Beginning days of my life at Government College Ibadan +18 Episode 2


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So, the day flew away with usain bolt speed, its like 3hours that e take reach night from the break period.
I was feeling like what’s going to happen before I heard a gunshot!
Guess what it was?
It wasn’t a gunshot sha, it was a slap…
No o, e no be slap.
It was the mad man under the bunk I slept that killed a mosquito…
I was like ‘no spoil my plan o’..
It was something like 7.30pm, all hostelites were preparing for prep. I saw my friend coming towards me, I was happy like ‘So, I will also have a girlfriend?’
He then signal to me to come outside the hostel which I did immediately.
As I step out of the hostel, he asked if I’m ready to follow him, I pushed him forward for him to know I’m active tonight….
We then set on our journey to Queens School, but something happened as we reached our senior school chapel not too far from our hostel. We saw something that scared us both which made us ran back to the hostel.
Friend: (panting) why did we run sef?
Me: sheybi na u wey run and I followed suite!
Friend: let’s go back jor!
Me: oya na, sha no run again o!
Friend: okay sha..
We reached that same place got to before we ran back previously where we later discovered that it was only ordinary banana leaves that scared us.
We both hissed as we saw the crazy thing that scared us, I almost laughed but my friend covered my mouth with his hand and told me not to make any sound that people must not suspect anybody moving.
As we turned to a corner in the senior school, we passed through a small farm where I heard something I’ve heard of not too long ago.
I heard another moan, I then looked straight to the directional where the sound came from where I saw a shadow of a woman on top of a guy moving up and down…
I was carried away that I don’t know my friend had moved forward to a distance not too far from me.
I then saw him coming towards me which I quickly moved to meet him.
He whispered to me what I was doing that made me stand over there, I was urinating was my reply.
Friend: (whispering) what were you doing over there?
Me: I was urinating
Friend: u dey mad, or u dey watch live s*x?
Me: its not s*x o, I saw two people Bleeping themselves ni o..
Friend: fool, what’s now the difference btw the two?
Me: sorry o (feeling like I don dey learn)
We kept on moving for something like 3mins before we finally meet ourselves on a tarred road, we then walk down the road till we reach a 3 storey building that I couldn’t even say what the colour was, maybe because it was dark but there was light there…
We then passed through somewhere nearby the house as we saw another dramatic scene, I didn’t even hear any moan.
They were kissing and Bleeping at the same time, my Joystick(mr man) jerked up instantly..
They both saw us starring and laughed at us telling us to face where we are going to.
One thing that bothered me was that they didn’t care and they were Unclad at the corner they were.
We then reached a fence, no where to pass through, the only thought that dey my mind was that ‘hope this boy didn’t come hear to sell me sha?’ He then told me to climb the fence which I refused, he said he will be climbing first then…
As he climbed the fence, something happened as I was about to climb…
I saw a light directed towards me..

We then reached a fence, no where to pass through, the only thought that dey my mind was that ‘hope this boy didn’t come hear to sell me sha?’ He then told me to climb the fence which I refused, he said he will be climbing first then… As he climbed the fence, something happened as I was about to climb the fence… I saw a light directed towards me and the next thing I heard was, who are you?…. I quickly jump over the fence like a thief chased by police, I was overwhelmed with fear that I jumped on him as I got into the building fenced… My heart was beating fast, let me say it was racing like say na usain bolt dey chase am with cutlass for hand… My friend was like, Friend: ogbeni, you dey mad o.. Wetin dey chase you wey make you fall on me? Me: I was almost caught by night guards ni.. Friend: (laughing) no one dey chase you jor, maybe na ur mind wey make you think like that… Me: okay, mr I know All.. Friend: craze dey ur head Me: and where are the girls? Friend: we never reach there o! Me: ah! Make we go back o, I can’t come and go and kill myself o… Friend: calm down na, we go soon reach there na! As we walked through the old building and weed wey dey for ground, my friend den put his hand 4 my shoulder telling me not to worry.. As we got to a place, something happened… Guess I step on a snake! Me: ejo(snake)!!! Friend: take it easy na, no be snake jor na pipe… Me: but…. Friend: you know this is not my first time here, no fear jor! Me: (after confirming) okay sir… As we reacheÐ a place, we saw something… We saw two girls squeezing themselves badly, I was like ‘orishirishi shoki lowa o’ Friend: na lesbian dem be o Me: okay o oga teacher.. wetin be lesbian o? Friend: when we reach hostel, I go let u know? Me: (crying) so, we are still going back tonight? Friend: see mumu wey want girlfriend, we are going o… Me: (cleaning my face) no call me mumu again in ur life o! Friend: yes boss….. After like 4mins of walking, we then reached a place where girls are marching towards a place… My friend then told me that they’re going to prep. We walked on like that for 3 more minutes till we met with some girls. 1st girl: Weyrey ara e(this mad man), why did u come late? Friend: (hugged her) ma binu simi jare 2nd girl: and who is he? (Pointing to me) Friend: ore mi ni 3rd girl: (stretched her hand towards me maybe for shake) my name is Dammy Me: (voice shaking) Fawaz is ma ma ma my name… 2nd girl: (laughing) what’s wrong with this one? Are u still in primary school? I was like ‘na me dem dey yeye o’ when I heard something in my trousers…. Guess what?

