Belina the Tender beauty final episode


Belina the Tender beauty final episode

Episode 15

Even though Tony thought it would be risky for

Richard to drive the car by himself, his warnings

fell on deaf ears and he quickly threw himself at

the passengers seat beside Richard. He drove like a

mad man cursing all the witches behind him, home

and abroad and also prayed that nothing serious had


They got there safely much to Tony’s relief and ran

into the hospital in top speed. They saw Prisca

first and while tony stayed behind to find out what

happened, Richard proceeded into the room belina

was taken to and found her on the bed already

being attended to by the third doctor in the

hospital. He noticed the cut on her head and knew

that though the cut looked deep, it could not do

any damage to her brain and he heaved a sigh of

relief. He touched her neck and discovered that it

was very hot and was taken aback. He knew that

she definitely could not have developed that degree

of temperature by just hitting her head so he

thought it best to find out what really happened

to her. When Doctor Deolu discovered that he was a

little bit intimate with the new psychologist in his

actions, he did not allow him to treat her despite

all that Richard said. Richard waited and monitored

the doctor until he was sure that the doctor had

done all that needs to be done so he kissed Belina’s

forehead and left the room.

He got to where Tony, Prisca and Prisca’s parents

were in the waiting room and started seeking

explanation. Tony, after calming him down, led him

towards his office in order to give him the

explanation he needs but they hadn’t taken three

steps when Richard’s gaze fell on someone and he

stopped immediately. “Is that not Belina’s

father?” he asked. “Yes… No… I mean, you don’t

understanding” Tony was saying but Richard was

beyond hearing as he matched towards Mr Badmus

and would have blown the life out of him if Mr

Jegas and Tony hadn’t held him back and the

hospital workers around the scene were wide eyed

but Richard did not give a damn. Tony dragged

Richard to his office and after they both calmed

down, he explained everything that Belina had

encountered to Richard and Richard became bitter.

He thought about what Belina had passed through

and his heart ached to kiss her hard until all the

hurt she felt had seeped out of her.

They both sat down silently for some minutes and

was joined by Prisca who was very tired. Tony saw

the strain in her eyes and begged her to sleep but

she refused. Richard also supported Tony and with

two formidable forces like they were, she had to

succumb. She slept on the long couch in the office

while tony stayed there watching at her sleep like

a baby.

Richard left the office for Belina’s room to check

on her and stood there looking upon her beauty as

she slept. He sat beside her and buried his hands in

her rich black hair; the hair he had so wished to

feel against his fingers for close to two weeks

now. He had tactfully warded off the people in the

waiting room in order to be alone with her and also

for her to have enough time to herself before

seeing those people heart breaking people. He kissed

her forehead again and so hungrily wanted to kiss

something more but he held himself back. His eyes

started closing after some minutes and he opened

them reluctantly but when it became evident that

he needed a good sleep, he made for his office

where he slept with one eye closed.


Prisca opened her eyes after a very enjoyable sleep

and she stretched lazily. Working as a banker had

made her wake up early, no matter the time she

slept. It took her a while to remember where she

was and why she was there and when she did, she

jerked up to leave the office but a text message

which entered Belina’s phone distracted her. She

picked up the phone and since Belina does not hide

anything from her, she scrolled through the phone.

She left the messages unread for belina to do

justice to them herself and saw 43 missed calls.

The missed calls came from Tony, Richard, Wole and

Brenda. She knew them all; wole being one of

Belina’s friends who had invited her to the concert

she went for and Brenda was the girl that Belina

would be mentoring. She saw the amount of times

that Richard and tony had called and smiled to

herself. She remembered the day that Tony had

proposed to her and her smile grew wider, it was

such a glorious day.

She had been coming back from work after a very

long day and was very tired. Luckily for her, she

had taken her dad’s small car (baby boy) to work

so the trouble of entering public buses was


She got home and instead of her opening the gate,

the gate opened just as she got there and she was

so surprised. She packed the car and turned to look

at the new gate man which her dad had hired after

years of pleading but did not see anyone. She got

to the house puzzled but did not get to open the

door when the door opened of its own accord. The

alarm started sounding in her head and she was

beginning to think she had turned to a ghost when

suddenly, the lights were turned on and she saw so

many people in the hall like sitting room. Her

sitting room now looked like a party hall and she

stared at the faces in extreme surprise. It was not

her birthday or any special day but she saw both

her friends and Tony’s friends and she knew he was

behind this. She started searching for him but was

whisked away by her friends who dressed her up

and didn’t allow her to lift a pin though they

refused to answer her numerous questions.

