Beginning days of my life at Government College Ibadan +18 Episode 8


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Voice: eyin wo niyen?
I wanted to run away as one of my friend’s babe drew me back and replied the person that screamed a question at us.
Babe: awa omo yin nooni (we are your children)
Voice: latibo (from where)
Babe: school wa niyen ni tosi. (Our school is not far from here)
Voice: kilewa shey nibi? (what do you want in my farm?)
Babe: awa pade arawa nibi ni. (We came to meet ourselves here ni)
Voice: shey ko n shey eyin tema n ji n kan ni oko mi? (hope its not those that do steal at my farm?)
Babe: omo jeje niwa, ama wa ran yin lowo gan ti aba shey tan. (We’ll come to help you when we’re through sir)
Voice: ema jaye yin lo. (Enjoy yourselves)
Babe: baba baba. Eshey (thanks)
I was relieved with that. But
Me: wait sef wetin be ur name? (Pointing to the first babe)
1st Babe: modi
Me: and you? (to the 2nd babe)
2nd babe: titi
Me: okay. Yetunde o, je a rira (let’s see).
Friend: hmm hmmm, I go love o
Me: go ahead and love na. Who dey drag u back?
We moved away from where we all sat to a corner where I was battling her with battalions of question.
Me: which kind connection dey btw u and those girls?
Yetty: they’re my friends.
Me: ehn ehn
Yetty: and they’re my seniors
Me: and how come dem be your friends?
Yetty: they’re my friends at our area but they are my senior in school.
Me: okay, but shey you no dey live for hostel ni?
Yetty: yes na, I don’t like that hostel jor.
Me: hmmm, you dey Jss2 right?
Yetty: sheybi I told you that earlier?
Me: yes na, just felt like asking again ni.
Yetty: okay
Me: but why you still be virgin?
Yetty: (laughing) what kind of question is that?
Me: shey I no fit ask ni?
Yetty: but its funny. Can’t I be?
Me: of course u fit be na but…..
Yetty: but what? Wo, forget. Can we move?
Me: u dey fight me?
Yetty: I’m sorry jor, let’s just go.
Me: no p then.
After getting where others were, we all wanted to go our different ways as we heard a shout from a familiar voice which came from nowhere.
Voice: teba koja ibeyen (if you move).

As I shouted, the man woke up.
I wanted to run away thinking it was his spirit that rose up. But he said something that made me stay.
Man: kilo je ki epe bayi gan? Mo ti n duro de yin lataro (what kept you so long? I’ve been waiting since.)
Me: ema binu baba, oti e ni nkankan ti mo fe bere lowo yin(we’re sorry Baba, we wanted to ask you something sef)
Man: mo n gbo(I’m all ears)
Me: egba wa ni imoran, a shey ileri funyin ade tun fe kirun. Aade gbodo ma shey oun ti aso pe ama shey funyin.(Advice us baba, you know we made a promise to you and we also need to go pray. Its a must we go to mosque and its a must we help you)
Man: Adura ju gbogbo nkan lo. Eyin oshey lo mosque ki e pada maabo (Prayer heads everything, why don’t you go to mosque and come back?)
Me: baba, if we go to the mosque we won’t be able to come back here.
Man: hmm, and why is it so?
Me: according to the laid down rules and regulation in the school, that’s why sir.
Man: okay, you can go.
After leaving that place the day, we never return or pass through that farm till we graduated.
I continued my hunting for girls for the remaining 5 years I used in the school, but the most painful day was the day something happened and that I deflowered yetty.
She shed tears badly that day that it attracted all the people in lafia hotel that we booked overnight.
There are miles to walk from my one to ten, all is about my future so I go get Story to tell….
I believe I’m heading towards somewhere in life, I’ve reached nowhere.
There’s still some crazy senior girls at queens school that came my way that I deleted. So many escapades in the bush but I upgraded myself later on that I started going to book a room,lolz.
My friend changed me in many ways, both as a socially and religiously. He taught me fun, we now go to clubs(day and night).
We enjoyed our lives until one day when something happened.

The day I shed blood, I cried out all my watery tears till bloody tears began to gush out of my bloody eyes.
My Friend Died…….
That was the end of my enjoyment in school, the day I cleared all girls in my life which also led to the ending of the relationship between yetty and me.

The End…….





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