I was like ‘na me dem dey yeye o’ when I heard something in my trousers….
One of the girls grabbed my (Mr man)

1st girl: stop it kemi, bro fawaz jawe, my name is Titi.. Nice meeting you.

Me: okay.

Titi: you dey dull o, u know even know how to meet people, think you still be a new boy.

Dammy: eh! No abuse my husband o.

I was like, see dis one, where do u see your husband……….

Kemi: anyway, nice meeting you.

Me: same.

My friend was just looking, he didn’t even do as if he was there with us. One thing I saw him noticed was my fears, he juzt believed and confirmed what I told him earlier that I know nothing.
The girls then later told me to role and flow with them that they’ll blend me.

I was just looking at them as the shyness had taken over me. We moved to a corner where we all believed no one can notice or come near because it was dark.

Finally my friend speaks;

Friend: I don get work for you people o!

Dammy: is it about my husband?

Friend: yea.

Dammy: abeg forget jor, he’s safe with me and I promise you he’s gonna be badder than you all, gimme just 3days.

Friend: (laughing) fawaz, go out with your wife and discuss. And you dammy, don’t deflower my friend o. Na saint him be o.

All: (laughed)

Dammy then dragged me to a corner where she told me something funny and scaring..
She said

Dammy: don’t tell me you don’t know what we came to do here o.

Me: when I’m not atinumoran, how will I?

Dammy: do u know how to woo?

Me: (making some negative sound)

Dammy: I mean, do u know to toast?

Me: no!

Dammy: before I even teach u that, let’s do something…….

As I was looking for where and what to rest and to do, her lips touched mine, she was kissing me…. I wanted to free myself but I can’t because I’m liking what’s happening….

She then folded her hand round me and looked up to me to resume the kiss which we kissed for like 3mins. After the kiss, she then dragged down my trousers and bend down and tore my pant like a lion that’s about to eat and was tearing flesh!


She grabbed my Joystick and laughed, complementing by telling me how huge it was. She lick and suck it like she was performing the law of cappilarity (like a mouth using a straw). She unbuttoned me rubbing her hand on my chest, she doesn’t even care that it was our first time.

She then held my Joystick and turned her back, she inserted my Joystick herself it into her Kitty-Cat… I felt some water dripping out of there, I just don’t know where the enjoyment came from because I was enjoying everything at the moment..

As an experienced peep master, with what I saw senior biola doing with that girl, I was now going in and out of her… I could hear her making the moan sound the girl my senior was screwing then!
I was feeling like a big boy then because I’m doing what my seniors does.

I was giving her slow slow till she shouted that…..

I was giving her slow slow till she shouted that I should be fast;
Dammy: be fast na, hit me hard.
Me: hmmm! Hmm!! Hmmm!!! (Still pounding her slow slow.
Dammy: please hit me hard!!
I don’t know where I got that speed from, didn’t know that was what she was saying before till I increased my speed….

Dammy: yes baby, F**K me harder.
Me: hhhhhhhhh………
Dammy: you’re the best boo….
I was still ramming in and out of her till I felt something wanting to come out of Joystick. I still continue to pound the yam before me for like 9mins till I pour something like urine inside her.
Dammy: that’s my baby, I love you!
Me: (feeling dizzy) okay!
Dammy: arhn arhn, try and be romantic now… Don’t you love me!
Me: of course, I do.
Dammy: (hugged and kiss me again) love you….
Me: what about what you said you’ll teach me?
Dammy: wo, forget that one.
We later moved to where we left others before, they asked if we had a nice time which we replied by nodding our heads and answering yes.
After 3 minutes of being together, we later departed. They saw us off to a place where we saw a well (konga) and they bade us bye…
I was like ‘where is it we are going again’, my friend didn’t even answer me till we met ourselves on another tarred road not to far from our school gate.
Me: ogbeni, its good when one have a girlfriend o!
Friend: (silent)
Me: I can’t even recognize Dammy’s face if we see by noon…
Friend: (still maintaining the silence)
Me: won’t you answer me? (Feeling like a fool)
Friend: (still silent for a while before he finally talk) I told you not to say anything till we reach the hostel. Must I repeat a word for million times?
Me: (silent)
He also questioned me for like 4 more times which I didn’t answer him too. He then knocked me before he finally said 1 1, guessed he was counting score. I still gave out no response till we sneaked into the dining hall where we used as our prep class. As we entered, A senior then yelled at us…. Where are you coming from?

To Be Continued…


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