She felt like the queen of England when she got

back to the hall-like party ground and was being

ushered by well dressed friends of Tony. She walked

on the red carpet while photographers chimed their

cameras and she felt on top of the world. She

walked to the multicolored curtain ahead of her not

knowing what she was going there to do but just

as she got there, the curtain lifted and there

stood Tony beside a table for two. He looked so

handsome and her mind was fully blown away when

Tony walked up to her and gave her a mind

scattering kiss while the audience clapped and

shouted merrily taking pictures. He broke off the

kiss leaving her breathless and looked into her eyes.

“You must be hungry”, he said softly and unable to

utter a word, she nodded and he took her to her

seat, pulling it back for her. They ate and chatted

all the way, she was truly famished and the food

seemed to be made in heaven. A phone call

distracted her very special date and she became

angry that she hadn’t removed the phone, or did

she? She was searching for the phone when

suddenly, all the lights went off leaving a

searchlight focused on them. She looked at Tony

and found him on his knees with that shinning

little thing in his hand. She could not hold back

the tears as she stared at him.

Prisca stared at the sparkling gold ring on her

fingers and her heart pounded with love. She had

been afraid that she would be kidnapped because of

the ring but thank God for giving her joy and

adding no sorrow. She stood up and went out of the

office, moving towards Belina’s room but as she

went, she saw her mother and father sitting

separately so she decided to play her card as the

peace maker.


Richard jumped up from the couch with a start and

discovered it was already 6:30am. He never knew he

could sleep that long without the usual nightmare

especially after his encounter the previous day and

he said a prayer of thanks to God. He hurried off

to the bathroom in his office there to wash his

face before going to check on Belina. Immediately

he stepped out of the bathroom, he heard a knock

and was startled because Tony does not knock

before entering. He asked whoever it was to come

in and in came Tonia. He stood rock still but

instead of being afraid, he was prepared to bind

her with the Holy Ghost fire if she would not leave

him alone. His talk with Tony made him realize

that he would be losing the love of his life if he

did not get over Tonia.

“Tonia, please leave me alone. My life has been

miserable enough with you enveloping my senses.

Please go back to the land of the dead “, he

pleaded Tonia moved closer,

“Richard, I am not dead. I did not die then, please

understand. Feel my hands, my legs, everything so

that you would know that I am real”, she said.

Richard said a silent prayer in his heart and

reached out to touch her and was very surprised

that his hands held real flesh and not just air.

“what… where…” he was saying confused when

Tonia threw her arms around him and enveloped him

in a hug he knew too well. Just then, the door

opened and Tony entered. He stood poised at the

door when he saw the person standing with Richard

and looked like he was about to pee in his trousers.

“Ghost” he yelled

Tonia smiled, “no, I am not a ghost Tony”, she said

and after a few minutes of trying to convince

Tony, he finally entered and shut the door. They all

sat down and Tonia opened a chapter of talk about

how she had opened her eyes to a new hospital in

another country. Her father, who had never

supported her relationship with Richard was the one

who flew her abroad, orchestrating the story that

she was dead.

Richard sighed in total relief and said, “I have not

had a day of sleep without nightmares ever since

you departed. I never got over the fact that I had

called you over to my place when you got involved

in that accident”. “I told you then that it was not

your fault. Now, I am back; my dad saw that he

could not hold me any longer cos my heart is here

with you so he let me go”, she said. The only

problem was that Richard no longer had feelings for

her; his entire heart was with the beauty on the

sick bed.

Richard found it hard to say anything as he

watched Tonia talk endlessly. Tony, like the good

friend he was and talked with her and it was not

so obvious that he was silent. Richard remembered

his promise to her and his lifestyle of always

keeping his promises but did not give a damn

anymore so he decided to take the bull by the


“Tonia, please listen to me. Sitting here beside you

after years of thinking that you are dead is still so

strange to me. I cherish you so much because you

know that I loved you so much but I can’t deceive

you or myself anymore. I am in love with someone

else. I know you would think that I am not a man

of my words but when you think about our time

together, you would see that I always keep my

promises. I have kept your promises thus far but

now, I have come across a lady that refused to

leave my head and she does not even know it. I am

sorry”, Richard said.

