Belina the Tender beauty Episode 13


Belina the Tender beauty Episode 13


Episode 13
“What is going on here”, he asked and that voice
registered but I was past caring about that.
“Please… tell this man to leave” I hadn’t noticed
that I was crying until then and I wiped my face
dry and glared at the bastard in front of me.
“Hello man, please leave now”, the guy said looking
as if he would plough him to death if he refused
to obey.
“No, please forgive-” “Leave now”, he said and
without waiting for him to stand up, he pulled him
up with a hand and pulled him until he was out of
the door. He shot the door behind him and I was
inside with my secretary. She wanted to say
something but I waved her away and I was alone
within seconds. I did not know why I cried but the
tears just came flowing down unhindered. I did not
love him again but the memory of the humiliation
of that day brought more tears to my eyes. I did
not know when that guy came in but the next
thing I knew was that he was there and I cleaned
my eyes with my hand in a hurry.
“You don’t have to hide your tears from me”, he
said very quietly. I don’t know if his words made
me cry the more or not but I just could not keep
the tears from flowing.
“Please leave me alone sir, please” I said turning
my back against him. I hate having people pity me
or try to console me and I also don’t like people
seeing my tears and having this guy see me like
that was the worst thing I could imagine. I heard
his footsteps but instead of it going farther, it
was coming closer. I turned back to re-emphasize
my words but was shocked to find him right in
front of me. I found his closeness very disturbing
and I moved some steps backwards. He seemed to be
made with magnet and I felt very tense.
“Pls leave sir, I… I need some privacy”, I said
quickly but not with as much force as I should. He
moved closer and my breath was stolen away but I
refused to step back again. I stood there and faced
him squarely as I continuously robbed at my
dripping eyes.
He took out his hankie and tried my tears before he
silently said, “My name is Richard, Miss Belina, I
would check on you in an hours time. Take care”.
Before I could protest, he was gone leaving the
hankie on my table which I picked.
I forced the tears back forcefully, went to the
toilet to wash my face and I went back to my seat
to calm down abit. I stared at my desktop and saw
the note I had been reading earlier. I was making a
little research in order to keep myself updated
when that demented goat came in. I willed myself
to put what just happened behind me and behind
me it went, to be fallen back on later.
Thirty minutes after the incident, I was already my
normal self but I cancelled the research I was
carrying out and started doing music related
researches in order to remain calm. Just for the
notice, try out music whenever you are angry or
tense, believe me, you would practically see the
anger seeping out of you. I checked out the latest
songs from CeCe Winans, J. Moss and Kim Burrell
who were my inspiration musically and noted them
down to be scored during my spare time. Just when
everything became perfect like I hadn’t been crying
minutes ago, my intercom rang out. “Miss Belina,
Mr Richard is here to see you”, my secretary said.
My heart skipped several beats, “send him in
please”, I said and unconsciously checked my eyes
to be sure I was not showing any sign of weakness.
Within a flash, I heard a knock and I said ‘come
in’ just like had done when Kelvin came earlier. He
entered and the atmosphere in the office changed,
I could almost swear that even the air I breathed
changed instantly. He had a presence that could
make you feel testy. I turned on my professional
side and smiled confidently. Whether he was
surprised to see me stable and back to normal, I
did not know because, if there is someone that I
knew I would find difficulty reading, it would be
the guy before me.
He stood before me standing straight with male
arrogance and said, “You are ok”, he said as a
statement but it still sounded as a question so I
answered, “Yes I am. Thanks for everything sir, I
am grateful, especially for taking that guy out of
here”. I remembered that he had given me his
hankie and I started searching for it but I was so
surprised when I found myself holding it so tight
with my left hand and I was alarmed when I
noticed that I had not dropped it since I picked it
up about an hour ago. I hid my embarrassment but
he seemed to notice everything because those blue
piercing eyes could almost see into a man’s soul.
I offered him his hankie, “Thank you for this sir
and sorry for the state you saw me then, it was
just a moment of weakness”. I said. He smiled but
did not take the hankie, infact, he had been
smiling all along.
