Area boys are inevitable at location during video shoot-Director Rudeboy on ChattingDMC


Welcome to another episode of ChattingDMC, bringing you one of the baddest cinematographer in Nigeria, talking about many challenges facing the director world. check out his brief interview bellow…


Good day sir, pls can you introduce yourself to people who are seeing your name for the first time?

My Names are Williams Oluwafunmilola AYORINDE, Industry Peeps knows me as Rudeboy…Director Rudeboy

Am a Music Video Director, Nollywood’s Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Movie(Assistant) Director and Aspiring Film Maker


Originated from which part of Nigeria?

Born in Lagos, but lineage can be traced back to Ogun State


What made you want to become a motion picture actor? Have you had any acting experiences before?wp-1472624942982.jpeg

Am not an Actor, tho have had a few acting experiences as an Actor, but i Love being behind the Camera either as a Director of Photography or As a Movie Director


What inspired you to go for the behind the scene job, than to be in front of the camera?

Passion for the Job, the Creativity and thinking out of the box ideas, and love for improving the Artiste or Cast in front of the camera

Is the directing business fair? Why or why not? How do you make the apparatus work for you?

Oh Directing Business is Fair, each job has its own challenges though, but at the end u’ll come out Smiling and if not, the joy of completing another project supercedes such challenges, Its all for the Love of the Job As a Director, u must know ur pros and cons, u must know ur onus.


What challenges have you encounter, in your chosen career? And how did you go about solving them?

Oh challenges varies

Such is trying to impress a client(Artiste, CEO of a Record Label, Artiste Manager or Sponsor) to release money for Music Video shoot

Others are Logistics and Planing for Music Video shoot or Movie shoot

Some are Production day shoot problems, Artiste or Actors coming late

Location Challenges, such as Area Boys(which is inevitable) or last minute cancel of a location

Then post production problemswp-1472624988137.jpeg

For these problems or challenges, i always have a plan b.

If a clients wants wants my services, i give them a little lecture on how i intend executing the job

See what we do is Translate Audio into Visuals(for Music Videos), translate Script(written scritp/story) into visuals(for Movies)
Thats the job of a Director
And i assign each section to professionals(crew members), so we scale thru all challenges


Read Olamide interview:I dont have to do any international collaboration before they can recognize me


With all this challenges and problems, How do you handle a bad review of your work?

Has there been a bad review, Yes!

What did i do? I went back into Reading, Studying and Training
So, as not to be caught wanting or lacking next time
See, i learnt, studied and started training with HD cameras
But as competitions grew fierce and the industry improved, i realised its necessary to upgrade to, then i learnt, studied and now can handle SuperHD cameras

rudeboy with Timaya on set

Who do you look up to? Your role model,

Here in Nigeria, my Ex Boss, the person that Trained me Akin Alabi and DJ Tee
Internationally, Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay


If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs
would I see on your recently played list?

Pray for Me – Darey Alade
The Wow – Timi Dakolo
Boosit – Cobhams ft Falz
Who u Epp(Refix) – Olamide ft Wande Coal and Phyno
Kolework – Koker
How do you spend your leisure time?wp-1472623324066.jpeg
OMG! I love playing games on on my PS 3, i love watching Movies( at Cinema and Dvd) Nollywood but especially Hollywood and love watching Music Videos
i bet to beat you on FIFA…lol
LMAO…..?? ?? ??, bring it on, but i must warn u, am a Game Addict!
Oh yes, i love watching football too


Thanks for your time, we hope to catch up with you soon, any advice to other young directors? And quotes you live by?

Advice, hmmnnn! Resilence and Creativity is the Key! The industry loves Directors who observes those 2
My motto is simple, for Passion and Love for the Job! These will make u thrive in any adversity(ies)

Thanks for having me on chatting dmc.

Comedy skit by Williams AYORINDE


Interviewer: DamexMrcoded [iG@damexmrcoded]

Interviewee:Williams AYORINDE Instagram & Twitter Handle: @directorRudeboy



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