushed instantly.
“You are nervous?” he seemed surprised.
“Shouldn’t I? Everyone has their eyes fixed on me and I feel
like a dripping cat”
Andy laughed and looked like he was about to say something
but he swallowed his words. He took her hand and they
faced the church.
“Andy Williams, do you take Jessica Adams to be your wife?
To love and cherish her until death do you part?” The pastor
“Yes, I do” Andy replied without hesitation and the cheers
in the church was deafening.
“Jessica Adams, do you take Andy Williams to be your
husband? To love and to respect him, till death do you
Everyone seemed to hold their breath, or was Jessica just
imagining it? Only one thought came to her mind and her
answer was decided. “Yes, I do”
The applause went out.
“Do we have anyone who has any reason why these two
should not be married? If so, speak now or forever hold your
peace” The pastor said and everyone started turning heads.
The question was repeated again but no one signified. The
wedding rings were brought forward.
The pastor faced Andy, giving him a ring. “Now, repeat
after me: I……”
The vows were exchanged between them and the rings were
slipped into their fingers. After a simple kiss, they were
pronounced husband and wife.
Contrary to the thoughts of Jessica’s friends that Jessica
would be spending her honeymoon in one of the most
beautiful countries in the world, Jessica ended up spending
it in Nigeria. As the driver drove Jessica and Andy to a beach
house, the silence in the car was so uncomfortable. Jessica
later dozed off, giving in to sleep after a very stressful
wedding. Andy woke her up when they got to the beach
house and the first sight she saw was both heavenly and
frightening. She had heard of the beach and had also seen it
on the TV but she had never been to one. Looking at it now,
she was scared that the water would carry her away if she
moved an inch closer to it but she surely wanted to play
inside it. She had always loved water and seeing the beach
was like an irresistible invitation.
“You like the beach” Andy said, knowingly.
“I love it” she breathed.
They walked to the beach house and as they went, it became
increasingly difficult for Jessica to walk on the sand with
her shoes, so she took them off, feeling the cool sand with
her bare feet. She admitted her exhaustion when she entered
the house and although the only thought in her mind was a
warm bath and a cool mattress, she still appreciated the
luxurious house. It was so beautiful and everything in the
houses spoke of Andy’s financial status.
“This place is so beautiful” she said. Despite her tiredness,
she was incredibly aware of Andy. He had removed his suit
jacket and his shirt hugged his muscular body so firmly that
she itched to touch him. She had always thought that rich
men should be fat, due to the loads of garbage they eat on
a daily basis but Andy was very hefty. He looked like a model
that spent most of his time in the gym, gathering muscles.
He was not a talkative but she noticed that he had been
incredibly quiet. Perhaps that comes with being married
because she was also quiet.
Andy showed her the bedroom and she walked in, only to find
that he was not following. She was happy because she
needed some privacy in order to shower and change her
clothes. All the things she might need were in the room
already, including her boxes of clothes. As she showered, she
scrubbed her body, hoping to erase the thoughts that were
flooding her head. Back in the room, she mopped her body
dry and wore a long oversized gown. The gown carefully
disguised her endowed body but still gave a hint of what to
expect underneath. Her wedding gown left her feeling
exposed so she intentionally chose this gown in order to get
her bearing back.
She lay on the bed and started wondering where Andy must
have gone to on their wedding night. Just as she was about
to doze off, he entered with a laptop in his hands. An alarm
went off in her head.
“You should be tired after the wedding. Won’t you come to
bed?” she asked, sitting up.
“Come to bed? You can go to sleep; or have you forgotten
that we have a signed contract?” Andy replied with his eyes
fixed on the laptop.
Jessica blanched. For a moment, she had forgotten about
everything, about the contract agreement she had with Andy
Williams. For once, she had thought that this façade was
real. She might be Jessica Williams now but it would only
last for a year. In the next one year, she would be back to
being single, or rather, divorced. She swallowed.
“How can I forget?” she said forcefully.
“Thank God” he murmured.
Jessica breathed and stood. “Well, since you obviously don’t
need my help here, why don’t I just have a room to myself?
This building should have more than one room” she was
already taking out her bags from the wardrobe.
“Some cleaners and helps may notice that we do not share a
room and spread rumors” Andy replied, raising his eyes from
the laptop.
“Then don’t employ their services; I can help myself here. I
have been doing so since I was born without any difficulty”
“And what if I can’t do without the maids?” Andy asked as
Jessica started dragging the boxes out, not willing to see
“That is for you to worry about. I am around in case you
need my help” Jessica closed the door gently.
Andy stared at the closed door in anger. “Damned woman”



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