Belina (Tender Beauty) Episode 4




Belina (Tender Beauty) Episode 4

Mr. Badmus sat down in his living room, thinking
about the best way to convince Belina. He
remembered the discussion he had with his friend
the previous day and hissed. He had entered his
friend’s large sitting room and was told by the
servant to wait and after close to ten minutes, he
was ushered to a mini parlor where he saw his
“Oh… it is nice seeing you my friend”, Chief
Popoola said, standing up to greet him. Mr. Badmus
smiled faintly. “Since I need to get visa before I
see you, what do you expect?” “It is not like
that”, chief popoola responded.
Mr. Badmus sat down without waiting for the
permission, the chief offered him drinks from his
over-filled bar and within minutes, they were
“See, this Belina of a girl would not kill me o, she
sees a lifetime opportunity and cannot jump into
it”. Mr Badmus said after some minutes of
discussion. “What do you mean?” “Do you remember
the birthday party of senator Olowodolu that you
invited me to some time ago which I forcefully
dragged her along?” getting a nod, he went ahead
to explain everything up to the latest development
and what did he get? “Listen to me my friend, I
would advise you to leave her alone. Every child has
the right to do things the way they please, our
own duty as parents is to advise them and if they
insist, we ought to-“ “Shhh, pls spare me the
lecture Mr. Lecturer, I don’t need it ok?” he said
and left immediately.
Mr. badmus hissed for the umpteenth time. “That
idiot does not want someone to be better than
him”, he soliloquized. Belina would have to do my
wish whether she likes it or not, he thought. I
would find a way.
The church was half way full when Richard and
Tony arrived. Richard noticed that the auditorium
could definitely occupy 1000 people and looked at
the structure of the building appreciatively.
Tony looked around desperately looking for a place
where they could get a good view and found a spot
that was just perfect. They both sat down and
Richard had a feeling that he was in for a good
time in God’s presence.
As the usher led me to my sit, my mind started
rolling asking so many questions; what if I fall
down on the stage? What if my voice cracks? What
if …
I stood like the pillar of salt that the bible talks
about as I stared at the one person I wished I
would never set my naked eyes on. Kelvin also stood
there looking like someone who was standing face
to face with a ghost. I wondered if he thought i
should be dead. He was about to say something but
I guess my eyes sent a warning signal and he
swallowed his words. Wise choice, I thought as I
joined the usher who had been looking at us,
puzzled. As I followed her, I no longer saw the
crowd, I only saw a chance to prove to Kelvin that
I am not a piece of trash.
The sitting room was freezing cold because of the
recently purchased split air conditioner, the plasma
TV was on and was showing cool music videos but
Adewale could not relax. His friend had been in the
hospital for two days now and was still in a coma.
he had stayed there and was forced to come home
today in order to freshen up.
Adewale stood up and went to the bar to pick up an
alcoholic drink but hadn’t tasted it when his mind
started wandering. he remembered his discussion
with Deji and how he persuaded him on phone to
some over so that they could both attend a
function together the next day. he downed a cup
of wine at the thought and before he knew it, he
had finished the bottle but still could not wipe out
the sense of guilt that was clouding his brain.
He remembered how close they were and could not
hold back the tears that came to his eyes. He
looked at the wall and saw, ‘Jesus is Lord’ on a
photo frame and walked to it. As he stared at it,
he knew he had only one thing to do.
I had to admit that the theme of the concert
which was ‘Opening Heaven’s Gate’ was not an
exaggeration. The atmosphere seemed to be charged
with the power of God and the singers seemed to
possess angelic voices even though I hadn’t heard
the voice of an angel before. I was lost in a world
of my own when I suddenly heard, “We would now
like to welcome a young lady whom God really took
time to design and package. After moulding her,
her put in her throat an angelic voice which cannot
be rivaled. Pls put your hands together as we
welcome Miss Belina Badmus.
My heart started running a 100m race and I
remained on seat for some seconds until I
summoned courage to stand up. I walked up to the
programme coordinator and smiled as I collected the