“I told you before, my name is Richard and I would
like you to call me by my name, miss”, he said
“If you would call me Belina”, I said
He smiled, “Yes, I definitely would. Now, can you
tell me what that was all about?” he asked
referring to the past hour. I had been hoping he
would not refer to it but he did anyway,
“It is nothing, I prefer not to talk about it”, I
said feigning a look of nonchalance. He smiled
widely this time and my beating heart started
running beyond measure, “when you know me very
well, you would know that it is not that easy to
make me quit. I know you present a strong woman
on the outside with people present but I know that
there is a tender and flower like woman on the
inside that hurts deeply”.
I felt very uncomfortable but I presented a front
that said, ‘I don’t know what you are talking
I knew from his stance that he would pursue it so
I changed the subject by attacking him with my
own curiosity. “You have foreign blood in you
right?” I asked without warning. He was shocked at
first but he later asked, “What do you mean, I am
not a half-cast”.
I smiled victoriously and said, “I know but you still
have foreign blood in you. It is either your mum is
a half-cast or your dad is. I don’t see you having
this colour of eyes without a foreign blood”, I said
knowing from his reaction that my judgement was
He looked amazed as he said, “Well, my biological
mother is a half-cast”. I wanted to follow that
statement but I knew that it is best to know little
of him for my own good. “Don’t think I did not
observe your subject swap, and you are good at it”,
he said and laughed slightly, “Christ, you are damn
observant and thoughtful”.
I gave myself a pat on the back and smiled back
feeling at ease with him, then I remembered that
I was at work. “Ok, I guess you came to see me
the other time for something important but you
were unfortunate enough to come at the wrong
time”, I said
“Oh, it is nothing serious, I just wanted to pay you
a surprise visit”, he said smiling. I wondered how
he knew my office but did not ask him and I made
a mental note to ask my secretary later.
“Alright, I would be back and be sure I won’t
accept the excuse you gave me earlier”, he said and
left. I breathed a free air immediately he left but
I also missed him instantly.
The police men arrived at Tolu’s house in a casual
car but with uniformed police men in it. Inspector
Sule and the guy with the evidence finally got out
of the car. The guy took out his phone and dialed a
number. “Ore, bawo ni nowww?” silence, then, “I
dey your house house o, I just wan follow some
people groove go one joint but I tell them say make
them stop for your house. We dey your house now,
you go follow?” silence followed, then he smiled, “I
trust you my guy, you now dey dull my spirit, I
swear, we dey wait o”, he said and hung up. The
inspector had got the hint so he told his men to
stay hidden around the gate of the building and the
car they brought. The tattered looking guy sat
down on the bonnet of the car with inspector sule
who was busy taking note of every move. He had
learned to trust no one so he was monitoring the
guy beside him also.
Within minutes, Tolu was out of the gate and upon
sighting his friend on the car’s bonnet, he walked
towards him. One over-eager police man forgot
their initial plan and walked behind Tolu, gun in
hand. The ever alert Tolu noticed the silent steps
of someone and within the twinkle of an eye,
removed the pocket knife that was always with
him, stopped immediately and threw his hand
backwards, and sliced the stomach of his assailant
like someone who was ready to do operation. The
police man fell immediately clutching his stomach
and wailing. Tolu did not see the other police men
so before he knew what was happening, he had
been rounded up with close to five guns aimed at
his skull. His hands were forced behind him and
they were roughly handcuffed and he was pushed
into the car like a cow ready to be slaughtered.
The terribly injured police officer was also put in
the car and they zoomed off without delay.
I attended to only one patient and next thing I
knew, it was time to go home. As I was about
leaving, I remembered that I had planned to ask my
secretary something about Richard and I wanted to
call her via the intercom but decided otherwise. I
cleared my table and made sure that my table was
well taken care of. I rent into my toilet, released
some excess liquid in my bladder into the water
closet and flushed immediately. I had made it a
custom to always release any urine in my bladder
before I hit the road since the day I almost peed
on my panties in the bus when I got hooked up in
unexpected traffic. I washed my face again and
took out my face towel to mop my face. I checked
to be sure that everything was inside my bag and I
found Richard’s hankie. It had a lingering smell of
him which made it look as if he was there
personally. I dropped the hankie in my bag, cleared
my things, said a little prayer of thanks to God for
the day and left my office.
I closed my door and noticed Joke also preparing to
leave so I told her I was leaving. I would have liked
to walk to the bus stop with her but our routes are
too different and apart from going through the
hospital gate together, she would take left while I
take right.
“Hey Joke”, I said
“Miss Belina, you are already leaving abi”, she
“uhn, I have told you that after working hours, I
am Belina, for God’s sake, we are almost the same
age”, I said already hating all the ‘miss’ bullshit.
