Why aren’t female artistes in Nigeria that successful?





Why aren’t female artistes in Nigeria that successful?

For obvious reasons, it’s a male dominated industry, shoutout to the likes of Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Omawunmi and co, but female artistes are not that popular and that successful than their male counterparts,
Here are some reasons:

1) Self-life: which Nigerian female artiste is celebrating her 10th year anniversary in the music industry, NO, that means no female artiste in Nigeria has spent 10years in the industry, talking about the pop culture, then that’s a problem.

2) another issue is, the rate at which Female artistes releases their materials, or albums, is pretty low, as at 2014, Yemi Alade was the only female artistes who dropped album, it’s a major problems if female artistes won’t drops albums to compete the male artistes,

3) like the male Artiste, it’s mainly a one man band, but for a female Artiste she needs a team to build her and its hard to maintain that, sharing most income with your teams, it’s expensive to manage a female artistes, such as makeups, hairstyles, band dancers, it’s expensive to manage them.

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4) how they manage sexiness and talent, most Nigerian artistes don’t do that, most of them focus on the sexiness, shout out to Tiwa Savage being able to manage sexiness and talent.

5) More collaboration between female artistes can help too as well, when everyone could share fan Base.
Though the looks matters, but the content too is very important.




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