He had recited everything not looking directly into

her eyes but when he finished, he saw her smiling

slightly. He saw the pain behind the smile but the

smile was still a surprise, he had expected

something far worse. “You are smiling?” he asked

puzzled and uncomfortable.

“Yes I am Richard. I won’t deny that I am very sad

you are gone but I half expected it when I was

coming back but I still had to try it first. You are

the best person that anyone can ever have Richard

but I understand. Is this woman of yours a certain

young Psychologist?” she asked taking Richard and

Tony by surprise.

“How did you know that?”

She smiled slightly, “I heard you talking to Tony

last night. After you locked me out, I could not

just leave like that so I decided to pass the night

at your door step but when I heard someone

coming, I hid myself and Tony went in. I went back

to your door and was intent on hearing what you

were saying because I was worried that you were a

little over the edge, maybe my visit was more bad

than I had imagined but instead, I heard a whole

chapter of confession of love from your mouth,

only that it was not love for me”, she said.

Richard was speechless and could not say anything

so Tonia continued, “I know that I still love you

but it is so obvious that you don’t love me anymore

and it is alright, fine, erm *coughs* can I see the

girl you love?” she asked. Richard was elated and

since he had been looking for a way to escape to

Belina’s room, they all stood up and went there



I woke up and the first thing I perceived was the

strong smell of medicine washing over my face. My

eyes popped open and I scanned the beautiful room

I was in and after seeing some gadgets, I knew

that I was in a hospital. Why? I thought and just

then, a doctor walked in and I recognized him

instantly as Doctor Deolu. He smiled when he found

me awake. “How are you feeling miss?” he asked.

I opened my stiff mouth to talk but was

immediately interrupted by the door and when I

looked in that direction, I saw Richard, Tony and a

lady. Who is this lady, I wondered and when I saw

her hold Richard’s hand tenderly as they moved

closer, jealousy sprang up in me and I scolded

myself immediately. Richard got to me and a happy

smile replaced his earlier on worrisome gaze. I

looked around for Doctor Deolu but he was nowhere

to be found.

“What am I dong here?” I asked in a faint voice

looking up at Richard’s face.

“You just had a minor fall; you hit your head and

was brought here. You just need to rest dear”, he


The word ‘dear’ stuck in my head and I didn’t

know why. I need to get a hold of myself, I

thought. Everything that happened to me some

hours ago came back to me like a mighty river and

I became edgy. Richard must have seen it because

he placed his hands on my shoulders soothingly. I

tried to sit up but I was pushed back by Richard

gently. I noticed the jealousy in the eyes of the

lady with the side of my eyes and smiled internally.

Richard apologized for his manner after some

minutes and said, “Tonia, meet Belina the

psychologist and Belina meet Tonia, my friend” I

noticed the little wince from Tonia before she said

‘hi’ and I knew that there was more to this than

the eye meets. Richard looked at Tony in conspiracy

which did not escape my notice and within seconds,

I was alone with this disturbing guy. Richard pulled

a chair close to me and he sat on it, increasing my


“You should go with them. I am fine here but your

girl friend needs you”, I said trying to make him

leave even though I wanted otherwise.

He brought his mouth close to my ears and

whispered, “Are you jealous?” My head moved

immediately he talked with his breath seeping into

me and I said,

“Me… Jealous? Of course not. Why should I be? I

only feel that it is not proper for-”

“Shhhh”, he said, “you only need to relax”. “I

should be at work now”, I said trying to sit up and

he helped me up after I refused to lay back. As he

helped me to sit comfortably, I became tenser

because he was alarmingly close and for a few split

of seconds, we both froze as we gazed into each

other’s eyes. His blue eyes were so captivating that

I threw caution into the wind and satisfied the

hunger of my eyes. Before I knew what was

happening, we were inches away from each other

and my eyes were not on his eyes but on his lips

which was one thing that was a constant

distraction whenever he was close. The alarm went

off in my head and even though I terribly wanted

to explore, I shifted slightly and he got the


“I am sorry”, he said

My breath was restored back and I was furious

about what had almost happened and opened my

mouth without thinking.

“What exactly do you want from me? I now know

that you are the owner of this hospital. Is this

how you go about seducing your workers because

you are handsome?” I asked

He was stung and I knew it instantly but words

once spoken can’t be gathered back. He was on his

feet instantly. “I am sorry” I said immediately.

