Beggar’s Daughter- Episode 6

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He is meeting with Hadiyat again this morning. He will leave for
the Sheraton once he finishes having breakfast.
Sule eats his breakfast in a hurry.
“Kilode? Why are you rushing the food?” Funmilola asks.
“Dear, I have an important meeting with a representative of
Canal France International from Paris. I have to keep the
appointment before the person leaves for the airport at 10 am,”
Sule replies and swallows a lump of saliva as he feels guilty that
he is already perfecting lies to deceive Funmilola.
She regards him with concern and then nods approvingly. She
has no reasons to be afraid of her future with Sule, because he
is even lucky to be considered her boyfriend and proposed
husband. She is the target of several suitors from affluent
families of the same social class with her family. And Sule is
from a poor family without any social standing in the society. In
fact, her parents don’t like seeing him in her company. But, she
has told them that Sule is her choice and she has been proud of
him since they met at the Nigerian Law School and Sule has
been impressive as a very brilliant student. He has passed out
with First Class. And his bright future is enough for her
“Okay, my dear. Don’t be long. I would be bored without you,”
she says.
“I will soon be back, darling,” Sule smiles and kisses her
“Sule, son of Mama Alamala! Don’t kill me with love. Your kiss
can even melt a heart of stone,” she remarks excitedly.
Sule knows how to sway women to his advantage. He is a
natural lady-killer.
He pats Funmilola’s bottom and winks.
“Just wait for me. This Saturday is going to be one of the best
Saturdays of our life,” he says.
“I can’t wait,” she says whisperingly.
Sule spins around and with that he has completely won over her

He soon leaves to join Hadiyat and their child at the Lagos
Sheraton and Funmilola did not see him until Sunday Morning.
And when she called him, there was no response from his
mobile phone, because Sule has switched it off immediately he
stepped into the Sheraton. He couldn’t resist Hadiyat. And he
wished he could sleep with her forever. She is still in love with
him and since that first time she surrendered her virginity to
him, she has not fallen for another man. Going back to Niger
with her unwanted pregnancy was a blessing for her. No young
man wanted her anymore. And this worsened her father’s
disappointment. He neglected her and in dejection she left home
and was lucky to have found some French missionaries who
took her into their care and after the birth of her baby, they gave
her scholarship to study French and computer studies. Her
mother took over the care of her child Halimat. She was very
brilliant and her distinction so impressed them that they took her
along when they were returning to France. She was enrolled at
the Paris College of Journalism and upon her graduation she
found work as a reporter with Canal France International. And
she is now the Senior Correspondent of the Canal France
International in Niger.
Hadiyat soon convinces Sule to come with her and let them
settle down in Paris where he can learn French and continue
with his legal profession. Sule agrees with Hadiyat.
Sule discloses all the developments to Tunde who is
overwhelmed by the sudden change in Sule’s life and how the
change also affects him.
“Kai, Sule. This Arab angel has given you love potion and cast
you under her Arabian Nights’ spell. And you have forgotten all
about Funmilola.”
“That’s life my brother. I am in love with Hadiyat and we have
our beautiful baby girl whom I cannot deny the tender love of a
father and since Hadiyat wants us to be one big happy family, I
agree with her. I will explain things to Funmilola,” Sule says.

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“When a woman hooks your heart, only God can save your
soul,” says Tunde.
“Tunde, I will be coming back home to see how you are faring.
And I trust you anyway. So, I am not worried at all. In fact, we
should open an office in Paris where you can always come to
assist me.”
Tunde gives Sule his full support.
“My younger brother should take over my flat and give him
maintenance allowance every month end. I will always stay
there any time I come home.”
Sule lies to Funmilola that he is going on a working visit to
“And when are you coming back?”
“Next week.”
She shrugs and wishes him well. She has nothing much to lose,
if she loses him. Life goes on.
Sule and Hadiyat are happily married in Paris with four children.
Including Halimat, the oldest.
Funmilola is also happily marred to the second son of Otunba
Okoya Thomas and their wedding made headlines in Lagos and
the photo album of the wedding has been published in Ovation ,
also known as “ Dele Momodu’s Photo Album ” of the stinking
rich and famous in Nigeria.
Tunde is now very famous as the head of the law firm with an
international office…



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