Beginning days of my life at Government College Ibadan +18 Episode 6


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Friend: lesbianism is the S#xual act between girls, an example is the type you saw yesterday where two girls were doing that thing you told me you saw.
Me: hmm hmmm
Friend: some girls believe only in lesbianism why some are into bisexual act as in they’ll do girls and guys together.
Me: olorun mi o(oh my God)
Friend: some girls can handle three guys at a time that they’ll be F***ed by the three guys at the same time, that one is called party.
Me: choi!
Friend: and some girls finger themselves by digging their hand or fingers inside their virgina like a Joystick does in them if they aren’t satisfied.
Me: that one is called handsome bha?
Friend: thunder fire you! Handsome for where?
Me: since you said s*x with three people at a time is party, I then think s*x with finger/hand is handsome.
Friend: you’re too playful fawaz.
Me: I’m sorry o.
Friend: anyway, do you know some have s*x with animals?
Me: ah ah! This one na lie! Don’t tell me nonsense o.
Friend: I’m serious..
Me: eh, life don spoil o. Abajo ti won fi n ko HIV (no wonder why they got infected with HIV)
Friend: all for them to get satisfied.
Me: (prostrated in front of my friend) you be wole soyinka family true true.
Friend: (laughing) I told you before na.
Me: (standing up) I salute you. But how do u know all this?
Friend: you know, my primary education made me understand all this to the fullest.
Me: I can’t lie o, my thought was that our dads sleep on our mums and they will get pregnant, mi n mo pe oun to shi n be leyin efa, oju eje lo.
(I don’t know that the figures behind six is much more than seven)
Friend: abajo ti ofi n sunkun nigbati mum e mu e wa si school. (No wonder why you were crying when your mum brought you to school)
Me: oya tell me about s*x life and you yourself!
Freind: that will be a story for another day. And don’t forget that tomorrow is another day.Me: thanks sha, but how can human being have s*x with animals?
Friend: wo! Forget. And don’t forget to bring an extra cloth with you to school tomorrow.
Me: for what?
Friend: you don’t want to see dammy again tomorrow?
Me: I forgot, I will.
Friend: no yaawa.
We didn’t even know that it was dark already as we set out of the class room we were. We haven’t taken more than three legs when we heard something.


We heard the bell for the dinner which made us both to ran swiftly like a cheetah chased us in order to make it to the first table.
Unfortunately, it was Full already when we got there, same thing to the second table. The third table too was half filled when we joined the table.
As I sat down in the dining hall, a thought ran into my mind that “I thought it was beans we wanted to eat” which made me hissed aloud. I wanted to stand up and go out when I saw that they were serving eko and moi moi at Table 1 which made me sat down back.
Student were shouting out aloud saying, iru oni la ma ma ri o(na this kind day we’ll be seeing o) because of the moi moi.
One thing about we hostelites is that we all hated eating beans and pap in their natural form but we get no choice than to chop it. Chopn’t it? Lolz….
I finished my food in the dining hall while some students took theirs with them to the hostel.
They rang the bell for prep where we all lazily ran to because of the cain they used to chased us. The prep came and go in 2hrs, in the next 30mins I’m on my bed.
I was still in the dreamland when I saw a dog Bleeping the hell outta a girl. Let me not lie, it was sweet cos it gave me an hard on. I was still having that dream when I heard a cain on my neck.
Voice: wake up, its time for fellowship.
I wanted to curse the senior that gave me that lash for neck but I can’t so as to avoid a morning full of tears.
Christians go to their fellowship while we muslims moved to the mosque to pray.
On our way to mosque, we heard something.
Guess what?
before you guess, try to read chattingDMC episodes,

ok, so now guess……..
***una think say na fear fear thing abi?****
We heard the call to prayer. Lolz.
Allahu Akbar- 2ce
Too busy to write all…..
Abi na…..
After the mosque, I ran to our Not Stable tap water to get myself some water and baff before the light covers everywhere. I avoided this because of those mates of mine not to see how huge my Joystick was… Choi!
I finished all needed to be done before they chased us all to the labor ground. I finished in no time then I ran to our dinning hall again.
Its not a good thing to be in an all boys school o! You’ll just learn how to be stubborn and stingy, you will be shy with girls. And also,
You go suffer…….
But for you to avoid all these, you need to break the laid down rules and regulations.
Everything came and gone, In no time we were already in the long break period.
From afar, I sighted my friend who signal to me and I moved towards him.
We ran into the dining hall to change our cloth and then ran out of the school passing through those dull heads in sch1. Lolz……As we reached somewhere, my friend told me we are going to a different place today and not to dammy’s dorm.
He said he wanted to blend me, that he’ll teach me how to toast.
He tried in teaching and after teaching he said I should practicalize it in front of him which I did and he said ‘Perfect’.
He later told me that’s what I’ll do that day.
When we reach a corner, my friend then brought out something from his pants which left my mouth wide open.

To Be Continued…



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