“No, you are right; I don’t have any right

whatsoever to try to kiss you but I don’t go around

kissing people if that is what you think I do. I

just can’t control myself with you and it is best

for you to start knowing the type of effects you

have on men, though I am not just physically

attracted to you. I have not been able to get you

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out of my head ever since I saw you in the concert

but it is obvious that you don’t like me. Take care

of you” he said and marched out before I could say


I sat down there too stunned to speak. I wanted to

cry but water just did not come out of my eyes. I

wished I had not opened my big mouth and I didn’t

even think about the hurt in his face cos it was

just too much for me to bear. Prisca entered

immediately and we talked the way we usually did

intentionally leaving our parents and yesterday’s

issue out of it. After some minutes, she asked,

“what did you do to Richard?” I sighed deeply and

narrated the whole episode to her. “Oh my God

Lina, why did you say that now? The poor guy loves

you to perdition and you made him feel like trash”

Pric said. Prisca’s words made my misery worse and

I sighed again, “I know but the words were out of

my mouth before I knew it. I was angry at myself

for falling in love with him and I took it out on

him”. I said without thinking again. She gasped, “I

knew it; you are in love. Wow… just perfect”, she

said grinning widely. I eyed her annoyingly but kept

quiet, so she later said, “you have to apologize to

him but give him some time”.

I relaxed fully in the bed with my brain filled with

one person.


I looked around gazing at my best friend who had

now become my sister, my new mum or step

mother, my new father and old father or rather,

step father. Prisca had spent nothing less than one

hour trying to make me forgive her dad. I was

about to leave the hospital and I had refused to

forgive him but Prisca has a way of making hard

and bad situations simple. She brought to my

consciousness the fact that, if my old dad hadn’t

spilled the beans, we would still be happy together

and that her dad was more or less like my dad

before we even found out the truth. I thought

about everything and all he did for me when I was

nothing but a stranger and had to let my anger

dissolve. She had one way or the other united her

mum with her dad and everyone with my old dad

and I was internally happy; Prisca is an angel when

she sets to be one and she can also be the exact

opposite when you step on her toes.

Mr Jegas came towards me and bent down beside

me. “I am sorry for what I did to your mother and

to you. I did what I did out of ignorance and fear

that I was about to scatter my home with my own

hands. I am sorry, please find a place in your heart

to forgive me and your second dad there, please”,

he said pleading. No matter how stubborn a person

is, it is always difficult to discard the pleadings of

an elder. My anger dissolved and I rose up, wiping

the tears that had come to my cheeks as I hugged

everyone. We all hugged each other and Prisca made

a funny remark about the emotional atmosphere

and we all laughed.

I got to work after two days at home being a

Friday and everyone welcomed me. I sat on my seat

in the office feeling very lonely and not quite long,

my intercom chimed and Joke told me that someone

was there to see me and the person prefers to

remain anonymous. My hopes were raised as I

expected to see my blue eyed love but my

expectations were dampened when I saw the


My expectations were dampened but not so much

because the person I saw was welcome. Deji had

been discharged from the hospital on Saturday but

before he left I had given him tips of what to do

during his spare time. He had been scheduled to

come thrice a week. He looked s smashing and I

gazed at him with a smile on my face. “You were

not expecting me right?” he said and I knew he

had caught my earlier facial expression. I smiled at

him embarrassed. “Not really. How are you doing

young man? You look exceptional”, I said meaning

it. “Yeah yeah, my life has changed. I am better

than fine cos my memory is back”, he said almost

yelling and my eyes opened wide. I was out of my

seat in an instant and I started asking technical

questions and when passed the test, we both

laughed happily. He brought out a cheque and

stretched it towards me but I refused without

even checking the amount. We argued for a while

but he later hands down when he saw that I stood

my grounds. We chatted for a while and when he

left, I was smiling, very happy for him.


I threw my pen on the table furiously and hissed. I

hadn’t been able to concentrate at all thinking

about Richard. It was like he was tactfully dodging

me because I did not cross his path once. I had

wanted to go to his office many times but I

thought better of it but now, I wasn’t finding it

funny. Everyone and everything makes me angry and

I could not focus at all, even music did not seem

to wipe out the feeling of emptiness I felt so I

decided to remedy the situation by taking away the

façade and doing what my heart dictates.

I left my office and got to my secretary’s desk.

