Are Nigerian Rappers Better Than US Rappers?

Are Nigerian Rappers Better Than US Rappers?

Hiphop is Universal, when different kind of people have issues with where they are from.
Hiphop as about seven or eight element,  (Rap music, Djing, Graffiti, Beat Boxing,Big boying aka breakdancing, Knowledge and Entrepreneurialism)

How many elements do you see Nigeria rappers exhibits? Hiphop is a culture and rap is an element under hiphop, if you only Rap and you call yourself hiphop artists, then you come up a bigwig,
Why will I say The American hiphop is a way bigger, because they express on a very very large scale, because hiphop in Nigeria is still growing,

Hiphop in Nigeria isn’t even up to 20years, they Nigeria Structure isn’t big enough,
Listing US Rappers and Nigerian Rappers, we will see that the US Rappers will times three of Nigerian Rappers.
* Talking about US rap music, from
label to brand, Nigerian Rappers are still trying to get to that level, Are Nigerian Rappers gotten to the level that they can command 10,000 people at once? No, they haven’t gotten to that yet.
The production are not even as the one we hear in the US so why are we making the comparism
*Looking at the genre of music in Nigeria, Hiphop is way back to 4th position, because we have many like pop music, fuji music, gospel music, it’s not big, unlike in the US that it’s one of the biggest…
*What Nigerian Rappers needs to do, go back to the studio, work so very hard, because you can drop just one single or two singles in a year and expect a massive boom, focus on the music, your workrate must increase,
*Question : MI said he’s better than 95% of US Rappers:. MI is a creative genius, when it comes to making music, rhyming, the scheme,

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composing, to featuring other artists, one of the best, do I agree with him about the 95% nope, maybe a lot but not 95% because the percentage is high.

*How man rap crew do we have in Nigeria? Just YBNL?, only one rap crew in the whole of Nigeria is a problem. How many Nigeria rappers do co-sign each other? It’s very rare. But in the US this comes often, for example, who co-sign RickRoss, Gigga, RickRoss hass Wale, Meekmill, Stanley, Gunplay, Rockfresh.

*No hiphop shows in Nigeria,

*How man Hiphop website? Hiphop have an identity crisis.
*What is the way forward? : Educate yourself,   need a movement, understand the regiment, build your fan Base from scratch and understand that hiphop is business not jokes.



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