Belina (Tender Beauty) EPISODE 5




Belina (Tender Beauty)

There is a saying that it is when there is trouble
that you remember your creator, but I would advise
you to remember your creator always so that
trouble would flee from you. ***
Adewale arrived at Living Faith Bible Church and
met the place open. He hadn’t been to church for
more than two months so he was surprised when he
saw some changes in the church.
He headed towards the altar looking like a prodigal
son and when he got there, he knelt down and all
he could do was stare blankly. He stared at the
pulpit and remembered the times the pastor had
preached on Faith but it made no sense to him
He held onto the pulpit and tried to say something
to God but nothing seemed to come out of his
mouth so he let his thoughts do the talking.
He laid on the altar some minutes later and felt
peace from within. All his thoughts and worries
seemed to have flown away and within minutes, he
was asleep.
Tunji laid on his extra-large bed in similarly
massive room thinking about what he had planned
to do for the night. His mind kept on telling him
that it was not a good idea and that it was too
risky but he ignored it.
He had seen Belina at his dad’s birthday party and
had instantly fallen for her. He had bragged and
told everyone that she would be his girl soon but
he had tried all his possible best and hadn’t been
able to get her to at least smile in his direction
for the past one month.
His phone started ringing and he when he noticed
that it was Belina’s father, he picked up
immediately. After talking for some minutes, he
hung up and really had a reason to smile. He dialed
Tolu’s number and he picked almost immediately.
“There is going to be a change of plans, meet me
here in thirty minutes”, he said and hung up
As Tony and Richard made their way home, Richard
was busy thinking about the damsel in blue gown
and therefore was very silent, Tony noticed this and
joked about it but Richard said he was just
stressed up.
Richard got home and made a mental note to relax
well in order to banish the reoccurring thought and
immediately he opened his wallet, a passport
slipped out of his wallet and as he picked it up, his
nightmares returned. He stared at the passport of
Tonia which he took her to snap about a year ago
and all he wanted to do was work until dawn so
that he would not sleep and have nightmares.
Mr. Badmus dropped the phone on the table and
smiled. ‘Now things are going as planned’, he
thought. If she would not accept the easy way,
she would accept the hard way.
I walked into my ever silent street around 9pm in
the night after the concert. My ministration had
gone so well that I had been thanking God all
through. I banished all thoughts of Kelvin as I
made my way home cos I wouldn’t want him to
spoil my day.
After the service, I received so many thanks from
people around and the coordinators gave me an
envelope which I hadn’t opened yet including a bag
which I guess contains beverages and other things.
I had just stepped out of the church when a girl
of eighteen walked up to me and said, “Miss
Belina?” I turned around, “yes?”
“Pls ma, i love your voice, your song and everything
about you and I would like you to be my mentor,
I laughed, “for starters, I am not ma, you can call
me Belina, and why not, I would definitely be glad
to be your mentor”, I said. She was so happy that
she jumped on me and apologized later and I
laughed. We later exchanged numbers and she
promised to call me.
I was about entering my compound when I made a
mental note to jot down everything that happened
today in my diary, the day seemed to be a blessed
day. I entered my house and I was instantly
grabbed from behind. The last thing that came to
my mind before I passed out was, “I don die”.
“Brother Wale..”, pastor Adewuyi called. Adewale
opened his eyes slowly and the first thing that he
saw was a ceiling fan. I don’t have a ceiling fan in
my house, he thought.
“Brother Wale, are you ok?” the pastor asked
looking worried. Adewale turned to the speaker and
noticed that it was Pastor Adewuyi and became
more confused. Am I here for deliverance? He
wondered but when he sat up, he noticed that he
was on the altar and everything that happened
including the reason why he was there became clear
to him. He looked at the pastor and said, “Pastor,
I am not ok, in fact, I am distressed”.
Pastor Adewuyi took Adewale to his office and Wale
relayed the events of the past two days to the
Pastor Adewuyi sighed and said to Wale, “you have
to be strong for yourself and for your friend. The
devil puts fear in our hearts in order to make us
doubt God. You need to be close to God now more
than ever because surviving a coma can only happen
with God”.
Adewale sighed and nodded before he joined hands
with the pastor and they prayed for more than
twenty minutes. Adewale left that place feeling
confident that God would definitely do something
Prisca dialed Belina’s number the ninth time that
night and still heart, “the number you have dialed
is switched off, pls try again…”. She hissed as she
threw the phone on the bed. She was terribly
worried cos she had promised to call around 10pm
when she was sure that her father would be asleep
to conclude on the time they would carry out their
Belina had explained everything to Prisca and even
though Belina didn’t like being a burden, Prisca had
been able to successfully convince her that moving
in with them was the best option. She had always
wanted her around since she was the last born and
also the only unmarried child of the house. She had
become lonely and Belina being her best friend had
visited a couple of times and she had enjoyed her
company immensely. She had talked to her parents
and they had supported their plan.
She looked at the time and noticed that it was
almost 12 midnight and she became more worried.
She contemplated calling Belina father in order to
stylishly ask for Belina’s whereabouts but cancelled
it immediately, then she picked up her phone and
dialed Tony.
I opened my eyes and the building I found myself
started changing colour. It was after some minutes
that my sight regulated. The room was very dark
that it took sometime for me to see anything
important. I remembered my abduction and made
sure I was completely still. I heard a snoring sound
ahead of me and carefully as I could, I traced the
sound and was not surprised when I found two
I remembered that I was drugged but it is either
that the drug was not so powerful or that God
made me with extra tire for a time like this.
I noticed that they were fast asleep and I tried to
stand up but my legs were unstable. I gathered all
the will inside me and pushed my weight up. I
swayed but didn’t dare fall for fear of giving
myself away. I noticed that my shoes were gone
and I didn’t bother about it. As I tip toed out, I
saw my bag extremely close to one of the guys and
making a cross sign, I bent to pick the bag. As I
was lifting the bag, it mistakenly his the guy lying
beside it and i froze. The guy turned and to my
relief, he changed position and continued his sleep.
I creaked the door open and it made some funny
sounds that i expected that someone would have
woken up but i did not hear anything. I sneaked
out of the place with my heart in my mouth,
hoping that there was no one outside and glory be
to God, i found myself running towards the road
within seconds bare footed.


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