She smiled and said, “sorry for letting that guy
into your office, I did not know he would upset
“oh, forget that. I want to ask you something.
How did Mr Richard know my office? Is he a regular
face?” I asked.
Her eyes widened for some seconds, she quickly
covered it and my professional instinct told me
that a lie would follow.
“I… I don’t know but he is a regular face here”.
I wanted to just just smile but I laughed my heart
out and Joke knew that I caught her lie for what
it is.
“C’mon now Joke, you can’t fool me. Tell me the
truth and I won’t tell him or get angry”, I said
She sighed and lowered her voice in conspiracy, “I
am not surprised that you don’t know him for who
he really is because I also did not know for like a
month since I came here but listen, that man is Mr
Richard Branson, the owner of Best Results
I blanched and almost passed out at the revelation.
Mr. Badmus looked like he had been starved for the
past one month. He still could not believe that he
had been set free to go. He was brought out of
prison and was given a good meal of fried rice and
chicken which he ate like a mad man. He had been
beside himself with fright thinking of the trial
which was Wednesday and how he had no hope of
escaping undeserved punishments which was certain
to be either death by hanging or firing squad. He
looked at the inspector who had so badly disgraced
him a week ago and wanted to put a gun to his
heart and pull the trigger. He devoured his food
and when he was through, he looked at the
inspector and said, “Now, my name is shattered,
what are you going to do about it? I could sue you,
you know?”
The inspector laughed at the threat, “You want to
sue me? Do you think I don’t know about how you
sent people to kidnap your daughter for your selfish
interests? You could spend years in prison for doing
that, the murderer told us everything in
confession”, he said.
The blood drained from Mr Badmus’ eyes and he
looked older than his actual age. He started
pleading with inspector sule who said that he
would behave as if he did not hear anything if he
left that place in peace. Mr. Badmus left the
police station with just one purpose, to finish
Belina. He had been given one thousand Naira by the
inspector in order for him to get around, after
taking the keys of his apartment he set out. He
got to his street in no time and everyone’s eyes
were on him. He quickened his steps but even
children were whispering then all of a sudden, he
heard a road prophet call him, “young man”. He
quickened his steps but the voice came harder and
frightening, “Don’t you dare walk out on a prophet
young man, it is dangerous”. He had heard of the
power behind prophets and was scared of them
actually. He stopped for his dear life and faced the
prophet. He was an old man and was having problem
standing upright.
“Yes, baba”, he said
“Hmmm, listen to the voice of God my son so that
you would not regret your actions. You have it in
mind to do something evil and God has asked me to
warn you against it. Things would still go well for
you and your former glory would be restored, if you
obey my words. That child you blame for your
misfortunes is not to blame but you are to blame.
You maltreated that child when she was young not
knowing that little children have guardian angels
who are just there to fight on their behalf. It is
what you sow that you reap my son. If you try to
carry out what is in your heart, you would not
succeed and might not live to tell the tale. Obey
God and you would be honored”, the old man said in
a shaky voice and was gone immediately leaving Mr
Badmus dumbstruck.
Mr Badmus stood poised and too stunned to move a
muscle. He could not fathom how that old man had
been able to read his mind. He would have thought
that the old man was hired if he had told a single
soul about his escapade but no, he hadn’t even said
it aloud with his mouth and here was a prophet
telling him everything to his face.
He was finally able to leave that spot five minutes
after the prophet’s departure and before he knew
it, he was face to face with his entrance door. He
battled with the door for some seconds and when
he finally opened the door, a very big rat ran out
of the door. He jumped out of the way, his heart
palpitating wildly. He stayed there for some
seconds to recover himself and after that, he went
in, and just as he was about to sit down tiredly on
his couch, he sited a dead cockroach right on the
chair and he flew away again.
He left the cockroach on the chair cos he was too
tired and went to seat on another couch. Every
little thing just seemed to frighten him and he
felt that the words of the prophet were taking
toll. He looked back at his life again, how he had
been a ladies man, and how he had lost his dad and
his ability to reproduce to a car crash. He thought
about how he met his late wife Linda and how she
had given birth to Belina and became more
beautiful afterwards. He thought about how Belina
had been exceedingly beautiful that even the nurses
could not take their eyes off her then they had
praised him for being the father. He remembered
his maltreatments then which grew worse
immediately the finances dropped. He had to admit
that the downturn in his finances started
immediately he started maltreating Belina.
