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olympia baba

olympia baba

Here is another fantastic episode of ChattingDMC (deep meaningful conversations). Today is this funny guy, or i should say man, we have been together for a while now, he was the best comedian in our school then, and still one of the best comedians have met in my entire life, hes been all over headlines in the past few years, and your wedding is never complete if this guy inst anchoring it, his name Olympia, or M.C Olympia Baba like his fans do call him. Read his brief conversation bellow…


Welcome to this week episode of ChattingDMC, please can we meet you? Your name and what you do?
My name is ibiyo Richard
Aka Mc Olympia
I’m into showbiz
 Showbiz? Can you be more specific? Especially to those meeting you for the first time?
I’m a comedian/compere, oap, event organiser I do little of acting and also a dance teacher, Buh I’m more known for comedy
img-20160921-wa0004Wow, what a loads of talent
 Its been how many years now you have been into Comedy?
Started 2005 official
 Wow, been a while then, so what inspired you into comedy? Why did you choose it as a profession
 Friends n family…
 And even enemies...
So why choose it as a profession?
 I found it easy to do.. and I derived joy doing it… Nothing makes me happy than making people laff
 Oh, good, how do you get your materials? or get inspired?
 Inspirations comes from d lord.. Buh my jokes… I get them anywhere everywhere anytime, there’s no particular things i do for me to create jokes… They comes naturally or due to happening
 They say entertainers are flirts, how true is that? And are married? Or seeing someone?
Yes we flirt … Me I flirts alots… Buh not all my flirting leads to bed… We need women around us… They do the publicities for us… So seeing them around us ppl assumed alots of things…
 Hmmm, smart move nice though,
 So are you married?
 I’m not oooo
I’m still single .. not searching… Buh searchable
Lol, Olympia will never be serious, i cant laugh alone
So who do you look up to? Your role model in the industry
 I found it hard to answer… Cos I Respect everyone in the comedy industry… Cos we r all gifted n unique in our own different ways
 So what have been your challenges in your chosen career?
Ppl don want to pay good money
 Lol, maybe because of the change
 Even before d change… Ppl assumed Mc is just to talk.. and believing talk is cheap
 You right though, facing the crowd and having things to say isnt a easy job
No job is easy
Once it’s called job… It will never b easy
Ok good
M.C OlympiaSo are there any new project you are working on that you can talk about?
 Working on rebranding Olympia…
Taking d job to the next level
Going into movies
Wow, thats sure another level
God will perfect everything for you
 Amen n u too
 If i was to turn on your ipod right now, what five Artist/songs would i see on your recently played list?
 I don’t av iPod, Na chinko fone

Lol, ok o, on your chinko playlist
I listen to music randomly
Buh as at now…
1. Sean tizzle: jalolo
2. Skibi ft olamide : ahh skibi
4. Sanjo adegoke: I believe
5. Wande coal : superwoman
 Ok bro, Thanks for your time, we hope to catch up with you soon, any advice to other young comedians and any quotes you live by?
Stay creative n always aim for the next level… Go out of your comfort zone. 

Thanks for welcoming us

you welcome my brother.




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