Belina the Tender beauty episode 7


Belina the Tender beauty


I walked down the lane crying. My life just seemed
to be going bad by the day. I felt like dying and all
of a sudden, my phone went alive and I picked up
almost immediately.
“Hello Prisca, oh prisca… thank God you called” I
said still crying. Even my mum’s admonition about
tears could not stop my tears. “What is the matter
Belina? I had been calling like forever, are you ok?”
she asked. “No, you only need to see me but I need
your help now, I would tell you everything later”.
“I knew you were not ok, we are already on our way
to your house now, tony and I” she said. “No, no,
don’t go there o, I am not there. I am at boruwa
lane. I don’t know the area but that is where I
am, on the road”. I said hurridly “What are you
doing there and where the hell is that?” she asked
then paused to ask Tony before she said, “Tony
knows the place, stay where you are baby, we are
coming”. She said and hung up.
The breeze turned cold and I looked at the sky and
I noticed that it was about to rain. My tears
started coming more frequently and I tried to
subside it. I noticed that the bushes were moving
and I thought it was due to the breeze. I moved
slowly so that I would be easy to locate. I heard
something that resembles footsteps and I stood
completely still but I almost passed out when I
heard two people’s voices coming closer.
I scanned the area quickly and saw a place where
the bush was thicker and ran there silently. I
entered the bush without thinking about the
snakes and scorpions I might find there. I saw two
guys and I identified them to be the guys who
abducted me; they were obviously searching for me.
I stood completely still even my breath seemed to
cease. They started scanning the area and when one
of them looked in my direction, I expected him to
see me instantly and just pick me out of the bush
but instead, he looked away. I breathed out but
stood still for fear of giving myself away.
“Ei, I don die”, one of them said, placing his
hands on his head. “Ahhh, see gbege. Which kind
sleep we sleep so, ehn? Wetin we go tell oga Tolu
now?” the other said I scanned my head to see if I
knew any Tolu but I didn’t. “Oga Tolu palava no
worse reach Oga Tunji own, him go kill us”, the
first said. “na you cause am o spanner, why you
sleep after I tell you say make you watch the
The other whose name I now knew was spanner
said, “you no well. Make I dey watch person when
you dey sleep abi? Na me no sabi sleep?” spanner
asked the other. He didn’t answer, so they started
scanning the area again. Spanner saw something and
“Sparrow….” He called and pointed a place to him.
They both looked there and I found myself looking
in that direction too. I saw a light that looked
very much like a headlight. My immediate thought
went to Tony and Prisca and I started thinking of
how I would get out my phone without catching
the attention of the two guys. I looked at the two
guys and noticed that they were moving backwards
trying to hide themselves.
I brought out my phone and dialed Prisca. She
picked almost immediately and I spoke quietly.
“Pric, where are you” I asked. “I was just about to
call, we are at Boruwa lane now but we can’t find
you”. “I can see your head lamp so just come
forward. The guys are after me and they are few
steps away from me. I would start running towards
you guys, so pls, open the door so that I can get in
immediately you reach me” I said. “ok”, she said
and hung up.
I saw the vehicle coming ahead of me so I said a
little prayer and came out of the bush. I started
running towards the car, waving at them so that
they would recognize me. I noticed that the
footsteps I heard were not mine only so I looked
back, lo and behold, they were at my heels. I ran
with all my might and when I got to the car, it
slowed down; the door was already open so I jumped
in and the car zoomed off almost running over one
of the two.
Richard smiled from the bottom of his heart for
the first time in a long while. He looked at Deji
who looked confused with a comforting smile. He
looked weak and was fighting sleep as he
continually opened his eyes. Richard encouraged him
to sleep and he later gave in. Richard stood there
for more than ten minutes just staring at him and
later went back to his office.
He got to his office and knelt down beside his
table and started thanking God. He had been
praying for the past two days and God had just
answered his prayers. He placed his head on his
table after the prayer, greatly relieved.
As I entered the car, I collapsed on the back seat
for some minutes, my eyes closed without uttering
a word. I opened my eyes and saw Prisca staring at
me. I knew I must look ragged and dirty but I
didn’t even give a damn about how I look. I later