“Joke, please postpone any engagement I might

have for the next one hour, I need to get

somewhere. If there is an emergency, you can call

me”, I said. She had a puzzling smile on her face

but I didn’t even think about it.

I was about getting to Richard’s office when my

brain started bugging me with the fact that I

should not be doing this but I was past caring. I

saw his secretary and greeted her,

“hello Tolani, how are you doing?” I asked to sound


“I am fine Miss Belina”, she responded.

“Please is Doctor Richard in? I need to see him

urgently”, I said hoping to get a positive response.

“Yes, he is. Wait let me inform him” she said

picking the intercom.

“NO. Please don’t. I want it to be like a surprise

visit, please”

“Aaaahh, please o, I might get into trouble. He has

been so harsh on everyone recently and I don’t want

to lose my job”

“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything like that, I

promise” I said and without waiting for a reply, I

went to the door and knocked. I heard the familiar

voice say come in, a little above the normal but I

entered. The sight of him made me forget all I

wanted to say but he was not looking at me, his

eyes were on the books on his table.

“Yes?” he said without taking his eyes from the


I took a deep breath and said, “Richard” His head

jerked up instantly and his blue eyes pierced into

my soul. I was shaking there, not knowing what to

say so I looked at my hands and said whatever

came to my mind.

“Richard, I know I have offended you and I am

sorry. I should not have said what I said but I just

could not imagine myself falling for a man so I

tried to push you away with my words. I know you

have been avoiding me and you should because what

I said is bad, it is very bad but I can’t

concentrate, I have been trying to work but I just

can’t, I… I…” I stopped unable to continue. My

eyes were wet and I just wanted to run out of

there but I noticed a finger raise my head up and I

was surprised that he was already at my front. We

stared into each other’s eyes and I just wanted

him to hold me close because my heart was

pounding wildly. I don’t know who moved forward

between the two of us but I noticed that the

space between us had thinned and all I wanted was

to have him kiss me. He bent his head forward like

he read my thoughts and closed his lips against

mine. I was totally lost and when we finally broke

off some minutes later, he placed his head against

mine and looked into my eyes. “You don’t know just

how long I have wanted to kiss you, heart. I love

you so much”, he said.

“I love you too with all my heart Richard”. He

kissed me again. After the kiss, we just held on to

each other and seemed to melt into one another.

We went to the couch in his office laughing happily

and there, I explained everything that happened

with Kelvin, my mum, everything and he was so

sympathetic and said he wished he could see Kelvin

face to face in order to teach him a good lesson.

He also promised never to hurt me but respect me

always. He then went forward to explain everything

about his family, mother, love life especially his

affair with Tonia and how it had become his

nightmare after her supposed death and I felt his

pain. I remembered that I had felt he had a dark

side but I never imagined something as serious as

that. He apologized for keeping away and said that

he wanted to give me time to get over what I was

going through and that he had climbed the steps

severally on his way to my office but had returned

back after a second thought. We kissed, laughed

and by the time my phone started ringing, I

discovered that I had spent three hours with him.

“Aaaahhh, I have to go, I have stayed too long” I

said standing up immediately but he pulled me back

and held me against himself in a warm hug then he

kissed my cheeks and whispered, ‘I love you’. I

replied the same way and was out of the office.

That was the beginning of our relationship and it is

an experience that remains stamped in my memory.

We were together for three months, had some

misunderstandings which never lasted two days

before either of us, mostly him would desolve and

exactly three months after our relationship

started, I got a ring on my fingers in a very

dazzling way.

I had been at home all day, watching movies and

listening to music to my heart’s content when all

of a sudden, the lights went off. I was busy

raining insults on NEPA and trying to look for the

lamp when suddenly the lights went on again. It

went off and it later started doing on and off like

you would see in ghost films. I was so scared that

I ran out of the house in utter confusion and when

I got outside, I saw a chauffeur who claimed to be

sent by my father to get me away from the house

that the house would soon explode. I was so scared

that I entered without complaints. He drove for a

while and I asked him where he was going exactly

and he said that I would know soon. We drove for

close to an hour without traffic and my panic

started rising. I asked questions and he did not

answer. I started calling people secretly thinking

that I was being kidnapped by nobody’s number was

going through. I almost died out of fear cos

everywhere was terribly dark.

We got to a place and he told me to come down.