mic. I faced the congregation and instantly wished
I could disappear but that did not happen, then I
remembered Kelvin was somewhere amongst them
and everyone seemed to vanish before my eyes.
I had previously arranged for a piano to be set on
the altar. You know the kind of setting you see in
any of Don Moen’s live performances? Well, that
was what it was like and after taking in enough
breath I introduced myself and introduced the
song. I planned on singing a personally written
single since I had no back-up so I sat down behind
the piano and the show began.
Immediately the songs started coming, Richard
instantly knew that his attendance was not a
mistake but he felt that he was looking for
something more. He received a text message and his
attention was instantly diverted to his phone.
His head jerked up as he heard someone speaking
but his breath was instantly taken away as he
stared at the slim figure on the altar. The sky blue
filmy gown she wore perfectly brought her curves
to light. She was the perfect description of figure
He left the gown and the next thing that came to
his eye was the hair; long, black, and oh-so-
beautiful. He has the urge to tough it in order to
feel the texture. His eyes then moved fully to the
face and all the words that came to his mind could
not do justice to that work of art; she had an egg
shaped face, she was neither fair nor dark, her lips
were full and well shaped, and her eyes…
Her eyes seemed to tell a story. There was a
moment of uncertainty in her eyes and a bold stare
replaced it. He desperately wanted to be close to
her in order to find out the mysteries behind the
Of everything he saw, it was her song that totally
blew his mind away. He stared at her as her slim
fingers pressed the piano. She seemed to draw
everyone into her song with so much ease that
within seconds, Richard found himself listening to
the lyrics of the song.
Tony had earlier on stepped out to receive a phone
call from Prisca, the damsel that captured his
heart, and was away throughout the ministration.
When the lady in blue finished her song, stood up
and curtsied with a lovely smile on her face,
Richard wished he was closer in order to capture
her that way. He wanted to have that image with
him. An ear deafening applause followed and Richard
Tony came in five minutes after Belina’s
presentation and found Richard looking around like
he was searching for something. “Are you looking
for me?” tony asked
Richard stared at tony like he had suddenly grown
horns, after some seconds, Tony was about to touch
his head to check if something had grown there
when Richard said, “this ridiculously long talks you
have with prisca would soon put you in trouble. You
have just missed the best performance this
evening”. Tony hissed, “when you allow yourself to
love again, you would find yourself doing the same
thing. So, who sang?”
Richard opened his mouth to speak but nothing
came out, that was when he realized that he was
the biggest idiot in West Africa.
Prisca stood at the veranda of her dad’s house
thinking about the love of her life, Tony. She
remembered the first time she set her eyes on him
and dwelt on it though it was not such a pleasant
She had been standing by the road looking dejected.
She was close to tears and she felt stupid. She had
gone to visit her boy friend at ikeja but she ran
out when he almost raped her. She had been
thought by her parents to remain chaste till
marriage and that fool thought he had seen a
mugu. She had been lucky that her bag was close to
the door but after walking some distance, her bag
was snatched from her and all she was left with
was her shirt, her trouser and her flat shoe.
She stood by the road and no matter how much she
hated it, she had to stop a private car. The first
car happened to be Tony’s car and immediately he
consented to carrying her, she entered and did not
as much as glance at him throughout the drive.
Tony wanted to say something cos he was not used
to being overlooked but when he looked at her, he
noticed that she was secretly crying so he kept
quiet. He dropped her at her door step even after
she insisted on coming down earlier. After he left,
Prisca had been sad that she didn’t really
appreciate his help but after some days, she forgot
all about him.
He appeared on her doorstep two weeks later and
the rest is history.
Prisca left the veranda smiling as she went inside
and when she saw the picture she had snapped
with Belina, she decided that she would involve
another person in their escapade.



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