He negotiated his options; if he decides to forgo
the words of the prophet by going after Belina’s
life, he might be caught by the police and be
hanged but if he would not be caught, he would
have to go out of Lagos or even out of Nigeria.
Following the prophet’s warnings to him would be
the best thing, he thought finally because there
was still a guarantee of having cash again and no
matter what had happened, he was not tired of
life yet.
He sighed repentantly and went to his bedroom
mirror and saw a sight that looked so unlike him
and he decided to go to the chemist nearby for
medical care before he set out to look for Belina.
I walked home looking so stunned. I had been
admiring my employer for the past one week even
though it was done secretly. No matter how hard I
tried to last week, his profile kept appearing in my
subconscious and now I had seen him today and had
found it terribly disturbing. Now, even though I
had been trying hard to dislike him, I found him
more likeable and fascinating and just when I was
hoping I would keep his friendship but leave things
as friends, I discover that he is my boss. My boss!
How possible is that? Thinking about it, I had been
secretly searching for the owner of the hospital
and I had imagined him to be an elderly man of
lets say fourty or fifty but I never imagined
someone as young as Richard. Everyone in the
hospital was young and I liked that but having that
young handsome guy as my boss is something I
never imagined.
I finally got home and did not meet anyone at
home. Mum was obviously having a filled day cos
she always arrived before me. Thank God I had a
spare key which prisca had given me in case of
something like this. After changing my clothes and
having a little shower, I went into the kitchen to
cook some noodles cos I was famished and could
not wait for anyother thing. I heated up the
frozen blended pepper in the freezer so that we
would use it for dinner and went to eat the
noodles. Unlike me, I had a great urge to listen to
the news; I don’t know if it is because of my
dad’s trial which was in two days time but I
switched on the TV nonetheless.
Immediately I turned on the TV, I took it to the
normal Tv stations and the first thing I heard was,
“Mr uche Badmus has just been released from police
custody. The real murderer of Olatunji James have
been found and identified as Tolu Adeniji”
“What?” I said shocked. The picture of the real
murderer was displayed on tv but I was not
interested. I could not imagine how that could
happen. Nigerian police always makes silly mistakes.
How could they convict a man who was not proven
guilty, I thought. I wondered about what my dad
was going through and even though I had convinced
myself that I did not care if he hanged, I still
could not erase the fact that he is my father.
My phone rang out just then and I noticed that it
was an unknown number. “Hello…”, I said into the
mouthpiece of my phone. “Hello Belina”, came the
voice I knew very well.
“Dad? Is that you”, I asked already standing.
“yes, it is me, belina”, he replied faintly.
“What do you want from me? I heard you were set
free, good for you but what do you want from me
ehn? Oh… you have another guy you would like to
sell me to since the former buyer is dead uhn?” I
said, pacing with one hand on my waist.
“No, it is not that. I… I am sorry for all I did to
you, pls, I only want your forgiveness”, he said.
I laughed, “oh, what a nice ploy. So you think you
would say sorry, I would come home and you would
carry out your plans abi?” I asked amazed.
“No, it is not that. I realized that I have been
unfair to you and I am so sorry”, he said and
sounded like he had been crying.
“Sorry? Sorry for what? For everything you have
been doing to me ever since I was a little girl?
Sorry for the way you maltreated my mother? Sorry
for the slut you brought home just days after her
death? Sorry for what?”
“Please, I can explain everything, I have reasons
but it is not a good one. Please, I need to see
you”, he said.
“well, I don’t want to see you and I never want to
see you for the rest of my life” I said and hung
up. I felt like smashing the phone on the floor but
I did not, but it slipped out of my grasp anyway. I
fell to a heap on the floor and cried my eyes out.
Richard had been right; I could present a bold and
strong front in the presence of people in order to
keep them encouraged but deep down, I wanted
someone to love me and love me deeply. I wanted
the love of a father and a mother. Prisca’s parents
had given me that and my days with them had been
the best part of my life. After crying for some
time, I felt better and started thinking straight
again but I knew that I needed something to lift
my spirit so I picked up my phone, scrolled through
my music album looking for that one song I knew
always did the trick and found that song. I started
relaxing as I listened to ‘Everywhere you go’ by Kim



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