“Are you crazy? Where am i?” I yelled as I stepped

out of the car looking at the large expance of

bushes by my sides. He pointed at a tiny footpath

at my front and said, “go through that path and

you would your parents”, he said and as was

protesting, he entered the car and zoomed off.

Tears started pouring down my face as I looked

round in fear. I stared at the tiny footpath and

was scared as hell then I remembered how I had

escaped my previous kidnap and moved into the

bush. The light from my phone did not even do

anything to favour me so I started running with

tears in my face when all of a sudden light

appeared everywhere and the whole place was filled

with people screaming ‘surprise’. My heart jumped

and relief washed over me even though my heart

still beat wildly.

Prisca came to hug me and wipe my tears but I just

stood there looking like I was in another planet. I

was furious at the stunt they pulled but the anger

died after I had been dressed by beauty queens who

washed my feet tenderly. I wore a flowing red

gown which was like the most beautiful gown I had

ever seen. When I got out, everyone had vanished

and I was standing there looking lost again only

that this time, I was not afraid. I turned round

and saw Richard coming towards me being traced by

a search light and when he got to me, he kissed my

forehead and said, “I have been waiting for you,

heart”. I kept quiet and he led me to the most

beautiful place I had ever seen. We were surrounded

with flowers which sparkled in the dark like a star.

I held him close as my breath was taken away and

whispered, “It is so beautiful Prince” He faced me

and said, “I want everyday of our lives to be more

beautiful than this, love, but there is only one way

this can happen” he said, knelt down and picked

something from one of the flower and immediately,

the flowers grew letters. I gasped and looked from

the flowers to Richard and he produced a sparkling

diamond ring. “Please marry me”, he said and the

tears in my eyes started flowing freely. I looked at

the flowers and saw the same words on it. I knelt

down in front of him and shouted, “Yes… yes…

yes… I would marry you”. He slipped the ring into

my finger, I opened my eyes everyone was there

taking pictures and I pulled Richard into my arms.


“Please hurry up, we are going to be late for

church”, mummy said in her dazzling native attire.

My makeup artists just did not leave me alone as

they were intent on making me look exceptional and

I wanted to. Yes, it is my wedding day! Prisca

came in looking so unique in her wine gown as the

maid of honour. She had her wedding two months

ago and it was the talk of the town. Their wedding

had been very big and it was carried on TV. They

did their honey moon in the United States and had

gone from one place to another, sightseeing.

We entered the car and zoomed off. Definitely, a

wife would always be late to her own wedding. I

got there and guess who walked me down the aisle?

My two fathers did. Mr Badmus and Mr Jegas. Mr

Badmus is now a big man in the society and has

remarried and coming as a surprise, his wife is

pregnant! God is awesome. They took me to the

front and I could not hide my joy. When Richard

saw me coming, he opened his mouth in awe and my

steps quickened.

After sometime, we both were ready to say our

vows and we said it gazing at eachother’s eyes and

a promise in our heart to fulfill our vows to the

letter. I respected him because he had fulfilled his

promise of respecting and not asking for sex no

matter how tense the atmosphere might be. We

said our vows and kissed with all the love in our

hearts. After a lot of merry, there was a time for

couple’s dance and a slow romantic song was

played, Richard took me to the center to dance

floor and we moved slowly in circles to the music.

He looked into my eyes and said, “Today is the

happiest day of my life honey”. I smiled and said,

“Even when I am one hundred years old, I would

remember today”.

Richard had briefed me about his father’s wealth

but I never imagined he was exceedingly rich and

famous until our wedding. So many government

officials were present and so many TV stations sent

their journalists to capture the event.

“I want our daughters to be exactly like you. Your

eyes, hair, nose, voice, everything”, he said smiling

lovingly. “And I want our sons to look like you, to

have everything you have including your doctoring

skill but most importantly, the colour of your

eyes” He laughed. “You have not told me where we

would spend our honey moon” I said after a while

“It is a surprise”, he said and kissed me deeply. All

the journalists there battled to get the best

position but later I forgot all about them and

enjoyed the arms of my love.

*I am here in Costa Rica having the best time of

my life. It is just so wonderful checking out the

animals, exploring the forests and swimming with

the love of my life beside me and we are going to

wrap it up by spending a week at Sunset Beach in

Jamaica. Believe me, it pays to wait until you say

your vows before exploring what is beneath the

cloth of your spouse.*

***THE END***



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