Believe It Or Not, Here Are 7 Good Things About Yoruba boys

Everyone loves to hate Yoruba Demons Boys. 

We know the drill, you claim to hate them in public, swear you’d have nothing to do with them, and end up crying over a ‘Kola’ or a ‘Tunde’ that won’t love you back. Yoruba men are always getting heat for being serial heart-breakers, and stringing multiple women along.
Because we do not like stereotypes of any kind, we decided to tell you some actual good things about Yoruba boys. They might not be the Angels they pose to be in their white Agbada, but they are not full demons either. For all the doubting Thomases, that think Yoruba boys are demons that can’t be salvaged, here is some proof:

1. Yoruba boys are the most respectful boys you’d find anywhere

Yoruba boys fit the bill for ‘take home to mama’. They are so respectful! They will prostrate for anyone and everyone and give each of your family members the respect that they deserve. They’re also really charming and they will win the hearts of your parents in no time.

2. Yoruba boys are super generous and spoil their girlfriends with amazing gifts all the time

Yoruba boys know how to take care of women, and they give the best gifts. They come second only to Igbo men in this regard, and they will do anything to see their baby girl smile.

3. They always look Yummy.

Yoruba boys are honestly a full package. S3@.x:’y white trad with that glorious crest, badass jewellery, expensive watch, dapper shoes, nice perfume, and yummy beard to boot. Seriously, who else looks as dope as they do? Just looking at them can make you melt.

4. Yoruba boys are hardworking

Yoruba boys work hard at whatever it is they do, it’s how they get the money to look dapper and have the latest gadgets, devices and cars.
5. Yoruba boys are the life of the party.
Yoruba boys are the kings of turn up, and whether it’s in the club or at a wedding, they sure know how to have a good time.
Yoruba boys

6. Yoruba boys grow to become amazing fathers.

Yoruba men would do anything to protect their kids and give them the best. They especially have a soft spot for their daughters.

7. Yoruba boys are loyal.

Contrary to popular opinion, Yoruba men are actually very loyal. Their friendships last a lifetime, and they always have their friends’ back. They are loyal to their women too, especially when they’re in love.

There you have it, Ladies! Get you a Yoruba man today and flourish.


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