opened my mouth and said, “Thanks a lot; I would
probably be out of this country by dawn if you guys
hadn’t come for me”.
“What happened Lina? How did you get there?”
Prisca asked. “Calm down darling, let her rest, she
has been through a lot”, Tony said
I smiled faintly and simply said, “I would tell you
all about it later but what I know is that they
were sent by Tunji and I would wager that my dad
has a hand in it too”. “What? How can a father do
that? No, I don’t think he has a hand in it”, Tony
said. I laughed slightly, “Well, you don’t know my
father”, I said.
Prisca placed her hand on my leg comfortingly as I
lay on the chair and there was no other discussion
until we got to Prisca’s place. I was so weak and I
wondered if I would be able to stand not to
mention walk with my sore feet, but I did. I
walked slowly to the gate and waited for Prisca
who was busy talking with tony. I looked back just
in time for me to see Tony kiss Prisca good night
and I quickly took my face away. Prisca walked up
to me some minutes after and I thanked Tony again
before he sped off.
We walked inside on silent feet and we got to
Prisca’s bedroom uneventful and even though all I
wanted to do was sleep, I removed my clothes and
had a warm bath in her bathroom. She also did the
same thing and after I had worn a night gown
which actually belongs to her, I climbed the bed.
All the questions she tried to ask me fell on deaf
ears as sleep overtook me.
Sparrow and spanner had been sitting on the road
for more than fifteen minutes and they finally
decided to stand up. They just could not believe
that Belina had been right beside them and they
had not seen her. They headed back to their base
thinking of the best way to present the case to
Tolu and Tunji.
Tunji stirred in his sleep as the 6:00 alarm started
ringing, he reached for his phone and turn it off.
He was usually a late sleeper and most times, he
woke up 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock. He had set the
alarm yesterday when he was about to sleep
because of the level of importance today possed.
His phone started ringing shortly after and he
ignored it at first, when it rang again, he picked
up the phone to check who it was and it was his
father. He stared at the phone then finally pressed
the green botton.
“Morning dad”, he said. “Morning Tunji, how are
you?” his father asked “I am sleepy”, Tunji said
grumpily. “Hmmm, I need to see you son, we need
to talk” “I am busy dad, you cant see me till next
month. I am travelling out today”, Tunji said.
“What? Where are you going?” his father asked “it
is none of your business dad, I am not a kid
anymore”, Tunji said drily. “what does that mean?
I am beginning to suspect your movements, if you
get into trouble, don’t come to me o” “Don’t
worry, I can take care of myself”, he said and
dropped the phone.
Tunji hissed and stood up from the bed. He realized
how good a decision it was to move out of his
father’s mansion. He had extorted enough money to
last him a long while and he had been given one of
his father’s companies to manage so money was not
the problem. He had appointed someone to run the
company because he didn’t want to waste time in
the company when he could be out having fun. He
hadn’t been free in his father’s mansion; his
mother never monitored what he did but whenever
his father was not in one meeting or the other, he
had to behave. He had various girl friends and
whores but they all looked expired to him
immediately he set his eyes on Belina.
He stood up and went to the bathroom to take a
shower. He had booked a morning flight so he
showered, dressed and stepped out of his room. He
got to the sitting room and noticed that he did
not put off the Tv yesternight. He put it off and
went off to pick his soon-to-be bride.
Mr. badmus woke up really early and started packing
his things to his car. He loaded the trunk with his
things and when he saw that he still had enough
time, he decided to pick few for Belina.
He got to her room and saw that her clothes were
inside her boxes but her shirts were on the hanger.
Always neat Belina, he thought. He wanted to
select but he didn’t have the patience to do so
because he was hungry so he just carried one box
and left. He dropped it in the trunk of his car and
went back inside to make himself breakfast.
It had been a while since he made breakfast by
himself cos Belina always took care of that but he
had no option today. He took out the remaining
sliced bread in the fridge and started frying the
eggs he had bought yesterday night.
When he finished frying, he served himself and
when he tasted the egg, it was too salty. He hissed
angrily, pushed the egg away and ate his bread
ordinarily with a little juice.


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